teddycare: ‘do it for teddy’

teddycare: ‘do it for teddy’

the shameless are using teddy kennedy, who isn’t even buried yet, to prop up obamacare. what i find really odd about the left using ted kennedy as leverage for their failing government-run healthcare is that only after his death has senator ted kennedy become the impetus of this nationwide push by opportunistic democrats.

why didn’t the shameful use a brave teddy kennedy fighting his year long illness when he was alive?

well, because teddy had the best medical attention our country could provide. no expense was spared. he doctor-shopped for the best physicians, he care-shopped for the most progressive, effective treatments for his type of cancer. he rehabilitated at several sites which provided the very best day-to-day care available. there is no doubt he fought hard to live and because of his wealth, he could pay for that fight. ted kennedy is hardly a good prototype for nationalized medicine at work.

under obamacare or even ‘teddycare’ none of these advantages would be provided for you or me. if teddy had been someone covered under obamacare, he would have been left to die because his treatment was too expensive for such an old man.

does this change the dynamics of the healthcare debate? will this woo over those independents currently against obamacare? we’ll see. some people fall for sympathy tricks. for now, i guess ‘do it for teddy’ is the new ‘do it for the children’.

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  • lisab says:

    in memorial for the great senator, will all dem toadies please hold their breaths in a moment of silence … for … oh … 12 hours.

  • Ken says:

    They are completely unhinged. Check this one out:


    “Reporter Matt Cooper, formerly of Time magazine and currently of lefty site Talking Points Memo, finds the perfect comparison for the death of Ted Kennedy:

    ‘It feels a bit like 9/11 on Martha’s Vineyard. End-of-summer weather is achingly beautiful but the mood is melancholy because of Teddy.’

    Yes, the death of an ethically-desolate 77-year-old is just like a terrorist attack that killed thousands and plunged the U.S. into years of war.

    If you heard a loud thump, that was my jaw dropping. About 110 stories.”


  • micky says:

    Jeez, you cant even touch that kind of lunacy

  • Elesabet says:

    I would say you are shameless for mocking Senator Kennedy before he is buried but what more can I expect from neo-cons.

    The problem with healthcare reform is bigger than the President or Senator Kennedy. Republicans will do anything to tear it down, some of the Dems we have are useless because they are scared of their white southern neo-con constituents, and a corrupt and fat-rich-entitled system is pulling from all sides. If healthcare reform fails, of course blame will sadly fall on President Obama much like it fell on Hillary in the 90’s.

  • Jane says:

    Elisabet we need better Democrats. The ones representing us just can’t close the sale.

  • Jane says:

    Case in point would be Joe Liebermann. He actually voted to make Sarah Palin VP of the US. He is no longer a Democrat and needs to go.

  • Marsha says:

    There is talk now to not name the whole bill after Kennedy but just the public option something like the “Kennedy Option”. The Demorats think that gives it (for sentimental reasons) a better chance to pass through the Senate for Obama to sign.

  • lisab says:

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  • kate says:

    that’s interesting marsha. i guess they think if they slide in teddy’s name into the public option, and they leave out the public option from the bill, they leave out teddy – the lion of the senate.


  • A_Reluctant_Pundit says:

    Republicans misunderstand this whole healthcare plan and Ted Kennedy’s role still to be played, even in death. You are mocking him, making him a charicature when he was actually a truly great man.

    When Ted worked on healthcare reforms before, it was to help to to prevent families with diabetic children, young professionals with heart problems, other people with expensive medical problems from going to the poorhouse just because of an illness. That was how he saw a nationalized system working best. What’s wrong with that? Wouldn’t you all want that too?

  • lisab says:

    no,i do not want a government death panel deciding who lives and who dies.

  • PenniePan says:

    Pundit well said!

    I really would hope that Senator Kennedy’s final thoughts and wishes on what health care reform needs to achieve would be made public by a family member in the near future. It would help sort the whole business of ‘option’ out. I suspect he would have fought tooth and nail to keep public option in the bill, not letting any Senator get away with dropping it to appease the Republicans.

    Ken the Cop: Senator Kennedy, like so many of us, didn’t want Reagan to get all of us blown to smithereens! Wake up.

  • micky says:

    “Pundit well said’

    Oh jeez, give me a break please. Its the same regurgitated crap talking points weve been listening to for weeks now except all he did was toss the kids in the mix now.

    You cant dress this up with Ted, the children or anything you want its still something that the majority of the country doesnt want for the simple fact that they’re all well informed enough to know that we cant afford it financially or otherwise even if we did want it.
    It still sucks for about 20 stinking reasons from rationing to additional taxes to invasion of privacy to loosing our liberties and rights to the private sector shutting down and costing jobs to seniors loosing what they’ve got to unconstitutionally being forced toi but something we dont want.

    You tell people to wake up after saying Reagan wanted us all blown up ?


    Reagans the whole reason you’re not speaking Russian

  • Ken says:

    “Ken the Cop: Senator Kennedy, like so many of us, didn’t want Reagan to get all of us blown to smithereens! Wake up.”

    If memory serves…he didn’t get us blown up with no thanks to Kennedy helping the enemy.

    Let’s not forget how all the lefties love to scream about energy efficiency and the environment, but when they wanted to put a wind farm up in Nantucket Sound, ol’ Teddy tried to do everything he could to stop it in a classic case of “NIMBY” syndrome.

    Call me all the names you want, there isn’t a single thing I’ve written that isn’t true. Deal with it.

    I love hearing you all rant and rave about insensitivity and lack of compassion, until a conservative dies, then you let loose with every insult you can.

    Hypocrites all.

