Women Erased On International Women’s Day

Women Erased On International Women’s Day

Women Erased On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is supposed to celebrate WOMEN. It’s a day to commemorate the women in our lives and the notable women around the world who’ve changed lives. Until yesterday that is. Yesterday women were marginalized and erased from the equation.

Now it seems that, even as Democrats and liberals are unable define a woman, biological men masquerading as women must be celebrated as well. Biological men who’ve become transgender are now being given equal or better billing than women, thus dismissing and shunting aside the accomplishments of actual women. 

A row has erupted online after First Lady Jill Biden gave a transgender woman from Argentina a ‘Women of Courage’ award during an International Women’s Day ceremony.

Biden yesterday presented awards to 11 recipients at the White House, one of whom was Alba Rueda, an Argentinian politician who became the first openly transgender lawmaker in Argentina to hold a senior political position in the country.

Rueda, the Special Representative on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity of Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has spent her political career fighting to end the discrimination of LGBTQ people in Argentina.

Rueda is a MAN. And the Women of Courage award was started by Condoleezza Rice in 2007.

To mark International Women’s Day, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice established the annual International Women of Courage Award in March of 2007 to recognize women around the globe who have shown exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for women’s rights and advancement.

This is the only Department of State award that pays tribute to emerging women leaders worldwide, and offers a unique opportunity to recognize those who work in the field of international women’s issues.

Evidently the advancement of women includes applauding and handing out awards to biological men. 

We’ve been watching and discussing this for quite some time now. A biological man, Rachel Levine, is now in charge of our Department of Health and Human services, another biological man dressing as a woman is facing charges all over the country for stealing women’s luggage and wearing their clothes. A biological man is now a Hershey Canada “mentor” in their ad campaign directed at young girls. A biological male has been celebrated for winning college swimming competitions against women, when he couldn’t do the same on the mens team. 

In 2019, USA Powerlifting banned transgender males from competing as a woman. Quite simply, as with Lia Thomas above, anyone who is biologically male yet transitioning to a woman has a genetic and PHYSICAL advantage over all the women he is competing against. But noooo, that hasn’t stopped the agenda from being shoved down our throats. An activist judge ruled that the organization did discriminate against Jayce Cooper by banning him from the sport. 

“I was fed up with the way that I was being treated, I was fed up with the way that my community was being treated and enough was enough,” Cooper said.

With the ruling including a cease and desist on USA Powerlifting of all unfair discriminatory practices because of sexual orientation and a request for the agency to submit a revised policy – this is a win.

No, it’s not a win. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Women fought for years to have a level playing field. Women’s sports, particularly in college, have paved the way for many to go on to have careers that they otherwise would’ve have had without those scholarships. Now, if a transgender man steps up and says “I deserve it more” he’s handed that opportunity while extremely qualified women are told to take a seat at the back of the bus. 

Men have been told for years that they need to be kinder, gentler, and understand that women are their equals in everything they do. Men are told they are supposed to RESPECT women and let women have their way in all the things. 

Now, men are being told it’s totally fine to get all the attention, applause, and even awards if you dress as and then start transitioning to a woman.

How is that even remotely respectful of women …or men? It isn’t. It’s damaging, incredibly damaging on mental, physical, and societal levels

The social, political, and cultural meaning of woman has become untethered from both the traditional and biological meaning while somehow becoming joined with stereotypical depictions of femininity. A male’s gender dysphoria might cause him to have a proclivity for the color pink or to surgically remove his reproductive organs, but neither would make him a woman. Instead, these simply make him a disordered man.

Except that disordered man is now being celebrated over and above the achievements of the women around him. 

Did you catch that? The “truth” the girls need to hear is that THEY matter…unless there is a biological male in the room masquerading as a female. Then, all bets are off. 

If you can’t celebrate BIOLOGICAL women and their accomplishments on International Women’s Day without dragging in a transgender biological man to hog the stage, then you are complicit in the destruction of both women’s rights and womanhood itself. 

Feature Photo Credit: Faceless woman via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Lloyd says:

    You know, a lot of women…real women, that is, voted for Biden and the freak show administration that resulted from that misguided election. I hope they are proud. I will wait to see if genuine, real women step up and criticize this freak show bullshit.

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