Will Huma Abedin Ever Leave Anthony Weiner? [VIDEO]

Will Huma Abedin Ever Leave Anthony Weiner? [VIDEO]

Will Huma Abedin Ever Leave Anthony Weiner? [VIDEO]


If Huma Abedin had any sense, before she leaves home again to be Hillary’s aide and valet on the campaign trail, she would do well to change the wi-fi password to something that her husband, Anthony Weiner, won’t think to guess. I suggest maybe “fidelity.”

Or “marriage_vows.”

Or “you_are_a_married_husband_and_father_you_pervert.”

Maybe that last one is too long for a password, but I bet Huma would be able to remember it.
Somebody has to take Anthony Weiner’s access to the internet away, because he’s done it again. And this time, he involved his son.

The last time I wrote about Huma Abedin, I called her Hillary Clinton 2.0. And it’s obvious that Anthony Weiner is Bill Clinton 2.0. There are no truer words than what Darrell Hammond said while portraying Bill Clinton on a Saturday Night Live cold open sketch from April 2015.

The only difference between Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner is that Weiner got caught before he could get elected to real levels of power.

The question right now isn’t whether Anthony Weiner is a sleazebucket (he is), or whether he will stop doing this to his wife and child (he won’t). The real question is, will Hillary allow Huma to leave his sorry butt?

And the answer is most likely no.

Even though people are wondering what is going to happen now…

… Huma is simply too loyal to Hillary to leave Weiner. A divorce would shift the focus of the media coverage from candidate Hillary to the state of her campaign staff, which is something Team Clinton has avoided thus far, while the Trump campaign has had plenty of hirings and firings that have distracted from campaign messaging. It would also mean that Huma would have to take a leave of absence from the campaign – which she won’t do and Hillary probably wouldn’t allow. Huma probably does have the nanny on speed dial (and I hope for her sake, that the nanny is a nice grandmotherly sort that would whack Weiner upside the head with a frying pan if he tried anything stupid), but she is already fully aware what her loyalty to Hillary is costing her son.

She barely has a few moments daily to spend with her son. “It wasn’t so clear in my mind, after my son was born, that I would work with this kind of intensity,” she confesses. “Many working moms feel this way—there is a lot of guilt. . . . I don’t think I could do it if I didn’t have the support system I have, if Anthony wasn’t willing to be, essentially, a full-time dad. I have in-laws who are really supportive. And I’m lucky enough to have a nanny, which I realize is completely a luxury—a lot of people aren’t able to do that. That allows me to travel and do my job.

“But I do feel like I’m constantly juggling,” she goes on, staring into the half a cup of coffee on her desk. “There are days that go by, and I think, I can’t recall the last time I cooked my son a meal. I feel really guilty about that. I’m his mother, and I should be making sure he’s eating well!” She looks a little mournful. “When I do have a day with him, I like to go on a walk—even if I have to be on a conference call,” she says. “I think, to him, it’s normal.” She adds, more quietly, “I’m hoping that in ten years he won’t remember that Mom is at work so much.”

Sadly, in ten years, if Hillary wins this election, Huma will still be at her side, and Jordan Weiner will be able to read the internet for himself. And he’ll be able to fill in the blanks of his own life with the sordid reports (and photos) of a creepy father, and a mother who valued Hillary Clinton over him.

Huma is going all the way to the top, if she can just ignore her scummy husband a little bit longer. Which means she can’t be distracted by a divorce, or shaking up her domestic life. Hillary needs her – just how much, we only can guess. Hillary would never allow her “second daughter,” her mini-me, to take time off to get divorced. If nothing else, Hillary has taught Huma the art of “standing by your man.” She’s not going to abandon her sensei now.


Evidently sensei Hillary had a slightly different strategy in mind. Instead of keeping the status quo and ignoring his scumminess, a separation is in order.

On Monday, Ms. Abedin said in a statement: “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband. Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy.”

A seperation hmmm?? One wonders, again, why she won’t just kick him to the curb. Oh that’s right. A separation is newsworthy. A separation will allow Huma to look all pitiful on the campaign trail. But to actually start divorce proceedings prior to November 8th? Won’t happen.

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