What is So Feminist About Binge Drinking?

The modern feminazi motto could probably be summed up as, anything you can do, I can do better. We aren’t supposed to acknowledge that men and women are inherently different. Our brains are wired differently, our bodies are built differently — men and women are not the same. Yet the femisogynists seem to insist on making men and women exactly the same, if not on making women superior to men, right down to complaining that men commit suicide more often than women do.

One dangerous thing that feminazis are strangely intent on defending to the ground? Binge drinking. It’s common now for women, especially young women on college campuses, to binge drink just as much as men do. This is a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, the number of young men binge drinking is declining, while the number of young women binge drinking is increasing. The so-called feminists cheer this, for some inexplicable reason. Because drinking like a man is totally a feminist issue. You’re getting so drunk that you can barely remember who you are every weekend? You go girl! Own your right to have fun.

Of course, that idea is completely ridiculous. Telling women that it’s OK to match men drink for drink is idiotic and dangerous. Remember how our bodies actually aren’t exactly the same, even though femisogynists insist on living in a fairy-tale land where they are? Well, the truth is that women’s bodies metabolize alcohol differently than men do. We reach a higher blood alcohol level than men do by drinking the same amount, meaning we basically get drunker, faster. And this is actually not a good thing. It’s actually quite dangerous, no matter how much feminazis insist that college girls getting their party on like men is somehow empowering. But don’t ever, ever, ever point that out. Don’t you dare point out that getting sloppy drunk puts women in any kind of danger. Case in point: UK columnist Carole McGiffin, who is angry at the mere insinuation that alcohol could be dangerous for women.

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