AOC Goes Full Soviet Art For Green New Deal

AOC Goes Full Soviet Art For Green New Deal

AOC Goes Full Soviet Art For Green New Deal

Comrade AOC is enlisting the proletariat in the cause! Will you respond to her call and shell out money for… propaganda art???

Wait, what?

Okay, let me try and wrap my mind around this.

First, we all know AOC loves making a quick buck off her support for the Green New Deal. So she’s giving away the first poster as a “limited edition release” of 250 prints, but then then rest are going to be “available for purchase” at “organizing events” (read: campaign events) later? Who gets the money? The congresswoman proudly touts the art as being created by “Team AOC” in a later tweet:

So, did AOC’s campaign or office hire a bunch of artists to create these posters in order to raise money for her campaign, under the guise of supporting the Green New Deal? When that poster is purchased, who gets the money? Conveniently, AOC doesn’t tell us where the money is going. Which means that the only person profiting from these posters is her. Everyone else signed up to draw pictures for “the cause,” and AOC, being more equal by virtue of her elected office, probably gets to pocket the profit.

Second, the congresswoman claims that the art is inspired by the “New Deal” art. You know what else it looks like?

I mean, come on. Does she have to make it so blantantly obvious? If the representative has to sell posters, can’t they at least look pretty, and not like she’s trying to support the Great Soviet Tree Planting of 2019? At least when Donald Trump sells hats and straws, they have a use. This? This is someone so pitifully ignorant of history that she’s happily repeating it because she thinks it looks cool. Or she’s doing it deliberately and trolling everyone. Take your pick.

After AOC lost her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, she stopped tweeting for a week and everyone assumed (probably not incorrectly) that he really was the brains behind the operation. Now she’s made her return to social media, telling us we’re all going to die, and has pretty posters to sell to willing suckers.

Is AOC the only member of “The Squad” who is going to keep merrily chugging along, with the Green New Deal powering her ambitions? Both Tlaib and Omar have been exposed as frauds in different ways, and Ayanna Pressley really doesn’t say much unless she’s with her other Squaddies. This isn’t to say that The Squad isn’t capable of doing a reunion tour and making another run at Nancy Pelosi, but for now, they’ve been brought to heel under Madam Speaker. That is, unless AOC manages to make a whole lot of filthy capitalist rubles from her posters. If she finds herself with surplus cash to blow on Justice Democrats and her own campaign, then all bets are off, comrade.

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  • Soviet socialist realism, eh? Maybe she’s neither trolling nor stupid, just being honest.

  • Boomer says:

    Posters likely designed by the socialists pulling Chakrabati’s strings.

  • GWB says:

    Looks familiar.
    Yeah, like these not Soviet posters, too.
    (Honestly, the weird, ‘brutal’, 2- or 3-color art deco thing wasn’t just Soviet propaganda. There was plenty of it in America, too. And Germany, France, England…. Oh, it was a very socialist thing, but it wasn’t just Soviet. I wonder if that’s something else that Donkey-Chompers think her generation discovered?)

    he really was the brains behind the operation
    You take that back!

  • Nina Bookout says:

    She’s killing a lot of trees, using toxic chemicals, and paying union dues to make these “green” posters.

  • MX1336 says:

    Like posters on a college campus, these “invitations” are soon to be posed on a construction site or telephone pole near you!
    It is appropriate the deal of hers is “green,” as she needs lots of it for re-election. Green has nothing to do with the planet. Rule # 1.

  • Whisperin Pints says:

    I told AOC she formed the arch of her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.

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