After #NYPD Murders, Is It Open Season on Police?

After #NYPD Murders, Is It Open Season on Police?

Despite the bland platitudes coming forth from Al Sharpton, Bill de Blasio, Eric Holder and Barack Obama, there is little doubt that police officers all over the country now feel as if they have a target on their backs, after months of protests, riots, grand jury investigations, and Department of Justice investigations. Unfortunately, Saturday’s assassination of Officers Ramos and Liu was not the end of violence against law enforcement for the weekend.

On Sunday, Officer Charles Kondek of the Tarpon Spring Police Department was shot and then run over by a felon who was violating his probation.

The American flag flies half staff at the Tarpon Springs Police Department  (Photo: WTSP)
The American flag flies half staff at the Tarpon Springs Police Department (Photo: WTSP)

According to investigators, Officer Kondek responded to a noise complaint at 199 Grand Boulevard at about 2:00 a.m. The suspect was banging on residential doors.

Investigators say the suspect, identified as 23-year-old Marco Antonio Parilla

Jr., and a female companion arrived at the house and pulled into the driveway. The woman remained in the vehicle, while Parilla began knocking on multiple doors looking for someone who he said had “dimed him out” which is a violation of his probation.

Officer Kondek arrived on scene and exited his vehicle. Detectives say Parilla walked towards the officer and opened fire. Officer Kondek managed to return fire just before falling to the ground.
Parilla then ordered the woman out of the vehicle, took the wheel and as he fled the scene, ran over Officer Kondek. Detectives say that this occurred as another individual who lived at the Grand Boulevard address opened fire on Parilla, because he thought Parilla was looking for him. Parilla fled in the vehicle. Tarpon Springs Police engaged in a brief pursuit before Parilla crashed into a pole and then into a parked vehicle at Athens and Cross Street.

Officer Kondek died at the hospital. While the suspect fired multiple rounds, one hit the officer above his bulletproof vest. Parilla confessed to police and is being charged with first-degree murder.

The sheriff said Parilla told investigators that when he saw the officer he “felt like a caged rat” and didn’t want to go back to prison.

“I apologize to the family” of the officer, Parilla told media outlets while being escorted to jail. “That was not my intention.”

What, exactly, is the intent of firing multiple times at a police officer? That sounds like murder to me, not like someone who didn’t want to go back to prison.

While the death of Officer Kondek (who did serve in the NYPD for 5 years before moving to Florida) was not connected to the murders of Officers Ramon and Liu in Brooklyn, the assault of a police officer at the 28th Precinct station house points to the same violence that has been allowed to run with too little check for far too long.

From Breitbart News:

According to a source at the precinct, the “perp opened the station house door at the 28th Precinct, attacked a patrolman and a fight ensued.”

“No less than 5 MOS (members of service) are guarding precinct doors. Emergency services are being dispatched to all precincts citywide until further notice,” the source added.

The hatred that has been fueled and allowed to fester by rioters and professional race hustlers is now finding its expression in violent assaults on officers in their own station houses. It takes a lot of force, probably aided by the element of surprise, to break an arm.

Combine that with this idiot from Memphis who decided to talk up killing more police officers on Instagram.

When questioned by police, he claimed he was “drunk and high” at the time of the posting.

You only talk like this when “drunk or high” if it’s actually in your head to start with. If police are going to have to follow up on every ugly person who wished death on more officers, or rejoiced at the deaths of Officers Ramon and Liu, they will never have time to investigate other crimes ever again. It may not be open season on police, but it very well could be, and very soon.

This is a vicious cycle. The police feel targeted. They are less likely to be lenient with anyone whom they think poses a threat to them. After all, they want to go home from work every day, just like anyone else does. The perps know that the cops aren’t feeling lenient. When someone finally pushes too far or doesn’t comply with a direct order when confronted by police, we get another national case on our hands. We have Eric Holder and Barack Obama lecturing us. We get Al Sharpton standing in front of microphones, decrying everything he doesn’t like at any given moment. We see more protests and possible riots. We see assaults on police. Sometimes those assaults are thrown bottles, other times they are thrown hammers. And then the police feel like targets, and the cycle repeats itself. And it repeats itself faster when elected politicians stand by and cater to the mob instead of standing for law and order.

I don’t know where this stops, but it will never end so long as we have weak and cowardly politicians bent on placating the mob in order to hold onto their own power, and it ends up costing innocent people their lives.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Looks like the cops will have to find a creative way to be selective in responding to calls. At least until the Leftists dregs of subhumanity are no longer running things. Obviously they can’t count on being backed up by politicians these days as they’re in cahoots with cop hating elements.

    Meanwhile, vigilantism may increase and I can understand that. God bless Bernie Goetz-30 years ago today he zapped 4 “yoots” who would best be described these days as the “sons of Obama” on the subway. Had he not done that he likely would have been dead. That incident, which didn’t result in riots, cop killing and “demonstrations” shows us just how bad things are in the US these days when compared to the aftermath of Ferguson. Race relations clearly have gotten far worse thanks to the increase in societal Leftism over the last 30 years.

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