America Is Back, Says Joe Biden

America Is Back, Says Joe Biden

America Is Back, Says Joe Biden

Joe Biden introduced his national security team on yesterday and made the bold claim that America is back! Watch out, world, here he comes, out from the Delaware basement.

In another insult to Americans who have voted for Trump, Biden’s speech writers just could not help themselves.

Together, these public servants will restore America globally, its global leadership and its moral leadership. It’s a team that reflects the fact that America is back, ready to lead the world, not retreat from it.”-Joe Biden

America is back. America, with Biden and Harris at the helm is ready to lead the world again, not retreat from it. Isn’t it cute that the President-elect, retreated to his basement for months on end, dodged important policy questions, dodged questions on illicit and lucrative business deals involving his son and told Americans he would put them on lockdown if they continued to “misbehave” during the COVID-19 pandemic, is now telling Americans that his leadership will not retreat? This is rich. Even richer than Biden got from Hunter’s Burisma dealings.

But the “Big Guy” is taking the White House, Americans! And in chime the foreign policy Twitter experts to help ol’ Joe:

America is back. They really need to look at the common sense and IQ of some of these Trump supporters because they are just DUMB and not intellectuals like us. What do you suggest? We already have the public school and university (indoctrination) systems. Re-education camps, maybe? Great idea! Perhaps Biden could get AOC to lead the charge.

America is back, though. With intellectuals at the helm. You know, the smart people. The Democrats. The ones who work on “policy” and crank out nothing for years on end. The ones who call terrorists “The JV team”. They’re back and some Americans, the “rational” ones (cough), cannot control their glee. Joe Biden, the overnight success. Joe Biden, the Christmas miracle! Must have been all of that campaigning from Cardi B and Billie Eilish that brought late ballots coming in droves.

America is back. Yes, yes and, oh yes! The brainwashed masses are having an orgasm of epic proportions at this line alone. The thrill up the leg Chris Matthews felt when Obama spoke is nothing compare to the voice of Joe Biden in this long, dark winter! It feels as good as young kids playing with your hairy legs in a pool!

America is back and ready to roll over. Ready to lead the world and make nice with China once again. It’s okay that their country was largely hush-hush about a lethal virus turned global pandemic that flipped our growing economy upside down. It’s okay people lost their jobs and businesses. It’s okay senior citizens died alone in assisted living centers, deprived of seeing their families in the last days of their lives. It’s okay and that our kids have been deprived of much-needed schooling and social interaction. Joe Biden and his team is going to make it all better.

America is back and ready to take globalism up the you-know-what without being kissed. And, Americans, who proclaimed to not want to be Americans, and insulted other Americans for four whole years, want to be Americans again. And some Americans will continue to insult other Americans outright for years to come. “Unite America and heal the world”, says Joe Biden on his Twitter page.

And as the woke masses prep for the “racist holiday they are not celebrating” while masked up and arranging chairs 10 feet apart centered around their “In this house, we believe science is real” sign, they are convinced Joe Biden is the savior of America. America is back, they say. But the America-first policy must end. Another back-handed, passive-aggressive insult to their other fellow Americans. Newsflash, Joe: America never left.

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  • Dietrich says:

    With the appointment of John F’in Kerry, Gropey Joe shows his leadership style. Surround yourself with people dumber than you.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Yeah we’re back alright. Back to touting part time job numbers as a success. Back to increasing our trade deficit with foreign countries. Back to paying enemies not to build nuclear weapons with no oversight. Back to decreasing the strength and morale of our military. Back to open borders. Back to increased healthcare costs for the middle class. And on and on and on. All the world will take advantage of us while telling us, using a Billy Crystal acting as Fernando on Saturday Night Live line. “darling you look marvelous.” And the media will swoon.

  • Rick Caird says:

    What is so stupid about this accountability project, is these fools never consider the technique could be turned on them. Ask Harry Reid about how removing the filibuster for judges worked out.

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