Lia Thomas Loses Swimming Competition. Hmmm

Lia Thomas Loses Swimming Competition. Hmmm

Lia Thomas Loses Swimming Competition. Hmmm

Lia Thomas, formerly known as Will Thomas, is the University of Pennsylvania swimmer who feels like a woman. As such, he has been competing on the women’s swim team, blowing the competition out of the water (forgive the play on words). Yet on Saturday, Thomas only placed 8th in the 100-yard freestyle at NCAA competition in Atlanta.

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Let’s look at what happened on Saturday.

Lia Thomas swam the 100-yard freestyle final in 48.18 seconds. However, University of Virginia freshman Gretchen Walsh — a real female — came in first at 46.05 seconds. That’s even faster than Thomas’s qualifying time of 47.37 seconds.

Even another transgender person, Iszac Henig, a woman who feels like a man, beat Lia Thomas in the 100-yard with a time of 47.32 seconds. What’s more, Henig hasn’t started any hormone treatments, so Iszac is still hormonally a full woman.

But back to Lia Thomas.

Are you smelling something fishy about that loss? Especially when this happened just a few days ago?

If you have your suspicions about this loss, you’re not alone. So did this YouTube sports fan.

Now I don’t cotton much to conspiracy theories, and I don’t know much about swimming. I don’t even like the water, for that matter. But I believe that Lia Thomas threw the race to take the heat off him as he begins his quest for a spot on the women’s Olympic swim team.


Lia Thomas is a Fraud

Anyone with common sense who looks at Lia Thomas would never say that this individual is a woman. Far from it, in fact.

Thomas may have been on hormone therapy for over a year, which makes him qualified to swim as a woman — at least as far as NCAA rules go. But forget the hormone schtick — Thomas stands 6’3″, which is tall even for a man. The shoulders are broad, the hips narrow, and the chest is flat. Moreover, he has less body fat than a typical woman. None of those masculine characteristics can be replaced by female hormones. They’re a permanent part of physics.

Just look at this image. That’s no woman on the left; that’s a full-grown man.

What’s more, other than starting hormone therapy and calling himself female, Thomas hasn’t begun the most drastic part of transitioning — hacking off his twig and berries. Moreover, there are even reports that he’s interested in dating women. Although, frankly, I can’t think of why any normal, self-respecting woman would want to start a relationship with this dude.

Lia Thomas is no lady. Rather, Thomas is a fraud who deceived the timid woke heads of college sports into agreeing that he could swim as a woman. And he’ll trick the cowards of the International Olympic Committee, too.


But Lia Thomas Has Fans

Throughout the NCAA swimming championships, Thomas has been getting booed, and for good reason. But of course he has his supporters.

Like the guy who argued with a woman who was present at the NCAA swimming competition on Thursday. The man defended Thomas’s presence on the women’s team, saying that “every body is different.” The man also asked the woman if she was a biologist.

Her answer was both pithy and brilliant:

“I’m not a vet, but I know what a dog is.” 

Then there’s Erica Sullivan, a swimmer on the US Olympic team, who wrote in Newsweek that she’s “Proud to Support Trans Athletes Like Lia Thomas.” If you read her article, you see that it’s all about feelings, not about Thomas being a worthy competitor. Plus, Sullivan is a member of the LGBTQXYZ etc. community, so … identity! 

Finally, there’s an individual named “Mx. D. Anderson” who tweeted that top athletes all have genetic advantages that mere mortals do not have. Like Michael Phelps, for instance. Take that, transphobes!

(I would show you that tweet that Mx. D had posted at Twitter, but he? she? protected their tweets, so it no longer can appear in this post. How stunning and brave!)

Genetic advantages or not — athletes who compete in the rarefied air of Olympic-level and professional sports are using the bodies God gave them. They are not frauds; Lia Thomas is. Plus, other athletes are heavily sanctioned if they use performance-enhancing drugs. So why is it acceptable for Thomas to use hormones so he can compete as a woman?


Stop the Lies

Lia Thomas is just another example of the lies destroying our social order.

Writes Jason Whitlock, former sports writer, now at The Blaze:

“America is a smorgasbord of lies. White lies. Black lies. Brown lies. Gender lies. Political lies. Racial lies. The lies make chaos and division inevitable. Our fear and reluctance to confront and combat these lies doom this nation ….”

“We underestimate the strength of the ties that bind America’s coalition of liars. Lying to yourself is similar to pregnancy. You can’t be a little bit deceitful. One lie leads to the acceptance of the next lie.”

And Lia Thomas just added one more lie to that smorgasbord on Saturday as he “lost” in a race so he could enhance his chances of swimming on the Olympics team.



Featured image: Ping Timeout/flickr/cropped/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


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