Mattel: We’re Considering Creating Same Sex “Gay Wedding” Sets

Mattel: We’re Considering Creating Same Sex “Gay Wedding” Sets

Mattel: We’re Considering Creating Same Sex “Gay Wedding” Sets

Well, in case you’d like to start next year’s Christmas gift list early, the Social Justice Warriors over at Mattel are considering adding a same-sex “Gay Wedding” set to their collection of Barbie-slash-Ken dolls.

Here’s where the idea apparently originated:

But wait, there’s more:

Ok. Sure. Fine. Whatever. This is the choice you two made for YOUR family. And I’d surely appreciate it if you’d not impose upon others YOUR worldview, whether we agree with it or not. We’ve got corporate fascists Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc etc etc shoving their leftist “values” down our throats, while at the same time silencing conservative speech. We’ve got the Leftists who dominate education, entertainment, and the majority of the mainstream media doing the same, while demonizing anyone who dares to think differently. And now we’ve got corporation after corporation deciding, hand-in-hand with their Congress cretins of ALL stripes (I’m looking at YOU, Mike Lee), which of our natural-born rights we can and cannot practice, including our right to privacy, and whether or not we can purchase a firearm without the permission of our self-appointed overseers. ENOUGH!

Yes, I’m yelling.

Look, I get it; I’m a live and let live kinda gal. I have family members and friends who fall into the LGBT and/or Q label the Left likes to apply to people it thinks it owns. They are who they are and I love them no matter what. THAT SAID…

It is MY JOB as a parent to decide what I will and what I will not expose my child to. It is MY JOB to help my child understand this confusing world and her part in it. And it is MY JOB to raise a free thinker who will not be ensnared by anyone’s agenda. It’s not a teachers’ job—and, yes, I’ve had this discussion with said teachers and made it patently clear that there will be NO LGBTQ indoctrination of my child—and it’s certainly not Mattel’s job.

Oh, and might I remind you, this is the SAME Mattel who introduced THIS doll to our impressionable young girls last year:

Talk about your mixed messages. Apparently, Mattel is so self-unaware—or ignorant—that they can’t see the giant gaping hole of irony between their embrace of uber-conservative Islam (no, wearing a hijab is NOT a choice for women living under Islam in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and even in the U.K.) and their consideration of the production of a pair of Barbie or Ken dolls packaged in a shiny new “wedding set.” Which begs the questions: Will accessories include little, plastic high-rise buildings with which to toss the two Kens over when the Sharia-compliant Barbie gets wind of their impending marriage? And has Mattel ever heard the term “cultural jihad?”

Me, too. Because that’s MY reality. But something tells me they won’t be chatting privately with this parent, because political correctness…and also, guns are evil.

Oh, I see. Someone inform the fascist gay couples—and everyone who’s cheered them on—who’ve bankrupted more than one small business for the “sin” of believing in traditional marriage. NOW BAKE THAT DAMNED CAKE, you bigots! (Well, not you, Muslims.)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of the Left’s overt, intentional, ignorant-as-all-get-out indoctrination of our youth. And the Two Barbies/Two Kens Wedding Sets are just one more way in which corporate America seems to believe they’re our baby’s daddies, at the “encouragement,” of course, of those who think their worldview should be thrust onto the rest of us, lest we be sued out of existence for refusing to engage in their preferred speech. So it’s far past time we started voting with our dollars—regardless of where we stand on the issue of gay marriage—and start taking back our roll as parents: we are our children’s educators/guiders-in-chief; and it’s about damned time more of us started acting like it, and stopped allowing companies like Mattel to influence our vulnerable children with not so much as a peep from us.

And Mattel: Yes (thank you, Founders), you have the right to spew whatever speech you want, in whatever form you want (and something tells me—whether willingly or otherwise—now that you’ve opened the door, YOU WILL BE producing those Gay Wedding sets, or else…). And I have the right to tell you to pound sand.


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  • GWB says:

    Barbie-slash-Ken dolls
    Made me think we were in bunny-boiling realms for a moment there, or a modern horror film.

    Barbie: “I saw the way you were looking at GI Joe! You’re not leaving me for a butch, you b******!” *stab, stab, stab*

    And? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
    I agree whole-heartedly. Except for one little thing: marketing. It will be pushed at kids through marketing, store placement, etc, and parents will have an added burden of explaining why it’s inappropriate. Now, I don’t think this is that bad, because the market of Barbie accessories is already over-the-top. This might (assuming it even happens) simply disappear in the overflow.
    But, this is a cultural marker. Barbie has always been a bit of a prog dream, house in Malibu, bleach blonde, driving a Corvette, dating a beta male (at best). But now she’s going to be QWERTY, too. (Mind you, older brothers have always made her … a bit more open in her experiences, when they’ve gotten their hands on her and her friends. But this is official.)

    indoctrination of our youth
    Progressivism is a religion, and your children (and you, too) will be converted, or shunned.

    So, support the other dolls. The ones that you can believably tell good stories about, where you can reinforce normality and morality. It might also help you break your kids away from a rather gross materialism.

  • JulieMeow says:

    Not to worry. Mattel cycles out poor selling items pretty quickly. They’ll be in the clearance aisle in no time.

  • Pam Uphoff says:

    Do they really not realize how small the market is? Are they counting on all the cis-libs “supporting” them? Uh, Mattel . . . conservatives have more kids, and those parents are not going to be buying these.

    Other than collectors “And here we have a never-opened Ken-Ken wedding set that resulted in Mattel’s worst Christmas sales year in corporate history.”

  • Adrian says:

    Why didn’t the uncle just put a set together himself. That would have been a more personal gift. But that would not have generated publicity for the cause.

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