What is So Feminist About Binge Drinking?

What is So Feminist About Binge Drinking?

The modern feminazi motto could probably be summed up as, anything you can do, I can do better. We aren’t supposed to acknowledge that men and women are inherently different. Our brains are wired differently, our bodies are built differently — men and women are not the same. Yet the femisogynists seem to insist on making men and women exactly the same, if not on making women superior to men, right down to complaining that men commit suicide more often than women do.

One dangerous thing that feminazis are strangely intent on defending to the ground? Binge drinking. It’s common now for women, especially young women on college campuses, to binge drink just as much as men do. This is a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, the number of young men binge drinking is declining, while the number of young women binge drinking is increasing. The so-called feminists cheer this, for some inexplicable reason. Because drinking like a man is totally a feminist issue. You’re getting so drunk that you can barely remember who you are every weekend? You go girl! Own your right to have fun.

Of course, that idea is completely ridiculous. Telling women that it’s OK to match men drink for drink is idiotic and dangerous. Remember how our bodies actually aren’t exactly the same, even though femisogynists insist on living in a fairy-tale land where they are? Well, the truth is that women’s bodies metabolize alcohol differently than men do. We reach a higher blood alcohol level than men do by drinking the same amount, meaning we basically get drunker, faster. And this is actually not a good thing. It’s actually quite dangerous, no matter how much feminazis insist that college girls getting their party on like men is somehow empowering. But don’t ever, ever, ever point that out. Don’t you dare point out that getting sloppy drunk puts women in any kind of danger. Case in point: UK columnist Carole McGiffin, who is angry at the mere insinuation that alcohol could be dangerous for women.

A poster in Calderdale, West Yorks, portrays a dishevelled young woman, right, with the ­caption: ‘Night of the reckless drunk. You drink too much you lose ­control and put yourself at risk’.

Which is true.

You put yourself at risk of losing your possessions, your ­dignity, your way home, your friends and your mind. I know, I’ve done it.

But although the poster doesn’t ­mention it, the clear implication is that drunk women in short dresses are more at risk of sexual attacks.

Which is why anti-rape ­campaigners are unhappy about it.

Women in short dresses? Really? Let’s take a look at the poster in question:


Notice what you can’t see in the photo? The length of the woman’s dress. So how exactly is this making a statement about women in short dresses? A bottle of beer, however, is rather prominently featured. Short dress non-issue aside, though — McGiffin is still angry:

It’s tantamount to saying that if a woman is drunk and half-dressed then it’s her fault if she is raped. Which is a dangerous and irresponsible view.

It gives the perpetrator an excuse to discredit the woman if he’s charged.

It will also stop women who are raped while drunk from ­reporting it, ­because if everyone thinks she’s responsible there’s no chance of a conviction.

And it perpetuates the myth that the streets teem with rapists seeking easy prey and all men are potential predators. They are not.

Yes, women should be aware of danger at all times.

But if it means we should always be covered up and sober because we’re scared, we may as well walk around in burkas.

Because what that attitude also says is that if a woman isn’t covered up, men won’t be able to control themselves.

Unfortunately people think a drunken woman in a party dress is more at risk of ­attack than a sober one in a high-neck blouse.

Oh, that silly, silly feminazi. It can be hard to understand tough things like alcohol and its correlation to sexual assault, but let’s take it on, shall we?

Like it or not, drunk women are at an increased risk of being sexually assaulted. Are we supposed to somehow hide this from women because the femisogynists can’t seem to understand that pointing out high-risk behavior does not mean you’re actually blaming the person for whatever happens to them? Intravenous drug use puts a user at high risk for contracting AIDS, and we have no problem telling people that, because it doesn’t mean that someone who does drugs somehow deserves AIDS. It means that we’re telling people hey, you probably shouldn’t shoot up heroin so much, because it’s dangerous. Somehow, this rather simple concept is too complicated for feminazis to understand. Pointing out that binge drinking puts women at a higher risk for sexual assault is, to them, victim-blaming.

Consider Slate blogger Emily Yoffe. She wrote an excellent essay last year about the correlation between binge drinking and sexual assault. Yoffe pointed out several studies that found that women were far more likely to become victims of sexual assault after drinking. One study of campus sexual assault found that over 80% of sexual assault cases on college campuses involved alcohol. Over 80%. The other study, from the Department of Justice, pointed out that the belief that women are slipped date rape drugs persists — but it’s false. The study found that most sexual assaults happened after both the victim and the assailant had willingly consumed alcohol.

These are the facts. Drinking too much puts women at a higher risk of sexual assault. Does it mean that a woman who gets drunk deserves to be sexually assaulted? Absolutely not. The fault always, always lies with the scumbag who rapes or assaults the woman. But does that mean we should never warn women about the high-risk behavior they’re engaging in?

