American Girl Book Promotes Gender Transition

American Girl Book Promotes Gender Transition

American Girl Book Promotes Gender Transition

American Girl used to be about empowering girls as they move through life. American Girl used to promote healthy lifestyles. That’s no longer the case. These days American Girl is publishing and promoting books that push gender transition.

The American Girl doll brand is facing backlash over a book targeted at prepubescent girls that promotes gender transition seemingly without parental consent.

The book, titled “A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image,” which is marketed to girls ages 3 to 12, encourages children to talk with a doctor if they are questioning their gender identity.

“At first, you and the doctor might talk about wearing the clothes and using the pronouns (like he, she, or they) that make you feel most like the true you,” the book reads. “If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity.”

It’s a 96 page book with subtle and not so subtle messages about being gender fluid, changing one’s gender, gender-inclusive schools, and even providing a list of resources (page 95) if the child feels that the adults around her (PARENTS) can’t be trusted to allow the girl to transition if she wants. 

The book outright promotes the idea that gender transitioning is a great thing! In fact, even the title implies that only the “smart” girls will gender transition to fit in with the cool kids group. The girls who refuse to buy into this dangerous crap are, by implication, the stupid ones. 

The manipulation continues, again on page 38, as the book offers more suggestions: “Parts of your body may make you feel uncomfortable and you may want to change the way you look. That’s totally OK! You can appreciate your body for everything it allows you to experience and still want to change certain things about it.”

Taken together with the advice about how to obtain puberty blockers, it is not a leap to think this is paving the way for more invasive interventions. Notice the subtlety and slippery language? Although they don’t come right out and say it, it sounds like they could be pushing girls to consider broader physical changes such as amputating their healthy breasts or engaging in other surgeries to alter their female anatomy irreparably.

Furthermore, just putting puberty blockers in place can cause harm with long-term consequences. What consequences? How about fertility? Yes, that’s right. Puberty blockers given at too young of an age can pave the way to irreversible infertility. 

For example, the National Institutes of Health notes, in an article titled “Fertility Counseling for Transgender AYAs,” that “the decision to transition has significant lasting implications, some of which adolescents and young adults may not yet be ready to evaluate on their own. Cross-sex hormones have many long-term effects, including potential impairment of future reproductive functioning” (emphasis added).

Yet here we have a major toy brand promoting a book that pushes girls to think that gender transitioning is what all the cool kids do! 

Who is the company behind this American Girl gender push? Mattel

Yes, THAT Mattel who is responsible for Hijab Barbie, gay wedding sets, and evidently a transgender Barbie as well! Mattel has gone woke and is caving to the few who are promoting this dangerous ideology. 

Interestingly, Mattel is so all in on how great “A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image,” is, that they’ve been promoting it all over the place, right? Not so fast. 

The book’s publication was first announced in February this year. Mattel did not promote the book on its official Instagram page.

A press release read: ‘Every girl needs to learn to live comfortably in her own skin, and this book will show the way!’

‘In these pages, a girl will find everything she needs to know about loving her unique self, staying confident through her body’s many changes, and appreciating her body for the life it lets her live,’ the statement continued.

Mattel KNEW the book was going to be problematic, which is why they didn’t promote it across social media.

And now that parents have become aware, what will Mattel do now? Keep in mind, the company brags that it is a company that “inspires the wonders of childhood.” REALLY? How inspirational is it to sell a book that implies if you don’t like your body, then lets use drugs or surgery to change it?? How inspirational is it really to promote a book that discusses body dysmorphia and that physically changing your body is perfectly fine, without providing info as to what the consequences of those actions would be? 

Instead of Girl Empowerment, it seems that Girl Destruction is now their brand.

As of this writing, the book is still up on the American Girl website and it seems neither that company nor Mattel plan to issue any comments about the matter. Their continued silence speaks volumes. 

Feature Photo Credit: Original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click

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  • Carol Marks says:

    Jesus! What is wrong with people? Mental illness run rampant.

  • abraham lincoln says:

    It all started when homosexuality was shoved down everyone’s throat. They realize they MUST shove it down everyone’s throat. They will not leave you alone. They are coming for you and your kids, whether you want it or not.

  • Patricia says:

    Speaking of Woke Corps. Target today no zero boxed Christmas cards. Some cards had pictures of fir trees, undecorated, and one section was “inclusive” meaning that the usual characters were shown at celebrations of unspecified holidays.

  • A Reader says:

    No it doesn’t. Go and read the screenshot from the book. It just states that they can be used. And to talk to a parent or trusted adult. Honestly when conservatives do this you end up looking like total idiots.

    The book was published in February and you’re just now getting all wrought up? Maybe this is controversy ginned up by the Life of Faith doll company to increase sales. They certainly have enough people mentioning their product on American Girl’s Instagram feed!

    • A Reader says:

      Also, I know women who’ve taken puberty blockers, like Lupron for precocious puberty. They experienced no side effects after daily use for 5 years. They started puberty at a more appropriate age than say 7 which was better physically and mentally. And they are now mothers. So no, it doesn’t cause infertility. That particular drug has been used for years for various things, from precocious puberty to endometriosis to prostate cancer. It’s not perfect and there are reported side effects, but no drug is perfect for everyone. Honestly, why can’t you ladies just do research?!

      • Darleen Click says:

        You can’t compare precocious puberty with off-label use of Lupron for mental issues. And yes, we have read the research and while UK, Finland and Sweden have been back-pedaling from the Lysenkoism of “gender transition”, US TRAs are doubling down, especially with the gaslighting over the “trans affirmative” medical capture of girls.

        Honestly, groomer, can’t you just stop gaslighting?

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