Higher Education vs Crowder

Higher Education is a good thing if you are trying to obtain specialized training for a career. It is not however a good thing for being a barista or SJW. These whiny SJW’s are all about “triggering” and “safe spaces” and they can’t hear any contradictory words or see anything approaching common sense. A clarification before I begin to snark: speaking as a woman who could lose a few pounds I am not giving someone too much grief for being fat. This is about so much more.  From the Blaze, there is this 

Comedian Steven Crowder mercilessly tore into so-called “social justice warriors” when they disrupted his opening remarks within seconds of him taking the stage.

Acting like a fool is not empowerment, it is not debate nor is it something that works anywhere


Crowder was scheduled to “tell some jokes” and discuss free speech at the University of Massachusetts on Monday night alongside other speakers, including conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos and former philosophy professor Christina Marie Hoff Sommers. However, the comedian quickly ditched his prepared material to give his vocal critics a “reality check.”

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