Arbitrary Lockdowns And Civil Disobedience

Arbitrary Lockdowns And Civil Disobedience

Arbitrary Lockdowns And Civil Disobedience

The lockdowns are causing a rise in civil disobedience. Victor Davis Hanson was very prescient in his prediction just five days ago.

““I’m afraid they’re going to have massive civil disobedience because for them to have credibility … they cannot be hypocritical,” Hanson told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in reference to Democratic leaders enforcing harsh lockdowns.

“They have to be disinterested. But think of a marquee official, a [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi, a [California] Gov. [Gavin] Newsom, a [Michigan] Gov. [Gretchen] Whitmer. All of these people have violated their own edicts,””

We’ve discussed the multiple instances where politicians and scientists have told Americans one thing, while they themselves do or advocate for the very opposite. Political silence regarding the months of protests since George Floyd’s death is deafening. Political and media silence on the partying in the streets once the media declared Biden the presumptive winner of the election was infuriating to many. 

Now, here we are with Governors ordering MORE lockdowns, sending our kids back to online learning, which the media has just now discovered isn’t working, and issuing arbitrary edicts that fly directly against our Constitution. 

In Jodi’s post regarding the mask studies, something caught my eye and sent red flags waving. Pennsylvania has ruled that masks must be worn INSIDE your own home if someone not of your household is present. Two things: 

  1. The snitches are going to have a grand time with edicts like this
  2. There are serious Constitutional issues with enforcement 

New York City’s Jewish community has already experienced intrusions into their homes and businesses, and I find it incredibly disturbing that very few across the political spectrum see the dangers in this. 

Well, quite a number of Americans do realize the dangers inherent in these new lockdown orders. Constitutional, economic, and mental health dangers. Don’t travel or we will all die. Don’t gather with anyone outside your immediate family or we will all die. Indoor dining is a COVID killer (even as the data shows otherwise) so let’s make restaurants move to outside dining or take-out only. Oh wait, LA County changed that rule yesterday. 

Yes indeed, they sent out a tweet that effectively shattered a significant number of restaurant businesses and their vendors who thought they might be able to weather this latest covid storm. But by golly, science and outdoor dining (indoors?) will save us all! Or not.

Let’s talk curfews. 

The rhetoric around the curfews from our political betters has implied that somehow the virus doesn’t go anywhere between 10pm and 5am. The thing is, it isn’t so much the curfews, it is the arbitrary rules with zero scientific data behind them that are angering people and causing civil disobedience to gain traction.

Gyms must close or go to 10% capacity, which I find both sad and amusing since it’s the healthiest people who AREN’T at risk for Covid. Well, gym owners and other business people in Buffalo, NY had enough of that and were meeting to discuss their options. Someone snitched on them.

It’s more than a little mind-boggling that the Sheriff didn’t even know some of his officers were involved in this incident even as he himself had announced just days prior that his department would NOT be enforcing Governor Cuomo’s ban on gathering. 

Many sheriff and police chiefs around the country are recognizing the Constitutional problems with these arbitrary edicts and lockdowns. Most specifically when it involves private property such as your business or your home. Sheriff departments in California won’t get involved and do not plan to make law-abiding citizens criminals over mask issues or gatherings in homes.

Emmy dude Cuomo is ticked off that law enforcement across New York don’t plan to enforce his lockdown mandates.

Sheriffs in Wyoming, Colorado, New Jersey, and elsewhere have told their communities that they do not plan to become the mask police.

Lockdown protests took place not only in California, but in Minnesota at Governor Tim Walz’s home, and in New York.

Oregon’s Governor is literally calling for people to become snitches. 

Authoritarianism is alive and well across this country. Oh and by the way, don’t call the police in Oregon if you see a Covid violation. Nope, call OSHA! 

