Coming to a Toy Store Near You: Mattel’s Newest Doll, Hijab Barbie

Coming to a Toy Store Near You: Mattel’s Newest Doll, Hijab Barbie

Coming to a Toy Store Near You: Mattel’s Newest Doll, Hijab Barbie

Well, here it is. The Barbie Doll every girl dreams of receiving for Christmas or that special birthday:

Who is Ibtihaj Muhammad, you might ask? Well, she’s an American fencer who made her way to the 2016 Olympics—which is commendable, of course—but not without controversy.

Some wanted Muhammad, based solely upon her preferred minority status as a female Muslim, to be the bearer of our American flag, leading Team USA in Rio’s Opening Ceremonies, rather than multiple gold-medal winner Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps leads Team USA during Opening Ceremonies in Rio last year (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Fortunately, the man who earned his way into carrying Old Glory did just that.

But that’s not all. Ms. Muhammad—who apparently refrains from standing up for those who don hijabs not by choice—is also “famous” for shouting “bigot!” from an airport terminal last year:

She was “detained” in December by the bigoted Mr. Bigly, even though…Donald Trump wasn’t even president yet.

Yes, definitely Barbie-honor worthy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Never mind that Ms. Muhammad claimed she’d been detained at an airport amid Trump’s first travel ban, a claim she could not prove, and whose timing was decidedly…off. Let’s honor her anyway. Hey, she and Colin Kaepernick make such a lovely couple of social justice warriors.

But don’t try to tell that to the SJW’s over at Mattel:


“Ibtihaj continues to inspire women and girls everywhere to break boundaries.”

Hmm. Let’s see: What boundaries has she broken, you know, aside from falsely suggesting she was profiled for detainment? Is Ibtihaj the first American woman fencer? Nope. Is she the first American woman fencer to have participated in the Olympics? Nope. Is she the first American female fencer to have medaled in an Olympics? Also no. She is, however, the first American Muslim woman to have done all three:

And did so donned in a hijab, a head covering that millions of women in Islamic countries are forced to wear, by threat of imprisonment, or worse. And what, pray tell, happens when a Muslim woman, in say, Saudi Arabia, elects not to wear a hijab, a garment designed to effectively make women disappear? This:

And if you have the grave misfortune of encountering an ISIS fighter—who practice pure Islam, mind you—sans hijab, the punishment is death. By stoning. Or this:

Meanwhile, one wide-awake Twitter user wondered about possible accessories Hijab Barbie might come with:

Touché. Your move, Mattel.

Here’s a good question:

Yes, let’s ignore that little fact nugget while we indoctrinate our girls into the wonders of Islam.

Yeah, just try leaving your home unaccompanied by a male relative in an Islamist nation and watch what happens.

Can you say Beheaded Barbie?

Look, I get that there are plenty of Muslim women, just as with women of any faith, who proudly embrace their beliefs, and find solace in their faith. But there are just as many, if not more, who feel oppressed by same. So to market Islam as glamorous to our highly-impressionable young girls without also discussing the truth of the lives of women living under the tenets of Islam is perilous, because few, if any, know diddly squat about just how brutally oppressed women in Islamic countries are. In fact, public schools have encouraged female students to don the hijab in “solidarity” with Muslims:

Feb, 2017: High School girls at Richwoods High School in Peoria don hijabs for World Hijab Day. (Photo Credit:

No, these teen-aged girls weren’t trying to raise awareness about the lives of women living under Islam’s brutality…

A young women is stoned to death by Taliban members in Afghanistan after accusations she had premarital sex with her fiancé. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

…but in protest of mean ol’ bigoted Donald Trump, whose only sin is wanting to secure our nation. And isn’t the irony thick, given that in a Muslim-majority nation, wearing a hijab would not be a choice, but sanctioned by the full power of the state, enforced by “morality agents,” in direct dichotomy to the freedoms we enjoy here in America. This is the same America were Muhammad was given the opportunity to excel at her chosen sport, an accomplishment she’d likely never have attained were she born in, say, Iran. The same America where Ms. Muhammad says she feels “unsafe.”

Take note of who Muhammad is seated next to in this video:

Malala Yousafzai (Photo Credit: The Sun)

Yes, that’s Sharia Law advocate, Linda Sarsour. The same Linda Sarsour who’s called for jihad against America and President Trump; and the same Linda Sarsour who loves her some Islamic terrorists. And that is the danger of mainstreaming Islam to our youth.

So if we’re going to honor a Muslim woman who’s broken barriers, I’d nominate this woman:

“With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.” —Malala Yousafzai

Because if we’re going to present a roll model for our daughters, let it be a woman who’s faced the evils of fundamentalist Islam, was nearly destroyed by it, and is now a student at Oxford and a reformist, working on the very education the Taliban viciously attempted to deny her.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Teach Future Feminists while they are young that Islam means Submission. That will prepare them for their proper places in the world.

  • Sam says:

    Why does the left hate America so?

  • GWB says:

    So if we’re going to honor a Muslim woman who’s broken barriers…

    How about Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Asra Q. Nomani?

    A number of choices besides the sharia-loving Ibtihaj (who is nothing more than a muslim version of a SJW).

  • Skillyboo says:

    Just an observation. Why is it these SJW’s do not want their snowflake protected children to keep score in youth sports but they are always keeping score when it comes to their PC ‘firsts?’

  • Scott says:

    This woman deserves the medal she won, and the opportunities this great country offers… and not a DAMN thing more! She is not a role model, at least not for things positive, and as you pointed out, this is emphasized by the company she keeps.. and my opinions about sarsour can’t be voiced on this site, because I have more respect for you ladies than to say such things in front of you.

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  • TomD says:

    Hate to bring this up, but anyone who has grown up with Barbie in the house knows that between play sessions Barbie usually ends up naked in the toy chest, and for longer if the clothes can’t be found.

    BTW, OT, but the Victory Girls contact page isn’t working

  • Stosh says:

    Does the Barbie come with a suicide vest or do they charge extra for it?

  • Robin H says:

    Do they make an Olympian that carries a bible? Or the Torah? A male Ken Olympian wearing a yarmulke? How about a nun Barbie? I’m so tired of them holding up the muslims like they are gods, they are 7th century barbarians. Ugh!

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