Actor To Wear Same Tuxedo For Entire Awards’ Season

Actor To Wear Same Tuxedo For Entire Awards’ Season

Actor To Wear Same Tuxedo For Entire Awards’ Season

Joaquin Phoenix, an actor, has vowed to wear the same tuxedo for the entire awards’ season. This will, apparently, cut down on waste and save the planet. We know about this vow because designer Stella McCartney, daughter of Beatle, Sir Paul, tweeted this earth-shattering information.

Can you imagine the sacrifice? As these Hollywood denizens exit their chauffeur-driven SUVs, the only thing they have to contribute to the Red Carpet is the answer to, “Who are you wearing?” This actor, Mr. Phoenix, has now lost camera time for the awards’ season. It’s so heartbreaking. Although if his award acceptance speech is any hint, Joaquin is nearly incapable of communication. The evidence:

He HAS to be an actor. Without someone to give him a character to play and lines to speak, Mr. Phoenix has nothing. Shout out to the Hollywood Foreign Press for going plant-based for dinner. Holy rutabaga, Batman!

This was the Golden Globes. The one where Ricky Gervais skewered the politically correct hypocrisy of the audience. And, speaking of the audience, when you watched the video, did you take note of those people? They looked like some episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone. The premise is, in my version of this fantasy episode, a bunch of dead people are dressed to the nines and forced to relive the same night over and over for eternity, never knowing that they are dead, but bored and confused.

Back to the tuxedo. Fashion designer Stella McCartney was so proud of her “winner” friend, Joaquin, that she tweeted her approval. And, Ricky Gervais took notice, as only he can:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Without saying it, Ricky Gervais perfectly captured the out of touch lives these people live. The comments, if you follow the Gervais tweet, are complete platinum. The sad thing is that, like my Twilight Zone fantasy episode, Stella McCartney has no idea that she is barmy.

As far as men’s tuxedos go, that looks like low-end rental to me. I hope Stella gave it to Joaquin for free because it’s no big fashion statement. The fabric doesn’t even look that great. Men’s tuxedos come in three jacket styles: peak lapel, notched lapel or shawl collar. Broad shouldered men can wear a shawl collar. All other men should wear a peak or notched to give their shoulders a broader look. I recommend a notched collar because it will be in style forever. All tuxedos should be black. Period. Paragraph. Full stop.

Here is a link to Stella McCartney’s website. Her men’s jackets don’t look like much either. The prices are outrageous. I could go to Kohl’s and get a whole wardrobe for what she charges for one jacket.

That this actor thinks he is saving the planet by wearing the same tuxedo for the entire awards’ season is just one more reason to never go to a movie theater or watch any streaming platform again. One last thought: will he dry clean it between wearings?

In honor of Ricky Gervais: save the planet. Go commando.

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  • GWB says:

    All tuxedos should be black.
    Bite your tongue! I looked pretty sharp in a light grey number (all those years ago) for the prom. OK, IT looked pretty sharp. (I looked like the dork I was.) I don’t even mind colors so much (though I wouldn’t be caught dead in one that wasn’t gray or black), as long as they’re not setting out to “Hey! Look at me!” (As opposed to “I know you’re looking at me. You’re right, it does look good.” 😉 )

  • Joe in PNG says:

    While I think he’s a kook, Joaquin is stepping on a few Hollywood toes by challenging the normal attitude of “it’s not killing the planet when we do it”.
    And it’s not Moral Scolding in the Currently Fashionable Topic, either. For whatever Hip problems everyone fashionable is working through via loudly trumpeted Struggle Sessions.
    Unfashionable moral sermonizing on unsanctioned topics is sooooo gauche.

  • Paladin says:

    Banana Yellow Tux. Ruffled shirt, sing Englebert Humperdinck greatest hits, C’Mon!!!

    • Joe says:

      I cant imagine anyone who reads this blog gives a flying fk what an actor says or does.

      • Joe in PNG says:

        Sun Tzu says “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”
        I won’t listen to what he tells me to do, but it’s good to understand what they are thinking.

  • David says:

    He has more than one tuxedo? I’ve been wearing the same one for 20 years.

  • Mike says:

    Did he purchase the tux second hand? Say at Goodwill? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I’m a retired engineering professor, and the total number of tuxes I’ve owned in my life is ZERO. When I’ve required one (proms, weddings, etc.) I’ve rented it. Probably less than a dozen times in my life.

  • erobot says:

    I’m supposing he’ll have it cleaned after each wearing. LOL

  • Shelgel says:

    I can barely contain my admiration. What a brave soul. I am not worthy of his heroic and historical sacrifice. What a beacon of greatness for the entire planet. Oh Joaquin we humble ourselves before thee.

  • steve walsh says:

    So very, very brave of him. Like David above, I’ve got one tuxedo that I’ve had since the late 80’s that is the only one I’ve worn since my wedding in 1980. I bought it at a second hand store, that specialized in tuxes, in Cambridge MA.

    That makes me pretty damn green, does it not?

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