Wow: Obama Campaign Staffer Helps Commit Voter Fraud

Wow: Obama Campaign Staffer Helps Commit Voter Fraud

We all knew that there was no low that the Obama campaign wouldn’t sink to in order to win. However, they may have gotten themselves in some big trouble here. James O’Keefe caught Obama campaign staffer Stephanie Caballero — a salaried employee of the DNC — helping an “Obama supporter” vote twice, thereby committing voter fraud. And the best part? The whole thing is on video.

In the video, Caballero helps a young woman vote in both Texas and in Florida. Cabellero proclaimed the woman’s effort as “funny”, “cool”, and “hilarious”. And when the woman went back a second time for more help, Cabellero gave her a Florida absentee ballot to help her get her vote in twice.

What’s really amazing is that O’Keefe is saying he’s got more than one video like this from around the country:

“We visited Organizing For America voter registration tables around New York and Organizing For America headquarters around the country,” he said.

The video then cuts to a montage of different clips of Obama campaign volunteers and staffers all over the country helping O’Keefe’s Project Veritas activists get set up to vote twice, a sign there’s likely more to come.

The video ends with a challenge for the media: “Put your reputation on the line, journalists. Say this is an ‘isolated incident.’”

As for Cabellero, exactly who is she? Well, she’s a Marxist radical who was active in the Students for a Democratic Society in Houston, and works as a photographer for Worker’s World Magazine, the propaganda arm of the socialist Worker’s World Party. And she’s on the Obama campaign payroll.

Considering she — and God knows how many other campaign workers — are committing voter fraud on behalf of the current president, the chances of her being held accountable for her criminal actions are slim to none. It’s about as likely as Joe Biden not saying something absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing. So what we need to take from this is that it is absolutely required that we stand behind Romney. The Obama camp will lie, cheat, and steal to keep him in office… and meanwhile, we’ve got voters saying that they’re going to sit out the election because Obama and Romney are exactly the same. We can’t afford that, and we can’t afford to be complacent. The only thing that we can do is get Obama out of office.

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  • Max says:

    Amusing, isn’t it? Voter fraud never happens. Eric Holder said so, even after a white guy was given permission to vote as Holder.

    I suspect there’s more to come:

    James O’Keefe@JamesOKeefeIII
    Put your reputation on the line Journalists. Say this Campaign director is an isolated incident. PLEASE.

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