Anti-PC? Donald Trump Calls for FCC to Fine Rich Lowry for “Foul” Fox News Comment

Anti-PC? Donald Trump Calls for FCC to Fine Rich Lowry for “Foul” Fox News Comment

Anti-PC? Donald Trump Calls for FCC to Fine Rich Lowry for “Foul” Fox News Comment

Donald Trump is brash. He’s bold. And he says, without a filter, just what’s on his mind. I find that refreshing, and I get why many GOP voters want him to be the Republican nominee for president. He’s seen his support grow in the past few weeks, and much of that is because he shuns political correctness. At a town hall gathering last evening he said this:

Photo Credit: BBC
Photo Credit: BBC

“It really does bother me when I see them, and I see Jeb, and maybe that’s what you want and maybe that’s the kind of people that are going to get elected, to be honest. Maybe they don’t want a straight-talker. Maybe they don’t,” Trump said, as voices in the audience signaled disapproval.

“But I am so tired of this politically correct crap,” he declared, eliciting the biggest cheers of his speech.

Yes. Totally agreed…Except for when that same unleashed speech is directed at him.

On last night’s The Kelly File, you may have seen Rich Lowry of National Review utter this with regard to the perception by a majority of voters that Carly Fiorina handily won the second debate. Here’s a snippet of the segment (you can view the entire segment here):

Yep. That was uncomfortable. And, oh my, did The Donald not like it. Not one bit. So, as we’ve come to expect, the Twitter Explosion erupted:

Dude, have you watched cable lately?

By the way, would “testicles,” “gonads,” “cajones,” “mountain oysters,” or any other politically correct word have been ok with you? Methinks you doth protest too much. But I digress…

In response to Trump’s demands, Lowry offered this:

The Great American Twitter War raged on well into the wee hours, with supporters rushing to Trump’s defense, and the hashtag, #NoBallsTrump, evolving into “a thing,” to borrow the words of my middle-schooler, as the battle of wits grew.

Bingo. So, Trump, self proclaimed conservative, who’s staked his claim in this race as the politically-incorrect outsider who believes the government has grown too big, and too intrusive, and wants to knock it back down to size, without apology, now wants to sic a powerful government agency—one whose un-elected Democrat bureaucrats voted to vastly regulate the internet—on an American citizen because he doesn’t like his speech. And wants an apology from the network, to boot. Ironic much?

By the way, CNN’s Brian Stelter quickly reminded The Donald about what the FCC regulates, and what it doesn’t:

Shouldn’t a potential POTUS already know that?

Might I remind you, Donald, that you won’t find regulation by the FCC anywhere in the constitutionally-mandated duties of the federal government. And might I also remind you that we already have a president who’s been willing, from Day One, to target speech he doesn’t like, utilizing agencies like the IRS and the DOJ to silence opposing thought. Do we really want another president who will sic already out-of-control federal agencies like guard dogs on anyone he perceives as an enemy? His latest tirade last night should tell us all just what a Donald Trump presidency might look like. For me, the word “dictator” comes to mind.

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