Woke But Asleep At The Wheel: Next Up, Party of Five

Woke But Asleep At The Wheel: Next Up, Party of Five

Woke But Asleep At The Wheel: Next Up, Party of Five

From Scrunchies we’d wish would fade to black to “mom jeans” that do not look good on anyone besides girls who have not yet given birth to children, the incessant “woke” reboot of the 90’s continues. This time, in the form of remake of the popular show, “Party of Five”.

The remake of the popular ’90s television show airs on January 8th on Freeform. You may remember the original Party of Five, where the children were forced to live out their lives without their parents who were killed in a car accident. Fast forward to 2020, these kids are left in the United States of America as their parents are deported.

From Party of Five co-creator, Amy Lippman to the Associated Press:

We have told this story before but it was imaginary. Now it’s actually a story that is playing out all over the country. In the previous show, we didn’t need to be specific to a culture or a political climate. This family is very concerned about [its] status.”

Personally, I love how a Hollywood producer, by the name of Lippman, who is probably so far removed from the actual social circles of Mexican immigrants concocts a tale about what is “playing out all over the country”. Because we all know how much Hollywood producers have their fingers on the pulse of what is actually happening in our country.

From The Hill:

President Trump has made crackdowns on illegal immigration one of the hallmarks of his agenda, often using harsh rhetoric to describe undocumented immigrants, which he says the country has no room for.”

This is not the first attempt at a reboot. Roseanne got a (somewhat woke) reboot only to be canceled and reincarnated as “The Connors” when Roseanne said a few things her Hollywood producers did not like. She literally got killed off a show. Charlie’s Angels got a woke reboot in the theaters as well. Let’s talk about how that bombed. The fortunate piece to this series is that it is not reliant on box office sales or on network ratings. The Party of Five reboot will stay on cable TV.

I am as far removed from woke Hollywood as they come but here are some story ideas. What if this were a family who were legal citizens of the United States and an illegal immigrant was a drunk driver and crashed into the parents whilst out on a date night away from their kids? Would this be a story line valid enough for a remake? Or what if the parents were killed whilst having an innocent stroll along a city pier by an illegal immigrant who was deported five times but yet managed to get back into this country and get his hands on a weapon? Or let’s talk about parents being brutally beaten by illegal gang members and leaving their kids to fend for themselves in this world. How will they fare? These are true stories that are happening daily in our communities. Hollywood producers…hello…wakey, wacky…are you there?

The big step that we want to take is that it’s a new way of looking at what is a family? What happens to a family in crisis?”-Chris Keyser, co-creator of Party of Five reboot

As woke, liberal, Hollywood executive pinky-ring set sits around in their brainstorming sessions in an attempt to come up with something relevant that “speaks to” our society and where we are at, they ignore the blatantly obvious. Let’s talk about the homeless American kids who are left to fend for themselves on the streets of Los Angeles. They’re right there. Let’s have a chat about kids in other suburban towns who live in their cars and have to try to make it to school on a winter’s day. Let’s talk about how mental illness and drug addiction have plagued our own citizens and how theirchildren have been impacted by the gross negligence of city and state policies. THOSE are the stories that are playing out across our cities, our states and our country because of poor local and state policies and inept leadership at the helm of these local municipalities. Because the individuals sitting in their executive meeting rooms making over six figures a year are trying to be “relevant”, these issues are irrelevant and largely ignored. I’m willing to bet the token Hollywood producer numbskull does not even give this a thought whilst driving by a tent encampment en route home to Malibu in the ol’ Mercedes. Bless their virtue-signaling hearts. They’re all so woke but so asleep at the wheel at the same time.

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  • Freddie Sykes says:

    I assume that the children are anchor babies which means that they are United States citizens and hence free to decide whether to depart with their parents or remain here, knowing that they can return at any time.

    I guess the premise of the show is that they all choose to remain here.

    • Scott says:

      You’re probably right Freddie, which brings up two issues.. First, we need to do away with anchor babies / automatic citizenship. Put in a requirement that at least one of the parents needs to be LEGALLY in the US, and that will fix the issue.
      Second, last I checked, NOONE requires that the children stay here when the parents are deported… They are free ( and encouraged, or should be..) to leave with them

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