Act like an American

Act like an American

Good morning!  And I owe you an apology – I’m about to ruin your morning.

Remember the good ol’ days when there were only two, maybe three, national or global crises to worry about? Back when we were a nation of laws and not executive orders? When we had leadership that was strong, decisive, intelligent, capable and not a cadre of preening, elitist, self-serving, and immoral fools? Remember when Presidents, the State Department, and the politicians we elected actually seemed to love this country and their actions reflected that?

If you do, you’re already depressed.

I don’t even know where to start.  The end of America as a sovereign nation?  ISIS murdering Christians and Jews?  Hamas hammering Israel with full support of Obama/Kerry?  American embassies being evacuated?  Russia massing troops on the Ukraine border?  North Korea doing weapon (nuke) deals with Hamas?  Anti-Semitism in full bloom?  The attempt to take away the Constitutional right to bear arms to defend ourselves and our property?

We have hand-wringing pundits, both conservative and liberal,  who believe Obama has “checked out”.  Like that alone explains his disinterest in the avalanche of crisis.  They write that he’s just bored and ready to move on to luxury living, golf and speaking gigs.

I could not disagree more.  He’s merely relaxing after accomplishing exactly what he intended – fundamentally changing America.

Compassionate amnesty for “refugees?”  If you aren’t fully cognizant of what’s really happening at our borders, you are a willfully stupid person.  Or a liberal Democrat.  But I repeat myself.  The “crisis” at our borders is the most massive Democratic voter drive ever.  Again, Obama creates a crisis that overwhelms us.  For purely political advantage.  Period.  The End.  Regardless of what Nancy Pelosi says about The Ten Commandments or “baby Jesus”. If you don’t understand that or refuse to see it….go away and assume an anatomically impossible position.

The anti-Judeo-Christian, pro-Islamic State Department and administration?  Can you really be surprised by this?  If you are, you didn’t read “Dreams of My Father” or listen closely to Obama’s campaign speeches.  It’s all there.  Obama’s contempt for Christians (and Jews by extension) is just this side of his contempt for white Americans, our patriotism, our traditions, and the stature of America in the world.

Anybody offended I actually wrote “white people”?  Somebody ready to send me a message (again) about what a racist I am, because I think Obama is the the worst President ever?  Refer to the paragraph above (re: the border) and add a hearty “and the horse you rode in on”.

The attempt to abolish the 2nd Amendment?  Again, if you don’t understand what’s behind this attempt, fully supported by the President of the United States, I can’t help you.  If you think the government taking away your last defense against totalitarianism is going to make you “safe”, you deserve what you get.  And I guarantee, what you get will be determined by the business end of a government owned gun.

Healthcare?  His signature policy,  glorious Obamacare, is in legal limbo and administrative shambles.  He never really intended for it to bring affordable healthcare to Americans.  Seriously?  Who believes that?  It was intended to bring government, full-force, into the most important and intimate part of American life.  There was no meaningful reform – the intent was create a full scale crisis and melt the system.  Even if full repeal could ever be accomplished, large and lasting damage has been done.

Obama will leave this Presidency, either by force or by just letting the clock run out, having accomplished much of what he promised a nation full of culturally and morally corrupt, welfare dependent, criminally inclined remoras, as well as the far-left, elitist and rich “progressive” Marxists who salivate at the idea of abolishing the Constitution.  He didn’t create these low information cretins, hypocrites, and anti-Americans (because God knows, ultra-liberal universities are churning them out like lemmings and greedy politicians have kept the welfare-addicted firmly attached to the government teat), but he saw an opportunity to use them and he damn sure didn’t do anything to help create legislation or policy to change their pitiful misdirection in life. Sounds impossible, but he dummied down the dummies who believe in a Socialist Utopia.  He gave nodding approval to hateful leftist, racist dogma and was dishonest, and complicit in a political cover-up (during a election year, of course) when Americans died defending an Embassy.  He is silent as thousands of Christians and Jews are slaughtered across the globe.  He abandoned Iraq and desecrated the honor of our men and women who died there.   He has bowed to foreign leadership, kowtowed to despots, conspired with enemies.  I don’t care if he was born on the 4th of July, in the middle of cornfield in Iowa. He’s not an American.  He’s a Marxist, a Socialist, Anti-Christian, and a straight up racist.

And for those offended few who are getting the vapors over my harsh tone ….go jump in a lake.  And hurry, because the EPA wants to get their grubby governmental hands on American waters too.

The best way I, a middle-aged grandmother who still remembers and believes with my whole being in American exceptionalism, can stir up any kind of outrage about what is being done to my country, is to write provocative posts that will (hopefully) anger you, educate you, motivate you, and spur you to action.  Only you can determine what that specific action will be, but I sincerely urge you pick one and DO IT.  One of my actions is writing for this blog. It’s not perfect, as God and my editor knows, but it’s the best thing I can do, consistently, that has the most impact.  Your own action could be badgering your legislators, demonstrating at the border, writing your own motivating missives, volunteering or running for office, giving money to candidates that will make a difference, educating the ignorant voter (God bless and help you!), or calling out, shaming, and exposing the anti-Americans that plague us instead of staying silent and “tolerant”.  And by “us” I mean the majority of Americans that want our “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” back – our “unalienable rights” that are the bedrock of our country.  The bedrock  has turned to quicksand, and we are sinking fast into what looks like the Book of Revelations.

So when I write that I apologize for ruining your Monday morning, I’m not really very sorry.  I hope I’ve convinced someone to take action.  It takes time, commitment, patience, sometimes money, and always courage.  Too many men and women died defending our country from other terrible, horrible, and no-good doctrine and evil-doers for us to stay still, small, and silent.  We owe them.



Don’t prove Joseph Stalin right.

And don’t let small, self-serving and corrupt men like Obama determine your children’s future.  Do something he won’t do.

Act like an American.

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