Obama’s Benghazi-gate: All Cover-up and Lies

Obama’s Benghazi-gate: All Cover-up and Lies

Obama’s Benghazi-gate:  All Cover-up and Lies

The Administration is clearly in full cover-up mode to protect Barack Obama and his re-election bid. We know that there were security threats in Libya in the months prior to that deadly September 11th attack one month ago on our Consulate that killed our Ambassador and 3 other Americans. Yet despite these threats, the State Department basically left its personnel there to fend for themselves. Apparently, only one security guard was with Ambassador Christopher Stevens, at the time of the attack, on the evening of the 11th.

It’s unbelievable buffoonery.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the attack in Benghazi, which began today, is painting a comprehensively devastating picture of incompetence and malfeasance on the part of both Barack Obama as our Chief Executive and Hillary Clinton as our Chief Diplomat.

As The Other McCain points out, that we seem to be looking at a classic Washington cover-up. And this time, people died.

So far, the evidence provided during the hearing clearly shows the threats and attacks the State Department knew about prior to September 11, 2012, gave the Obama administration many credible reasons for increasing security in Benghazi rather than cutting it. Yet they did not. They decreased security. And when the terrorist attack did take place, the Obama Administration chose to lie and create a strawman; peddled the ridiculous story that an offensive, amateurish, anti-Islam YouTube video was to blame in order to avoid characterizing the murders of four Americans as terrorism.

Here is the incriminating timeline from the Heritage Foundation. Below is the video they’ve produced called “The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya”. It’s more than damning.

And then there was Charlene Lamb, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Programs at the State Department who testified today at the hearing. This from Allahpundit at Hot Air:

“In Wood’s memorable phrase, Al Qaeda is more established there than we are. This was no time for a “light footprint” or even an average one. If the Department couldn’t provide Stevens with security equal to the task of handling an all but inevitable terror attack, they should have pulled him from the country.”

Exactly! In her testimony, she still shamefully refuses to refer to the attackers as “terrorists”.

There’s nothing transparent about this administration; not in foreign policy nor domestic policy. It’s disturbing that there is so much evidence about this horrible event, that the Obama administration is trying to keep under wraps. But what do we expect from a president who does not consider himself an American, but rather a “citizen of the world”? We’re dealing here with people, and a mentality, which refuses to describe the Libya attackers as “terrorists” …even now. When security threats abroad are ignored, America, and her people, are in danger everywhere.

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  • Max says:

    Forget it. What about saving Big Bird? That’s the important Barky item today.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people banded together to save him? Barky’s doing his best: “Big Bird caused the deficit?”

    No, PBS is but one of hundreds of programs unnecessarily funded with tax dollars.

    But that’s not important, now: Distract! Distract! Distract!

  • Wesley M. says:

    Honestly, at this point, I’m half-expecting Jay Carney to come out and try to square the circle by claiming the Benghazi consulate was actually attacked under cover of a “virtual” protest…

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