  • micky says:

    ” love hearing you all rant and rave about insensitivity and lack of compassion, until a conservative dies, then you let loose with every insult you can. ”

    Even the kids.
    Liberals love to use kids to push their agenda and cry that were insensitive if we make the point that the money just isnt there.
    But oh ! if its a kid that belongs to a republican its a retard and worthy of nothing !

    I got news for you morons.
    We are thinking of the kids. What good is it for all the kids and everyone else to have health care if it totally destroys our economy to a point that makes whats happening now look like a picnic ?
    No one has a job, revenues arent coming in, as a result of that the fed starts rationing to the point that everyone will get counseled (evaluated) as to whether or not they’re worth the additional costs.
    Dont you guys see the impending doom on the horizon if this becomes law ? And thats just the money angle and the kids, we havent eve gone into figuring out how we’ll save medicare and medicaid, and veterans (make them pay their own right ?) help seniors keep what they’ve got, keep taxes to a minimum so our standard of living isnt that of a third world country.
    Even if the whole country did want this its the worst fricking time ever in our history to even think about it.
    I think you guys are very aware and just dont care. You want this passed so the country will collapse. Thats the only way you’ll be able to establish your little liberal eutopic socialist nanny country. thats the only logic I can see behind this whole thing
    make me sick

  • Richard says:

    Your post title is so misleading. I thought this was going to be a blog sympathetic to the passing of an icon. It’s just trash.

    I now know what the definition of sorrow is. I’ve been watching the coverage today. I am just so sad and empty. It’s not the grief I felt when his brothers were killed. Now it’s sorrow. It really does feel like the dream has died. Something you people obviously know nothing about.

    Good day.

  • Ken says:

    “I am just so sad and empty.”

    No argument here.

  • BikerDan says:

    Hey Richard
    Grow a pair, use them once and a while, and get the hell out of here.

  • BikerDan says:

    I don’t know how much more of this “Teddy Worship” I can take. I have been yelling at the TV for 2 days now. My bride wants me to go fishing until it’s over.

  • PenniePan says:

    First of all, Dan you are an old fool. Go fishing please.


    I know there are some here that will appreciate this so I stopped back by. At Cagle.com there are some cartoons that honor Senator Kennedy. One in particular really broke me up and I have been a mess ever since.

    Here it is:

    There were these 3 little kids sitting on the floor at the feet of their mom. She had just finished reading them a story, closing the book, she says “The End.”

    And guess what the title of the book was? “Camelot.”

    I can’t hardly even type this I am so upset.

  • Ken says:

    “I can’t hardly even type this I am so upset.”

    Wow, and I didn’t think it could get more pathetic. Thanks for proving me wrong, Pennie.

  • kate says:

    oh gah pennie!!!!

    stop the drama or i’m so gonna puke and then slit my wrists.

  • kate says:

    um go find another place to have a meltdown. i am having my own here.

  • micky says:

    Wow, hate to see what would happen if Obama croaked

  • Rope says:

    I think I’d have to go fishing with BikerDan. 🙂

  • lisab says:

    “I thought this was going to be a blog sympathetic to the passing of an icon. ” richard

    we are very sympathetic to his passing …

  • gene says:

    so the poor man isn’t even buried next to his murdered brothers and you all party with smiley faces. i guess that’s what hillbilly justice is for all you redneck conservatives, dancing on graves on the heroes of our country.

  • Rope says:

    Gene, hero? Not in my book. I’ll just continue to mourn Mary Jo.

  • lisab says:

    if it were hillbilly justice we would not be dancing on his grave

  • micky says:

    Liberals talking about justice… too funny.

  • kate says:


    liberals should never mention justice and ted kennedy in the same sentence. its just embarrassing for you guys.

  • lisab says:

    it is actually not surprising the dem toadies are all in mourning. even though kennedy was not held in awe in massachusetts, he still was by many dems outside the state.

    what is surprising is that they actually think they will be able to use his death to make some political gains.

    kennedy was no where near as popular as obama. even with obama’s fall in the polls, “obamacare” will be much better received than “kennedycare”. everyone already knows kennedy was a partisan hack. there are still some who like obama.

  • Ken says:

    “i guess that’s what hillbilly justice is for all you redneck conservatives, dancing on graves on the heroes of our country.”

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You’re getting boring and predictable gene. Get a new act.

  • Ken says:

    Let’s not forget the blaring hypocrisy of the dems and their “demand” that the seat vacated by Kennedy’s death be filled by appointment rather than election.

    Interestingly enough when Romney was gov. in 2004 the dems passed a law that any vacancy must be filled by election, not appointment, however, now that the gov. is a democrat they are demanding it be filled by appointment. I guess when you’ve got the media in your back pocket, you don’t have to worry about them pointing out how you are violating the very law that you passed a few years ago.


    “At the time, Democratic Sen. John Kerry was running for president and Massachusetts had a Republican governor, Mitt Romney. Proponents of changing the law argued that a gubernatorial appointment was undemocratic and that only voters should decide on a replacement. Democrats also feared Mr. Romney would appoint a Republican.

    Now, with Mr. Kennedy dying three years before his term was up, some Massachusetts Democrats are reversing course, calling for Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint an interim replacement to hold office until the special election can be held.”


  • Elisabeth says:

    Sen. Ted Kennedy inspired many regular young people like me to continue his work especially with health care reform. To be honest, his death was a wake up call that that we really need to get ourselves together and demand public option!

  • micky says:

    Why dont you get yourselves together on a plan that the majority actually wants that doest come out of the pockets of those who dont want it ?
    You cant demand whats not yours and look as admirable as you think you do

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