Whoopi to Ocasio-Cortez: Shut Up and Let the Establishment Borg Assimilate You

Whoopi to Ocasio-Cortez: Shut Up and Let the Establishment Borg Assimilate You

Whoopi to Ocasio-Cortez: Shut Up and Let the Establishment Borg Assimilate You

President Trump—the antithesis of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—is scheduled to deliver an address to the nation this evening, straight from the Oval Office. Guesses as to what he’ll discuss range from telling Americans the truth of what’s happening at our southern border, to suggesting he’ll declare the crisis a national emergency and thus will dip into the pool of funds dedicated to just that.

Meanwhile, the House’s shiniest, newest big government/open borders Socialist, the aforementioned Ocasio-Cortez, is busy spreading the word about her grand ideas. In case you missed it:

That ought to fix the job market. And someone might want to remind this economic genius that high earners already pay “a disproportionately large share of the federal tax burden”—some of them also employ a heckuva lot of people—and that soaking them even further to fund the left’s Climate Change/Medicare for All scams would fail regardless. The math just doesn’t add up. Mind you, this woman holds a degree in economics.

In response, at least one of the “ladies” on The View is criticizing Ocasio-Cortez’s big mouth:

Don’t you just love Whoopi’s arrogant, Bill Clinton-esque finger-pointing? And I’d challenge Whoopi and Joy-less Behar to name one Democrat policy that’s positively benefited this country (and not enslaved us in debt as a consequence). Not THEM—and where from their multi-million dollar mansions they sit and dictate to the rest of us what we should think, and how we should live our lives—but people like you and me. I’ve got a newsflash for you, ladies: The lot of you didn’t amass wealth via socialism. And Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist/climate change/social justice mantra is the same one that sat in our White House for eight years. She’s just transparent about where she stands, albeit feigning offense when called out for her fabrications.

While it pains me to do so, I’ll agree with Whoopie on this ONE point: it’s true that Ocasio-Cortez prefers talking—to anyone who sticks a mic in her face—over listening. It’s also true that she’s dangerous as hell. Because Ocasio-Cortez, like Barack Obama, is an attractive socialism vessel.

While many on the right mock Ocasio-Cortez from one end of the country to the other, what they’re missing is the fact that so many of today’s youth—including those not yet eighteen and those of voting age—are increasingly embracing Socialism over Capitalism. Why? Well, after nearly a decade of economic malaise and eons of crony capitalism, coupled with a public education system and a media that rarely tells the truth about the horrors of Socialism, and its even uglier sister, Communism, it tells our children that their rights come from man, namely the federal government, and they include just about anything you can imagine (sans that pesky self defense amendment). Thus everything from healthcare, to housing, to higher education is their “right.” They’re entitled to it. And YOU must pay for it. Never mind that the “redistribution of wealth” Ocasio-Cortez is describing looks to me eerily similar to the confiscation of white-owned farms (aka: “the rich”) in South Africa:

Ocasio-Cortez is dangerous. People are listening to her. They’re okay with confiscating other people’s wealth, because it’s only fair. And, regardless of how illiterate she sounds to me and most everyone I know, she must be taken seriously.

But is Whoopi Goldberg’s beef with Ocasio-Cortez’s extremist ideas? It doesn’t sound like it from where I’m sitting. She simply wants Ocasio-Cortez to assimilate with the borgish status quo establishment that’s brought us a mountain of debt, less freedom, is threatening to impeach a duly-elected president for no other reason than that they dislike him and his policies (and the fact that they’re working better than anyone could have imagined), and whose ranks are sowing Socialist seeds by the handfuls.

Yeah, sure. Until we run out of other people’s money, or they flee the forced wealth confiscation, er, paying of their fair share, and the Ocasio-Cortez’s of the land then need to redefine “the rich.” Hint: that’ll be you and me, because by then everyone will be addicted to freebies and will demand they not be taken away, and gosh darn it, pay your FAIR SHARE, you selfish troglodytes!

So maybe, just maybe, Whoopi should start realizing that if Ocasio-Cortez’s policies are ever implemented, she’ll have to actually LIVE her loony, Leftist, “free everything” ideology via forking over seventy-plus percent of the highest portions of her yearly income to the economic illiterates in D.C. she keeps pushing on us. Here’s hoping that day never comes. Lest Whoopi becomes yet another homeless statistic, literally pooping on sidewalks, in the Ocasio-Cortez-like progressive utopia that is her California.


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  • GWB says:

    Whoopi was *this* close to saying, “You young whippersnapper!”

    BTW, a good post in Investor’s Business Daily, pointing out that O-C’s stated plan (to have a Swedish socialism, not a Venezuelan socialism) would be a fantastic way to go. (Well, it would be better than where we are now.) Once again, it’s obvious this woman has almost ZERO knowledge of actual economics or of reality.

    • NC says:

      Perfect! But the interesting comparison is to CA. Roughly the same size as Sweden, but with 4 times the population (40M:10M). CA has the 5th largest GDP in the world, yet still can’t make their version of socialism work, and they have a mass exodus of small business/workers (Much to the disgust of the states absorbing their citizens).

      It may work, and work well, in a small, relatively homogenized, country. But in the USA, it’s unlikely to take root. Simply because the country is too vast, and ultimately there is power in state’s rights. Doesn’t mean there won’t be a revolution of sorts, but I don’t see it happening to the country as we know it.


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