Waukesha Massacre Suspect Has The Sads

Waukesha Massacre Suspect Has The Sads

Waukesha Massacre Suspect Has The Sads

The Waukesha massacre suspect, Darrell Brooks has the sads. A Fox News Digital team was able to interview him yesterday. Come to find out, Brooks feels bad.

Does he feel bad for the victims he killed? Does he feel bad for the injured who are trying to recover from the attack? Not one bit. 

The suspect who allegedly drove through a Wisconsin Christmas parade and killed six people said that he feels “demonized” during his first comments since the deadly event.

Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, spoke to Fox News Digital during a video visit in Waukesha County Jail on Wednesday.

“I just feel like I’m being monster-demonized,” Brooks said.

Oh, well. That’s just too damned bad. Let me get out the tiny violins for you. This is a guy who has a criminal record that is over FIFTY pages long. But we are supposed to feel bad for him because people are rightly angry about his actions? We are supposed to feel bad for him because his mom hasn’t come to visit him in jail? I. Don’t. Think. So.

He should be thrilled that his Mom finally issued a statement. Said statement, IMO, is going to lay the groundwork for claiming he’s mentally ill.

Darrell did not come from a bad family like many people have said. He came from a loving christian family and is the grandson of ministers. Darrell has suffered from mental health issues since he was very young. In those years he received counseling and was on medication. When he became an adult a decision was made that he no longer suffered from a mental illness. That decision left him with no insurance or financial means to pay for medication and when determind necessary counseling. Mental illness is not cheap to treat but what’s more important dollars spent on treatment and recouses or lives lost.


We are not making excuses but we believe what has happened is because he was not given the help and resources he needed. Institutions that are equipped and have trained staff is what was needed as well as resources in the communities where people who suffer with mental illness live.

Jail is not the answer, because they get released back in society sicker than what they were when they entered . We all see what a tragedy that can turn out to be.

Boy howdy. That statement sure does hit all the leftist talking points doesn’t it? Here’s the deal about this. Darrell Brooks is not a good guy. He has a record miles long, and a history of leftist/racist views.



If he was so dehumanized by all of this, he should be grateful that CNN has gone to bat for him multiple times over the last couple of weeks. Specifically when they pointed out that ‘some car did something.’

Back to the Waukesha suspect. While he was whining about dehumanization and being called a monster, did he once during the interview proclaim his innocence? No, he did not. Keep in mind that, in 2011 he tried to get out of paying child support…because he’d been in jail several times.

Darrell Brooks should NOT have been out on bail. As to WHY he was out on bail ($1,000 bond), we will never know. Why? Because, for some reason, the transcripts and audio of that hearing have disappeared.


Ever person involved in that specific court hearing needs to be questioned. There is NO reason that the transcript should’ve gone missing. Who erased those files and WHY?

There are six people who died that night, and sixty two people are recovering from injuries incurred by the attack. At the VERY least, every single one of their families is owed an explanation as to A. Why Darrell Brooks was freed on a measly $1,000 bail, and B. Why the transcript of that bail hearing was erased.

Darrell’s mother, in her letter complains that the mental health system is broken, so we should feel compassion for her family and then leave them alone. Where is the father in all of this? Where was Darrell’s father growing up? Not present, and when he was, he was a drunken abuser.

Yet we are supposed to feel sorry for Darrell Brooks and the choices he’s made as an adult? We are supposed to feel sorry for him that people consider him a monster for driving through a crowd, killing six people and injuring sixty two others? That’s a big fat NO from me.

People will blather on about how the “system” failed Darrell Brooks. Well, guess what? The “SYSTEM” that is the Waukesha courts, which were supposed to protect the innocent from criminals, FAILED the citizens of Waukesha. All because liberals have abandoned the bail system in favor of political correctness.

The blame and responsibility is theirs. As for Darrell Brooks? I have zero compassion for someone who is exhibiting no remorse for his actions.

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  • GWB says:

    he was not given the help and resources he needed
    Note the key word there: given. It’s not that he wasn’t offered the help (there are charities that would have helped) or that the help doesn’t exist. It is that they think the help should have come looking for him and offered itself for free to him.

    Now, I think we handle mental illness very poorly in this country. But that’s at least partly because people like this (if you’re really going to state his mental illness caused this, then you’re claiming he is criminally insane) should be locked away for the rest of their lives. PERIOD. No, they should not be let out once their ‘condition’ is “under control”, because letting them out of a supervised situation, I guarantee you (since you’re claiming they are criminally insane) they will not continue their treatment. Then we’re right back to criminally-crazy-dude-running-roughshod-through-society.

    If you really want him to get the help he needs, he needs to be locked away; that is, involuntarily committed to an institution. Since you didn’t do that, I’m going to turn right around and lay the blame back at your feet.

    (All above ‘you’s being rhetorical in nature, not directed at Nina.)

  • Cameron says:

    When a dog goes rabid, we put it down. This isn’t too different.

  • Karl Schweitzer says:

    Coming across this a few days late, via Instapundit

    One quibble to make is that the Waukesha courts did not fail their people, as he was released from a Milwaukee jail by MKE judges and the (apparently Soros funded) MKE DA. We elect DA in this state (WI) but when you have such poor options it doesn’t seem to matter (Chisolm is a big fan and early adopter of the diversion philosophy of criminal justice). Waukesha is the largest red county in the state and full of sane judges, so this poor soul should get the jail time he needs, though sadly one crime too late.

    This is also one of many examples that as the Democrat run cesspits of inner cites fall into ruin they crumble at the edges and people living there also see their lives and livelihoods damaged.

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