Will the Democratic Party Split Over Abortion? [VIDEO]

Will the Democratic Party Split Over Abortion? [VIDEO]

Will the Democratic Party Split Over Abortion? [VIDEO]

The Democrats have a problem, and the top leaders are only now starting to come to grips with it. Today, on “Meet the Press,” California Governor Jerry Brown talked to Chuck Todd about not having a litmus test on abortion for Democratic candidates.

We can pass over the very large irony of Brown calling for “what’s best for the common man” after jacking up taxes in California…

… and go straight to obvious cracks that have developed between the hard left progressives and the Democratic leadership.

We have talked about how the DNC leadership has come to the realization that their tent needs to be bigger in order to win elections, because the evidence is overwhelming that abortion still matters, even to Democrats. The progressive wing of the party, backed by pro-abortion money and groups, are demanding that Democrats only support abortion-on-demand.

And those voices are a lot louder than the comments by Democrat leadership, who are trying to appeal to both sides and win elections – to the point where they are literally talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Where does this end? Logically, it should end with the Democrats splitting in two, with the hard left creating their own Progressive Party. But when did politics ever follow the rules of logic? If the Democrats do break up over abortion, the fallout will be huge and messy, and involve lots of special interest money. Will the GOP be smart enough to seize the advantage if such a break up happens? Given the current state of the Republican Party, that’s up for debate as well.

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  • Scott says:

    My apologies to all the ladies here, but I just can’t help myself on this subject… F**K jerry brown, howard dean, cecile richards, and the rest of the demonrat party, and all those who support them! anyone that kills babies deserves a slow and painful death, on top of which, the idiots that are demonrat voters seem to fail to realize that the high priestess of abortion / planned parenthood, margaret sanger was an avowed racist, and the entire premise behind abortion had nothing to do with “womens rights” but was ENTIRELY about eradicating the black race…. it shows how duplicitous and ignorant that party and their supporters all are.. If every one of them dropped dead tomorrow, the world would be a better place!

  • parker says:

    No they will not, thoug prolife women who vote dim may wake up.

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