“They want Oregonians to call Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration if they see a business violating the rules — not 911. And Portland Police stressed that people who spot their neighbors having overly large parties should call the non-emergency dispatch line, rather than treating the violation as an emergency. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)”

Protests are still going on in Portland, but Governor Brown is more concerned about encouraging snitches to sniff out Covid violations. 

The hypocrisy is unreal.

Our education system is failing our kids, the sheer numbers of people experiencing depression and anxiety is hugely concerning, but our political and media betters continue to champion lockdowns even as data shows otherwise. 

Is it any wonder, with arbitrary lockdowns that don’t make sense, and with months of Americans doing everything they can to mitigate and fight against this virus, that civil disobedience is brewing?

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  • GWB says:

    somehow the virus doesn’t go anywhere between 10pm and 5am
    The idea is that between those hours, the sorts of people who are out in bars and such are no longer smart enough to practice the bogus methods of virus mitigation they demand of the hoi polloi. However, since alcohol kills the virus, I sincerely doubt all hte shouting and singing and kissing and other stuff going on is particularly contagious. (If they’re going to do this for WTF, why won’t they do it for the social diseases?)

    Many sheriff and police chiefs around the country are recognizing the Constitutional problems with these arbitrary edicts and lockdowns.
    What took ’em so long? I learned about the 5th Amendment in middle school, and it was in all the papers back during that Supreme Court case called “Kelo”. I’ve known about the 4th Amendment most of my life, too. And cops are just now figuring it out? I think I may have found our problem with authoritarian police. *eyeroll*

    Our education system is failing our kids
    I disagree with the tense, there, Nina. They have failED our kids. And the ones who have already grown up. How else to explain how we even got this far? It’s the ADULTS of the last few generations who have encouraged authoritarianism and tyranny – with their votes and with their compliance. If we’d stood up and said “Get bent! No monarchs here! Give me my compensation via the 5th Amendment first!” we might have avoided the stupidity since March. If we’d stood up and said “We won’t be ruled by people just because they claim to be ‘experts’!” we might have had a more intelligent response to WTF.

    (BTW, still getting that “critical error” message when I comment.)

  • mac says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m beginning to feel like people are at boiling point and about ready to engage in rash actions. If I was Gretchen Whitmer I would be very careful about spending much time outdoors. I know some people from Michigan and they told me darn near everyone up there has at least one scoped deer rifle. They also didn’t seem like the kind of people to willingly put up with the kind of nonsense she’s been shoving down Michiganders’ throats. If she ended up with a bullet through her head sent from 500 yards I would not at all be surprised. People can only be pushed so far, then they snap. Governments anywhere forget that at their dire peril.

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  • Marc Bressler says:

    Nazi Officer: Do you haf any Jews hiding here?
    Citizen: No. We would not do that.
    Nazi Officer: But your Grandma might die!
    Citizen: They’re in the attic. Here, let me show you the way.
    Nazi: Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Cameron says:

      I don’t like admitting it but putting some of these statists in body bags is the only way they are going to understand.

      • GWB says:

        I actually think we should try tarring and feathering as an intermediate step. But that might require too much organization.

  • Pam says:

    The person I know who most recently tested positive, supposedly, told me her symptoms consisted of “a little congestion”. And that is a direct quote. The governor of Ohio has imposed a curfew even while he publicly states the virus is spreading from informal gatherings in people’s homes. So he has publicly stated he is imposing an order that he knows is not rationally related to controlling a “pandemic” which means it is arbitrary and capricious, which in turn means it is unconstitutional. And I read the “vaccine” has likely side effects of fever, headache, and body aches for a couple of days which are the symptoms the few people I know who had any symptoms at all had. So let me get this straight: the vaccine will give people symptoms that if they had contracted the virus they likely would not have had because most people who test positive are asymptomatic. This is the biggest hoax next to climate change ever perpetrated on the public.

  • […] my opinion, this is wrong on every level. The lockdowns affected every restaurant EQUALLY. They were all shut down and they all have struggled to survive […]

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