Megan Fox epitomizes everything that is wrong with women today

OK, so guys think that Megan Fox is hot. I personally don’t agree, but good for her. Now, I’m not an idiot. I understand why guys think she’s hot. You look at her, and she’s pretty. She’s sexy. She’s got that smoldering bad girl thing going on. But then she opens her mouth… and it ruins it all for me. I’m just a girl, so perhaps that doesn’t matter for men. But when someone is this much of a raging bitch, how can you still find her attractive? After reading this interview with Megan Fox, I’m convinced that she epitomizes everything that is wrong with women today. Check out her illuminating statements in the new Cosmopolitan:

MEGAN FOX is scary as she is sexy.

The Transformers beauty has been giving her verdict on relationships and leaves us in no doubt who wears the trousers in her house.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: “Women hold the power because we have the vaginas.

“If you’re in a heterosexual relationship and you’re female, you win.”


Megan didn’t stop there. She also explained how she puts men in their place.

“I never call them guys, I always call them boys,” she explained.

“Maybe it’s a superiority complex – my needing to keep them down.”

Ya think??

Reading this, I just couldn’t help but think that this is exactly the problem with women and relationships today. Too many women think exactly this way, “empowered” by third wave feminism and Sex and the City. When the woman in the relationship has this kind of attitude, it dooms the relationship. It doesn’t matter how Beta the man may be. It will be doomed to fail.

Too many women are seduced by the common image in the media today of the sexy, high-powered, important, ball-busting career woman. She’s hot, she’s smart, she doesn’t take any crap, and she knows she’s got it all. She doesn’t need a man. Think Samantha or Miranda from Sex and the City. About half of the heroines in chick flicks fit this mold (the other half are desperate for a man and do nothing but sit around waiting for Mr. Right to magically appear). They always end up with some man who surprises them and is “nothing that they want”, but inevitably, the man who starts off in the beginning unwilling to be Ms. Powerful’s doormat always ends up, in the end, becoming just that. After seeing that for so long, women start to emulate those women. They expect their relationships to work that way. They expect to be able to get away with being a ball-busting bitch and have their man just happily take it.

There’s just a small problem.

No man will ever be happy in that kind of relationship, and neither will any woman.

The problems will inevitably surface, even if the major Alpha woman, like Megan Fox, finds the Beta-ist of the Beta males. He will silently resent her for being so disrespectful and inconsiderate, even if he’s too scared to actually say or do anything. And while she’ll momentarily enjoy the power she has over him, she will eventually resent him and lose respect for him because he is such a spineless sap. If they stay together, they can never be truly happy.

Megan Fox ultimately is the epitome of why so many women can’t find a good man or a good relationship. So many of them have Megan Fox’s exact attitude: because they have the vagina, they have the power. Men are sex-crazed wimps who are easy to control and manipulate. They aren’t worthy of respect. And then they don’t understand why it is that they can’t hold onto a man long-term. So many women honestly cannot understand what it is that they’re doing wrong, and it’s so easy to figure out. It’s just that women have been, in a sense, brainwashed by popular culture today. They think men want the ballsy, confident woman. And to an extent, men do. They want a woman who can be assertive and confident, who is intelligent and can hold her own weight. The part that women miss out on, however, is the part where the confident, assertive, intelligent woman is also respectful and loving; who sees her boyfriend or her husband as her equal and not as an inferior being who should feel lucky to kiss the ground she walks on. Women want to be adored by men, but often times they don’t reciprocate the adoration. And they have no clue how important respect is for a man in a relationship. Be disrespectful to your man enough and you can kiss your relationship goodbye. There is nothing worse for a guy than being disrespected by his woman. It’s the worst insult there is for him. And even if he does nothing to stand up for himself, the relationship will fail, because ultimately, what woman wants to date a man she can’t respect?

And that is why Megan Fox holds no attraction at all to me. I may just be a heterosexual woman, but I can still look at a girl and see that she’s smoking hot. And Megan Fox is indeed stunningly beautiful… but then, so is everyone else in Hollywood. Her ugly attitude completely ruins her good looks.

Women, this is the problem, summed up in one interview. Too many of you think exactly this way, and it needs to stop. The entitlement attitude and lack of respect are why you are so dissatisfied in your relationships and can’t hold onto a man. Whenever you’re ready for a good relationship, it’s simple: stop being such a raging bitch, and you will be happier in life and in love. Perhaps more women should give it a try.

GQ 2008 ìMen of the Yearî Party,Los Angeles, Calif.

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