According to feminazis, yes. Consider the common-sense column that Emily Yoffe wrote, the one mentioned above. Feministing slammed Yoffe as a rape denialist, calling her column dangerous and claimed it was an example of victim-blaming. Yoffe’s fellow Slate blogger Amanda Hess also took issue with the column, as did the Jezebel harpies. Salon blogger Katie McDonough was another outraged feminazi, who whined about how women already have the entire world telling them what to do. (So binge drink if you want to, ladies! Girl power! Don’t let the man keep you down!) On and on the outrage went.

And now we have another example of a so-called feminist with her panties all in a twist because someone dared to point out the indisputable fact that binge drinking puts women at an increased risk of harm. Is it because drinking means women deserve to be raped? I’ll say it again: no, no, NO. It does, however, mean that women who binge drink will find themselves with impaired senses and will be less likely to defend themselves against an attacker. This is exactly what an assailant will be looking for, whether they’re planning on robbing you, raping you, abducting you, or worst of all, killing you. An assailant is often going to want someone who is easy to control, who won’t or can’t fight back. A woman so drunk she can barely stand is going to be much easier to overpower than a sober woman with all of her faculties about her. There are plenty of attackers who hang around bars for just this reason, to find a woman that’s drunk so he can take advantage of her. But we’re not supposed to point this out for some insane reason — because binge drinking is so awesome and empowering? Because pointing out the potential dangers of being severely intoxicated is anti-feminist for some reason? Why does binge drinking seem to have become some kind of feminazi sacred cow?

The femisogynists seem intent on telling women that they can binge drink just like men if they want to, that it’s empowering and totally fine and not to even worry about the sexual assault bogeyman that people like Yoffe keep trying to drag out of the closet. And you know what? Women absolutely can binge drink like men if they want to. A woman has every right to get as falling-down drunk as she wants to, and it does not make it OK for anyone to assault or attack her. But if we’re going to be cheering women on shot-for-shot, it’s only common sense to point out the potential danger women could be placing themselves in. There’s no misogyny in telling women to have fun, but for God’s sake, be smart and be careful while you do it. Encouraging women to throw caution to the wind because it’s somehow equalizing, or whatever ridiculous notion it is bouncing around in the feminazis’ heads, isn’t empowering or feminist at all. It’s dumb, and it’s dangerous. It’s not empowering to stick your head in the sand, ladies. It may be an uncomfortable truth, that there’s a disturbing correlation between alcohol and assault, but it is still the truth. So let’s stop hiding it, shall we?

Or do the so-called feminists think women are just too weak to handle it?

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  • Dana says:

    It’s simple: y’all have the right to be just as stupid as men!

  • DANEgerus says:

    The Feminist agenda was written by a 12 year old boy.

  • tim says:

    DANEgerus, I’m laughing so hard my ribs hurt.

  • Dana says:

    I am reminded of the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case, in which the victim was intoxicated to the point of being passed out. The assailants had stripped her, took pictures, and penetrated her vagina with their fingers. She didn’t say no or attempt to stop them because she was unconscious.

    Had she been conscious, she might have said no, or she might have resisted. We can’t know that, but there were no reports of any other girl at that party who didn’t get that incapacitated being raped.

    Drink-for-drink? The average weight for an American 20 and older is 195½ lb for males and 162¼ lb for females; males mass 20% more than females. That means that for every four ounces of alcohol an average woman consumes, the average male can consume five ounces and be no more intoxicated. That isn’t sexism; that is simple statistics.

    • GWB says:

      There’s still a lot of he-said/she-said in that Steubenville story, Dana. I’m not sure the full truth will ever out this side of Judgment Day.

      Besides the weight, there’s also a matter of a woman’s body (in aggregate, on average) metabolising alcohol more slowly, once you’ve accounted for weight.

      • Dana says:

        GWB (George W Bush? 🙂 ), in the Steubenville case, we have actual pictures, because the perps — and others — were dumb enough to take pictures and then share them on social media. The victim didn’t even remember what happened, but the evidence was right there.

        As for the two men convicted, I’d bet a case of Mountain Dew that they thought that they were just horsing around, never thought that it was actually rape, but what they thought doesn’t matter.

        • GWB says:

          Well, I had read some cogent arguments that not everything was it seemed in that case, but it’s been too long ago for me to burrow about for that. I’ll accept your points as made.

  • GWB says:

    A few points on the topic of your well-written pot, Cassy.
    First, this argumentation coming from the femisogynists (I love that word, btw) is very similar to the point that homosexuals have been making to support their normalization. Rather than talking about it as a behavioral issue, they make it one of identity. If you criticise the behavior, you must be telling them they are a bad person. And, since we don’t want to be found telling folks they are bad people, we cringe and wonder how that got turned around on us. The way to push back is to point out what they are doing.

