The Process IS the Punishment – January 6 committee moves to hold former DOJ official in contempt

The Process IS the Punishment – January 6 committee moves to hold former DOJ official in contempt

The Process IS the Punishment – January 6 committee moves to hold former DOJ official in contempt

I have to say, the Salem witch trials seems fairly tepid compared to the modern-day version of burning Donald J. Trump, and/or anyone strongly associated to him, at the stake.  At least the Salem witch trials only lasted a year and hanging is a fairly quick death, all things considered.  But from the moment Donald Trump took office, a mass hysteria has taken place in Washington D.C., largely aided and abetted by what we, on the right, like to call Mainstream Media.  Jeffrey Clark is the latest in a string of persecutions, ummm… prosecutions meant to destroy The Donald.  Former Department of Justice official, Jeffrey Clark, now rounds out an even dozen Trump associates harassed and figurately tortured for daring to support or defend Trump.  As reported by CNN, Wednesday night, the House select committee investigating the January 6 “mostly peaceful” protest at the Capital approved to hold Clark “in contempt of Congress for defying his subpoena by refusing to answer questions during a recent deposition and failing to hand over documents to the panel.” It is now clear that the process is the punishment.

In their attempt to ensure Trump cannot ever have a legitimate political place at the table, there has been a concerted and coordinated effort to dig up dirt on our former president.  From the pee pee hoax, to the Russian collusion hoax, the first impeachment, the second impeachment, to the current January 6th commission, the only thing they have convinced me of is that he must be the straightest arrow sitting in the Oval Office for DECADES!  Christ, no one has had a more public colonoscopy than DJT.  If there were any legit $#!& on that man he’d be in the clinker by now and we would all know every single sordid detail.  But there is no there there.  So the next best thing is to defame and demoralize anyone surrounding him in order to prove guilt by association.  It’s death by a thousand cuts.  The punishment for not selling your soul to the swamp is a public and expensive legal thrashing, one that Jeffrey Clark is now paying for the temerity of wanting to look into allegations of voter fraud.  Isn’t that the purview of the DOJ?  Asking for a friend.

But according to CNN, this wily little lawyer is using every legal trick in the book to avoid the possibility of a year in jail or a fine up to $100,000.   According to Bennie Thompson (D-Miss), the Committee Chairman and person with brand recognition of virtually zero, thinks playing defense is a crime.  Because 200 other kowtowed witnesses caved to mob, Clark is just being hostile to the process AKA punishment.  Go figure.

“Hours before the meeting was scheduled to take place, Thompson told CNN the new letter to the committee suggested Clark may invoke his Fifth Amendment right to not answer the committee’s questions.

The letter indicated a new strategy by Clark, who has gone to great lengths to avoid cooperating with the committee, including claiming that any information he’d be able to provide is protecting by either executive or attorney-client privilege.
Clark has not formally invoked the Fifth Amendment with his dealings with the committee, but Thompson said his actions indicated that was the direction he was headed. The chairman made it clear, however, it was not something that would prevent the committee from moving ahead with its plans to refer him for criminal contempt.”
I mean, let’s look to third-string MSNBC ass-hat “journalist” Chris Hayes (viewership of like 12 people on a GOOD night) just breathlessly recount the vote for contempt:

Look at the green screen behind him with a almost bloody red face of Donald Trump in the background with the BOLD “Lock ‘Em Up” editorial beneath.  There is no due process, the punishment is THIS!  The court of public opinion.  A defendant with any ties to Trump isn’t allowed to use the legal tools at his disposal.

The fact that Chris Hayes even gets to use the words “bipartisan committee” is laughable on its face.  Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger do not have any relationship with the GOP at this juncture.  The Wyoming GOP no longer even recognizes her!  She has literally been shunned by her own freaking state!  Kinzinger is just a snivelly little coward!

Dude, if a hallway full of geriatric trespassers with flip phones taking selfies is this terrifying, you really don’t have the stones to be in politics!  Other than Joe Biden and Jerry Nadler, no one needs a good pair of Depends more than Kinzinger!  At 43, he really should be potty trained by now.  Instead, he wets himself in fear and cries about the trauma.  I don’t know how a man this cowardly survived the Illinois political process, but thank God he has decided to take his toys and go home.  October 29th, he announced he won’t seek reelection to Congress in 2022.  He knows he’s a dead man walking.  In a way, his kamikaze dive from power was self-inflicted punishment, but it is punishment none-the-less of being a GOP traitor to Tump.

That said, I feel sorry for Jeffrey Clark, a rather unremarkable bureaucrat who no-one had ever heard of prior to January 6th.  He is just the latest victim to get caught in the tangled web of Trump association.  From Roger Stone to George Papadopoulos, to George Nader to Michael Flynn and others (some more guilty than others) ALL were ensnared by a corrupt internal swamp that refused to be ousted by Orange Man Bad.  If they couldn’t find any legitimate dirt on the man, they would devise a process of punishment for those around him that would instill fear if not outright betrayal.  History will prove this is the Salem witch trial of our time.   Nothing sounds more familiar than the following excerpt on that crazy year in Salem:

“The process of identifying witches began with suspicions or rumours. Accusations followed, often escalating to convictions and executions. The Salem witch trials and executions came about as the result of a combination of church politics, family feuds, and hysterical children, all of which unfolded in a vacuum of political authority.”

Featured Image: “Bennie Thompson” by Center for American Progress is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0, Cropped and Modified

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  • Jim in Idaho says:

    The wide spread effort to hide the truth about Jan 6 and the murder of Ashli Babbitt is all anyone needs to know about what really went on.

    Tucker Carlson produced a documentary that few people saw because it is concealed behind the Fox Nation paywall. Yet, liberals in corporate media and his own colleagues at Faux News came out whimpering in unison as soon as it aired.

    This week, producer Nick Searcy released his first hand investigative movie entitled “Capitol Punishment”. When it was revealed that it contained factual admissions from people who participated in false flag operations withing the demonstrations, it was taken down by YouTube immediately.

  • Cameron says:

    The very fact Pelosi had a voice in which Republicans were “allowed” to sit in this kangaroo court should have been enough warning. The GOP as a whole should have said “Run it without us but we’re going to fight you every step of the way.”

    However, this requires GOP members who have no fucks to give when the Democrats whine about how mean they are being.

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