Warren Tries Being An Advice Columnist

Warren Tries Being An Advice Columnist

Warren Tries Being An Advice Columnist

Elizabeth Warren must be seeing her poll numbers slip into the abyss with no hope of recovery. The momentum she once had died when she revealed that “I have a plan for that” means taking all your money.

Warren’s numbers began to tank when the details of her Medicare For All plan were revealed. They sounded much better in catchy soundbites than on paper. Her arrogance in dismissing economists who told her that her plan sucked just added to the Warren aura of condescension.

So, the next career step for the senator who thinks she knows everything? Advice columnist! Seriously. Elle Magazine decided it would be fun to have Elizabeth Warren show off her brilliance by solving people’s personal problems.

Oh my. There is so much cringe to be had in this video. Now, the first question that Warren answers in the video is the one that’s gaining the most attention, mostly because she paraphrased it when she (or her campaign) tweeted it out.

In the video, Warren tells the person who has been “ghosted” by a guy she was “casually dating” to “let him go; you’re better than that.” Except that’s not what she said in the tweet.

While this one is easy to mock, the most egregious ones are the questions about student loans, abortion, and talking about politics. Warren’s answer is essentially the same for all of these: “volunteer for my campaign, donate to my campaign, support my campaign, and I WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS. I will pay off your loans, make sure you can have abortion on demand, and you will never have to be civil to a Republican ever again!”

Warren comes off in this video as the overeager, trying-too-hard-to-be-hip grandma. The kind that offers you a beer when you’re underage to prove that she’s “cool,” but then expects all the details of your personal life in return. Raise your hand if you really wanted to discuss getting an IUD with Grandma just because she is offering to pay for your college tutition with tax money.

Warren might have a plan for you, but she has no plan for her campaign.

Remember Kamala Harris desperately trying for those “viral moments” that would make her look cool, and gain her some traction on Twitter? She got a taste of it once, during the first debate. Harris was never able to replicate that moment again – mostly because she was a terrible, flip-flopping candidate who kept getting tangled up in the web of her own making. Warren is caught in that desire for social media “viral fame,” as you can tell every time she talks about her “thousands of selfies.” As if a “selfie” is the end goal of a campaign, and not votes. (Newsflash, Lizzie – those aren’t “selfies” if someone else is taking the picture.)

Warren seems to be permanently stuck in third place by default, as the nomination race gets tighter between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. However, if the impeachment circus continues to play out, Warren – along with Bernie, Klobuchar, and “Spartacus” Booker – are going to be in big trouble because they will have to leave the campaign trail to be a juror in the impeachment trial – and they seem to be realizing it just now. The Biden team must be laughing their heads off today.

Does Warren have a plan for that???

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    The pre-campaign silly season is almost over, and the media game of build-em-up-to-tear-them-down is almost over.
    Liz was always just another placeholder, a prop to make the Dem race more interesting.
    I suspect that when the real voting starts, she’ll be dropping like a rock, and dropping out shortly after NH.

  • Lance says:

    The difference between Warren and Harris is Harris is eminently bangable as opposed to the flat-chested, mean-faced, clipped hair screechy Hillary 2.0

    I wonder if she’s aware of this? She will need men to vote for her. And there simply aren’t enough soibois.

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