    Second, because of the above point, almost all these screeds are essentially the author screeching “How dare you call me a slut!” Because of the identity issue, they take it as a personal insult. My answer to that is often, “Hey, if you want to make acting like a slut the core essence of your being, then who am I to deny you that? Slut.”

    Third, one of the reasons that “over 80% of sexual assault cases on college campuses involved alcohol” is because a great many of those involve morning-after regrets. One of the primary reasons binge-drinking is bad for anyone is because you never know who you will wake up with. That can be a bad thing or a very bad thing (maybe a good thing for the person whothinks “Wow! *She* came home with me?”), but regretting your choice the morning after is not something that should be put upon the other person – you chose to drink yourself stupid, they didn’t do anything wrong.

    Fourth, yes there are actual rapes and sexual assaults. And, yes, you hit the nail on the head: predators out there look for people in this condition. Men get rolled; women get raped.

    Fifth, rape has a fundamental legal problem: the very definition entails a he-said/she-said situation. And, no, a woman claiming rape does not automatically get an unimpeachable perch from which to accuse. That would be an injustice. If you want to have an unimpeachable accusation, then be with other people, stay sober, and don’t be a slut. (Heck, you might even say “Act like a lady.”) If you want to be torn apart on the witness stand (because your say-so is pretty much the only evidence it is rape/assault), then be a woman who goes home with anyone from the club, dresses in a way that says “oh yes, I’m willing”, drinks ’till she passes out, and can’t remember where her undies are in the morning.

    FYI, I support the death penalty for actual rape. It’s the theft of a woman’s soul. However, it must be accompanied by reform of the evidentiary standards involved, so that the biblical standard of “two witnesses” is upheld. And no, a rape kit showing trauma to a woman is not adequate witness to it being a rape. (I’ll just say that I know more about certain private practices than I used to, because of people I know. If you want that evidence to be one witness in your favor, then your private practices better be Lucy & Ricky sweet.)

    Anyway, excellent post, Cassy.

  • Merle says:

    I know two women who were raped and impregnated while drunk. One of them was my niece. She doesn’t drink any more, so…..


  • Jen says:

    The feminazi’s are as mentally ill as most other progressives. I belong to several equestrian lists and one had a discussion the other day regarding mares (female horses) and the limitations they have due to their biological processes and gender in taking them to horse shows/ training etc. I was stunned at several posters who immediately launched into the feminazi diatribe of how they are oppressed due to society’s bias against women, how women cannot be promoted, etc. This was projected onto the animals and purported to be equivalent, apparently mares have gotten unfair, unjust treatment due to their sex. They are oppressed due to male trainers.
    I kid you not….

  • ALman says:

    “I’m sick and tired of being defined by men! From what I wear, to what I drive, to the shape of my body, on and on and on! SICK OF IT!!! DO YOU HEAR ME??? SICK OF IT!!!”

    “What’ya goin’ to do?”

    “Drink like a man!!!”

  • Jennifer says:

    ^^^^ THIS!!!

  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    I’m sorry I’m inappropriate, but sometimes when I listen to or read about some crazed radical feminist spouting hate toward men with a white hot passion, I think “man, she needs a good roll in the hay with someone who loves her”. Because I mostly think they are very very lonely, scared, very-low-esteemed, damaged, Godless, lost souls who have taken up man-hating as a way to deflect what’s wrong with them.

    • GWB says:

      I don’t think it’s as inappropriate as some do, though it certainly wouldn’t be the primary answer they need – they need that true love, first… then maybe it can go a step further. I can state unequivocally, though, that loving someone who has deep-seated emotional issues like that does not solve their problem, no matter how good the love is. It can only solve it if they want it to be solved. 🙁

      Your visceral response does remind me of one of Robin Williams’ funniest lines ever. In Good Morning, Vietnam he (upon being told he’s being sent elsewhere) says to his boss: “You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history.” That man was bitter, too.

  • Bill says:

    First off, I will admit that I am a man. I feel the need to be forthcoming with this as I can see that this article is targeted towards women. That being said, I think it was an excellent article and good for you Cassy. The issue I take is that people think that this IS a feminist problem. The only mention to the contrary was ” Fourth, yes there are actual rapes and sexual assaults. And, yes, you hit the nail on the head: predators out there look for people in this condition. Men get rolled; women get raped.” from GWB. The truth is, this isnt and issue of can women be as stupid as me (of course they can) but why are any of these people binge drinking. Yes men are less likely to be raped whether they are drunk or not but BAD things still happen to men when they are stupid. A lot of times this is self inflicted. “Hey man, hold my beer.” This is redneck for “Call 911 and grab a camera”. So, although I support your stance about it being reckless and dangerous to try to match drink for drink with men and how it is not empowering, I equally admonish the men for setting the bar so high.

    This is the first I have read of your blog but I intend on reading more. I do like how you write and what you have to say.

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