Will Dems Drop Biden for Andrew Cuomo?

Will Dems Drop Biden for Andrew Cuomo?

Will Dems Drop Biden for Andrew Cuomo?

The Democrats have had buyer’s remorse ever since they first got a gander at the Rogue’s Gallery of 500 29 candidates for the 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination. The candidates were all either bereft of ideas, Socialists, or running to be the first gay or woman President. Creepy, sleepy Joe Biden is now the default candidate. The Dems keep hoping that a hero will appear on the horizon. Thanks to Covid-19, Andrew Cuomo is getting tons of air time. Now, many Democrat voters are hoping to drop Biden for Cuomo.

The New York Post reported today on a poll, conducted April 3-6,2020, that indicates a majority of voters would drop former Vice President Joe Biden for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. From the article:

The national poll found 56 percent of Democrats prefer Cuomo, with 44 percent wanting to stick with presumptive nominee Biden — a 12-point margin well outside the 4.8 percent margin of error for the Democratic sample.

Hispanic voters, young people, women and self-identified liberals are most likely to favor dumping the former vice president for Cuomo.

Older, loyal Democrat voters will show up to vote for an old, yellow dog aka Joe Biden. What Democrats need to win are for the young, female, Hispanic and BernieBros to show up at the polls on election day. To say they were underwhelmed by Biden is the definition of understatement.

Enter Covid-19 and Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is 15 years younger than Biden and carries far less baggage than Biden. Biden has got more baggage than Louis Vuitton. Just peruse this Vox.com article for the highlights, if you need to be reminded. Obama’s Secretary of Defense once noted that Biden was wrong on most foreign policy issues. I would take that to wrong on all foreign policy issues. The Democrat National Committee has to be hoping the voters will show up, hold their noses and vote for Biden. Or, that Biden will drop out and ask that his supporters throw their support behind Cuomo.

The Covid-19 pandemic means that Governor Cuomo is on national television for an hour or two every day. I have written before that I think Andrew is not that bright, but he is the son of the late Governor Mario Cuomo. The feeling for the Cuomo family among Democrats is not quite Kennedyesque, but very strong. The Democrats are ready to swoon, as noted by ABC News:

Andrew, New York’s governor, holds a near daily televised briefing on the epidemic, a mixture of statistics, aphorisms and advice together with prodding and praise directed at a fellow Queens, N.Y., native, President Donald Trump. Women and Democrats swoon.

Did I mention swoon? When a photo appeared to show that Governor Cuomo might have pierced nipples, Page Six reported that his former girlfriend said it was nonsense:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s former girlfriend Sandra Lee has a message for “body shamers” speculating about his nipples: “Knock it off!”

The governor set the internet on fire Tuesday with wild speculation that he had nipple rings, but his spokesman denied the public servant was into piercing.

When you set the internet on fire and make Page Six, you are hot, hot, hot.

The final thing that may explain the Cuomo love from Democrats is his kibitzing with CNN anchor, brother and Covid-19 sufferer Chris (Fredo) Cuomo. Chris has called in to his brother’s daily updates several times. Here Chris interviews Andrew on CNN, if you can stand it.

They discuss Bernie Sanders leaving the race. Chris tries to get his brother to say that he is running for President or would accept the Veep slot. They both play too cute by half.

Will the Dems drop Biden? Who knows? They are desperate. They would do anything to have a sentient candidate. Will Andrew be the one? Possibly.

Featured Image Andrew Cuomo by Diana Robinson/cropped/ Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • GWB says:

    Will they drop Biden? If they can get away with it, YES.
    Will they throw Cuomo in there? Possibly.

    There’s still some months before the DNC convention. A lot could happen between now and then – including Cuomo imploding. I’ve said for some time now that the Dems would find a way to get around Biden. (Though, he does lock up the dementia demographic.) But it won’t help them. Not even Cuomo can overcome the Democrat negatives right now – malaise, bat-eating nuttery, and socialism.

    The big question (for the Republicans, too) is who will run in 2024.

  • Lloyd says:

    But, wait….Cuomo is on record for having said he is NOT running for president. We can surely believe a career politician, can’t we?

  • steve walsh says:

    If they were smart (hmmm…) they would. Why would he run? The odds against winning are quite long for any Democrat.

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