Men Included In Hershey’s International Women’s Day Ad Campaign

Men Included In Hershey’s International Women’s Day Ad Campaign

Men Included In Hershey’s International Women’s Day Ad Campaign

Yes, you read that correctly. In honor of International Women’s Day, Hershey Canada has a man in their ad campaign. This is Hershey’s campaign theme:

See the Women Changing How We See the Future
This International Women’s Day, celebrate the women changing the future in your community.

One would think that an ad campaign celebrating women of yesterday and today who are accomplishing a great deal in their field whether it be the arts, science, politics, education, and more would be a terrific way to celebrate women. But nooo, Hershey had a very different thing in mind. For this ad campaign, there are four women and one man featured in this ad campaign that is supposed to celebrate WOMEN. 

Is it any wonder that people aren’t fans of this? Is it any wonder that many are calling for a boycott of the Hershey brand? The parent Hershey company has debuted its SHE bar for Women’s History Month. And, as you’ll note by their website, it’s all about women and girls.  

Think about the women and girls who mean the most in your life. What makes each of them unique? Their qualities are inspiring, and it’s what Hershey celebrates today and every day. Take time to share heartwarming moments with those women and girls, celebrate their achievements and recognize the impact SHE has made

Oh, but those who are complaining, advocating for a boycott, or just simply pointing out that a biological male has no place in the promotion of women are labeled transphobic grumps. 

Anti-transgender muppets had a meltdown on social media Thursday after The Hershey Company released a new ad featuring a transgender woman for Women’s History Month.

I wouldn’t call it a meltdown to point out that an ad campaign purporting to celebrate WOMEN is using a transgender man as part of that promotion. Furthermore, this really does erase a woman’s accomplishments.

And the critics refuse to acknowledge that. 

What’s interesting about this is all the feminists who cheer this crap on. The same feminists who’ve spent decades wanting and demanding that women be treated as equals in everything. Now, as with Dylan Mulvany parodying women and being feted at the White House for being a man dressing up as a Barbie-like woman, Hershey brings forth Fae. A man who is supposedly a role model for women and young girls. 

This isn’t uplifting nor empowering for anyone

“In Shakespeare’s day, women weren’t allowed on stage and were played by men,” argued teacher Cari Kelemen. “Are we going back to that? How is this progress?”

Furthermore, there’s another significant problem with having Fae on this campaign, aside from the fact that he’s a biological male. 

A Canadian college invited a trans-identified male to speak on violence against women in observation of the 33rd anniversary of an act of mass femicide.

Fae Johnstone, a trans-identified male, gave a keynote address today at Durham College in North Oshawa, Ontario as part of the school’s National Day of Remembrance Ceremony marking the anniversary of a massacre that left 14 women dead.

Fourteen young women were specifically targeted and killed because they were FEMALE. The shooter, a MALE, specifically targeted those young women because they weren’t supposed to have careers and most certainly shouldn’t be allowed into the field of engineering. So, what does Durham College do 33 years later? Bring on a trans-gender MAN as the keynote speaker. A MAN who supposedly wants to stop gender based violence and discrimination. However, when faced with questions about the fact that this was an act of sexual violence, instead of gender construct, Fae refused to answer.

“Today is the day we mark 14 women who were killed in Montreal by a man who subjected them simply because they were female. It is sex-based violence, not gender based violence. I am a female,” Anne is heard saying, before listing off examples where self-identification lead to the victimization of women.

“I am wondering why, on this day, we would have a man dressed in women’s garb to talk to us about sex-based violence and keeping women safe? How can women stay safe in this environment?”

Johnstone replies curtly: “Thank you. Next question!”

Which meant he didn’t want to nor could answer as it would go against his chosen narrative. Not only that, but Fae believes that trans men won’t go after women if they are moved to a women’s prison. Except it has happened and will happen. 

It all boils down to this. Hershey Canada brought a man in to promote a campaign for women. They essentially turned the women involved into props to further their woke agenda, similar to what the Biden Administration has been promoting.

This wasn’t inclusive, it was discriminatory. This campaign purposefully excluded women. For International Women’s Day, Hershey’s is no longer pro-women. This, evidently is where we are. One can only be a STRONG woman if one is a man masquerading as one. 

Feature Photo Credit: Vintage Hershey bar CC BY-NC 2.0 via Openeverse and Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • NTSOG says:

    Does Gillette own Hersheys Canada?

  • GWB says:

    This is Hershey’s campaign theme:
    So, which one is the ma… Oh, the ugly one with a ring in his nose….

    debuted its SHE bar for Women’s History Month
    From that link:
    lined with adjectives honoring impactful women
    Because giving people a list of adjectives is going to inspire them so much.
    The simple gesture of giving someone a SHE bar can spark a meaningful, heartwarming connection
    No. Not really. Giving them chocolate might spark a connection based on gratitude, but it being a “SHE bar” is just virtue signaling at its most fattening.

    because they are putting the face of a trans-“woman” on chocolate bar wrappers
    Wait, they’re putting their faces on the wrapper?! I have to LOOK at these women before eating my nice chocolate? Who the heck thought THIS was a good idea? (No offense to anyone, but there’s really only one of those faces I consider “lovely”. The rest are homely, and one is blecch.)

    a man who subjected them
    I realize these people also say “aboot” and such, but THIS IS NOT ENGLISH. “Subjected” is a verb that requires an object, such as “to violence”. You can’t just “subject” someone. If you can’t communicate properly in English (if it’s your primary language) then I don’t want you subjecting me to your opinions.

    I am a female
    No, snookums, you are NOT.

    They essentially turned the women involved into props to further their woke agenda
    Oh, Nina, even the actual women were that. Did you look at them? They weren’t chosen because they’d accomplished anything meaningful, but because they were women in the right sorts of virtue signaling fields. Every single one is chosen solely because they are a progressive and “of color”. (The only white woman is not a woman.)

  • Liz says:

    “What’s interesting about this is all the feminists who cheer this crap on.”

    Interesting, but not surprising.
    That ship sailed back when NOW supported Clinton after numerous very credible (by the meaning of the actual word credible back when credible meant credible) sexual assault claims against him.

  • John C. says:

    Fae’s chromosomes are “X/Y”. Be sure to pronounce them correctly.

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