Rachel Levine – Deadnamed And Misgendered

Rachel Levine – Deadnamed And Misgendered

Rachel Levine – Deadnamed And Misgendered

Dr. Rachel Levine, nominated by Joe Biden to be Assistant Secretary of Health, is being deadnamed and misgendered according to NBC News. In the Liberal Woke world, acknowledging that someone has a past and has changed is a transphobic sin.

Dr. Rachel Levine was born Richard Levine in Massachusetts in 1957. The doctor had a prestigious education and a good career, and in 2017 became Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health. This is where Rachel was when the Wuhan Lung Rot/Covid-19 hit the nation. She came under fire for moving her mother out of the personal care facility where she lived to another facility when Pennsylvania senior facilities were hit hard by the Rona. Levine was unapologetic:

Dr. Levine was questioned about the move at her daily news conference on Tuesday. She noted that personal care homes are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Human Services, not under her oversight at the Department of Health.

“My mother requested, and my sister and I as her children complied, to move her to another location during the COVID-19 outbreak,” Dr. Levine said. “My mother is 95 years old, she is very intelligent, and more than competent to make her own decisions.”

Arrogant and elitist, Levine, if confirmed as Assistant Secretary of Health, will fit right in to the Biden/Harris Administration. Yes, the administration that issued a Executive order letting boys participate in girls athletics. So fair of them. You cannot question the wisdom or the ACLU will come after you.

And, woe betide anyone who deadnames or misgenders Levine. The trans lobby bullies will Twitter you upside the head:

The talking hairdos at NBC even made a video warning us evil Conservatives against the deadnaming and misgendering practice.

In our new Totalitarian world, it is harassment to tell the truth. Here are some quotes from the NBC article related to the video above:

The far-right media outlet Breitbart deadnamed and misgendered Levine throughout an article announcing her nomination to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (deadnaming refers to the usage of a transgender person’s former name). In perhaps an attempt at irony, the article made several references to Levine’s past appeals to have people stop misgendering her and end their “intolerance and discrimination against LGBTQ individuals and specifically transgender individuals.”

“Deadnaming” is an awful term. A psychologically healthy person who truly believed that he/she was born a male but meant to be a woman would have dealt with that in therapy. For instance: “I was born a man. I believe I was born in the wrong body and have decided to present myself to the world as a woman. I honor and respect Richard for all he accomplished in his life and treasure the children I had from my marriage. On a go forward basis, I wish to be called Rachel.”

By calling using the previous name “deadnaming”, it sounds as if someone died. Do you see the difference?

Misgendering is not quite as bad, but it would be nice if Rachel Levine would admit, as a scientist, that she is still a biological man. We do not have the ability to change DNA, yet. Gender is a social construct. Biology tells us that there are two sexes.

Another paragraph from the NBC post:

“It’s really rich to see right-wing media figures pretend they’re so concerned with Dr. Levine’s record on Covid,” Brennan Suen, Media Matters’ LGBTQ program director, said. “These figures are acting like they’re taking Covid so seriously all of a sudden so they can attack Dr. Levine; at the same time, they’re relentlessly spreading misinformation about Covid, and about masks, and about gatherings.”

We really don’t give a fat rat’s backside what Media Matters thinks, but we take Covid-19 very seriously. It Dr. Levine is the right person for the job, then groovy. She can dress as a furry for all I care, if she is the best person for the job.

I will use the gender pronoun that fits what someone presents to me. I will not play pretend. A biological male dressed as woman is still a biological man in a woman’s dress. Live your best life. Love who you choose. DO NOT ask me to play pretend. We must not bow to the trans lobby bullies. The bullies who yell “SCIENCE” at us when it suits their purposes, but asks us to ignore reality when it doesn’t.

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  • Dietrich says:

    How about “Dr. Rachael Levine, M.D., crazy person”?

  • Cameron says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset Richard. I’m sure he will get better in time. I wish him luck.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Biden is looking for someone’s hair he can sniff, to keep him occupied, while Kamala races us toward government slavery.

  • Mary says:

    As long as there is no harm to anyone, then live and let live. However, harm can be caused when competing against women considering results due to physique can be one-sided. That bothers me.

  • Jack_of_Spades says:

    I will not play pretend. A biological male dressed as woman is still a biological man in a woman’s dress. Live your best life. Love who you choose. DO NOT ask me to play pretend. We must not bow to the trans lobby bullies. The bullies who yell “SCIENCE” at us when it suits their purposes, but asks us to ignore reality when it doesn’t.

    Better still, don’t refer to Dr. Levine as “she” or “her”. If Levine wants us to call him “Rachel”, fine. But he is a man, and we shouldn’t validate his self-identification. We have no moral obligation to do so. Newspeak terms like “misgender” and “deadname” are bad enough.

  • Edward Lunny says:

    Richard was born male and will always be male, period. It is a biological fact. His desire to be called and dress as a female doesn’t change the reality of his biology one whit. As for the ignorant idiots who argue contrary to the facts, gfy.
    That being said, Richard and his alter ego ,if you will, is a murderer. His actions regarding his mother testify to that. This sob and the governor, Wolf, deliberately endangered the elderly housed in care facilities and exposed them, the most at risk, to the chinese lung rot. Deliberately. They are all murderers and should be treated as such . Vile, evil, hateful scum

  • John Wilson says:

    Wasn’t there more to that scandal about removing her mother in a preferential way to avoid the Covid risk. Did she implement the same policies that NY state did sending covid patients back to the nursing homes?

    • Edward Lunny says:

      Yes, he and his sister moved their mother immediately prior to the implementation of the policy to return recovering chinese lung rot patients to nursing homes. Of note is that none of these facilities were set up to deal with residents suffering from infectious diseases. Richard and the governor had full knowledge of this and implemented the policy anyway. They murdered these people and should be judged and punished accordingly. They are vile hateful people.

  • Lloyd says:

    Must wonder: Why would any sane man want to be turned into an ugly woman…???

  • John Wilson says:

    Who thinks up these goofy terms that are au courant? Deadnamed? How about orchidectomy recipient?

  • LoL No says:

    “If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle” seems a fitting response to ITS insanity.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Tonight at dinner, Ben Franklin opined that he should have renewed his FaceLock membership because some tranz stole his identity with the hope that Biden will put it on the new $3 dollar bill.

  • Ralph says:

    I don’t give a crap what you think you are. If you have human male chromosomes, you are a human male. And a person is female if they have human female chromosomes. Put another way, you can mutilate your body, and take all the hormone cocktails you want, to shape your body in whatever way is possible, but your body knows what it is, and nothing you do can change that. When you’re long dead, and a forensic archaeologist digs up your bones, they will see you as a male if your skeleton is male, and female if you’re female.

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