Lib idiot: JFK and RFK were killed by the right wing

Lib idiot: JFK and RFK were killed by the right wing

Lib idiot: JFK and RFK were killed by the right wing

Mike Malloy thinks that John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were killed by “the right wing”.


Well, let’s see. Lee Harvey Oswald was a liberal communist who defected to the Soviet Union, and not really a right-winger. He openly hated the United States. Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian-Christian who, according to his mother, killed RFK for his country, because of his Arab nationalism. He held a grudge over Kennedy’s support for Israel in the Six-Day War. And Bill Ayers (liberal activist extraordinaire) even dedicated his book, Prairie Fire, to him. I’m pretty sure that neither of these men were part of the right wing, but since when did liberals ever let facts get in the way of their arguments?

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  • BobV says:

    Give them a few years and I’m sure we’ll find that Ted was killed by the rightwing as well.

    Interesting side note, obamas healthcare czar has stated that the Hippocratic oath should be reviewed, and care should be denied if it will only extend life a few months at great expense. Fascinating then that there are serious proposals to name the health care bill after Ted, considering he spent large sums of taxpayer money on extensive surgery, chemo and radiation therapy to ultimately extend his own life by a few months. Under obamacare, had he not been one of the elites, he would have been told it was in the best interest of the collective for him to just die.

  • btenney says:

    The fact that being Liberal requires no qualifications or effort explains why there are so many of them.

  • Radshaw says:

    wow we sure love killing people don’t we what’s next we gave eddie fatu an heart attack

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