Viral Stupidity: Get The Toilet Paper, Trump Is Still “Hitler”

Viral Stupidity: Get The Toilet Paper, Trump Is Still “Hitler”

Viral Stupidity: Get The Toilet Paper, Trump Is Still “Hitler”

It’s bad enough Costco is running out of toilet paper and the media has worked viewers into a frenzy. It’s not that I don’t take the COVID-19 outbreak seriously, it’s just that while there is a legitimate virus, there’s only so much viral stupidity we can stand. Case in point, on Sunday afternoon, I made the mistake of going to Costco.

I had the stomach flu this past weekend. On that same Sunday I braved Costco, I was getting frantic messages from one of my (liberal) friends about how I live in Washington State and I should get “swabbed”. While do I appreciate the concern, this was the same person who would report the news to me about the war casualties in Iraq while my husband was there (and I intentionally avoided the news to keep my sanity).

More viral stupidity came late Tuesday night via Twitter from a Brit named Mike P. Williams. It went something like this. Stephanie Grisham Tweeted about President Trump signing his 2019 Q4 salary over to help aid the fight agains the coronavirus:

Enter Mr. Williams:

That’s funny. Let’s flash back to 2009, shall we? You know, when H1N1 (The Swine Flu) was the epidemic of concern? My niece had it and I’m convinced my son, who was only four years-old at the time, had it as well. I was worried sick for about three days during which he spiked fevers over 102. This viral outbreak was declared a public emergency by “the most wonderful President in the world“, Barack Obama, only after 6 months and 1,000 people in the United States died from its complications. I don’t recall Obama signing over his quarterly paycheck to aid in the efforts of containing the outbreak. “Wash your hands”, he said. One minute and 20-some-odd seconds to talk to the American people about this pandemic and good-to-go. Back to golf he went.

But that “nazi”, Donald Trump? You know what he did? He signed over his 2019 Q4 Presidential salary-like the fuhrer that he is. Barack did sound off yesterday with his two cents (if that):

Yep. Wash your hands, part deux. Hey Barack…how much did you and Michelle profit on those book deals again? Wouldn’t want to throw six figures at helping cure a deadly disease, would you two? Nah. That would make you too much like the bad, Orange Man. He had the colossal nerve to donate his salary to the fight in curbing COVID-19 in our country. So, uh, nazi-like.

Liberals worldwide are lending to the viral hysteria and stupidity and are not “following the science”, as their long-lost former POTUS, whom they still long for from days of yore, suggests. So, let’s follow the science of COVID-19. The disease originated in the sub-provincial (Communist municipality) of Wuhan, China. COVID-19 is now impacting other large cities here in the U.S. Let’s follow the science in King and Snohomish counties outside of Seattle, for example. Out of concern for the homeless population in the surrounding areas, King county has now picked Seattle’s White Center to be a site for quarantine trailers.

Dozens of infected patients could eventually be quarantined there, and some could be moved in as early as this week.

“They’re working as fast as they can,” said Barbara Ramey with the county department, “This is moving at lightning speed.”

The run-down county-owned lot could soon house dozens of coronavirus patients requiring quarantine.

“This is really government working for you,” said Ramey.-Q13, Fox Seattle

Doesn’t that just give you a warm-fuzzy? Government working for the citizens of Seattle. Except for those (uninfected members of the population) who were taken by surprise that these units would be installed close to their homes. These haphazardly put-together trailers will have two beds but currently do not have any water or sewer and quarantined residents will use portable restroom units on site. Hmm. What could possibly go wrong there? Drug-addicts will gladly obey the rules and stay in their places of quarantine. And, of course, they’ll wash their hands just like they use clean needles. Scientifically, this is a no-brainer, right?

To sum things up, stupidity is viral and rampant and contagious. We have a disease that originated from a Communist country that has a government-controlled healthcare system and yet some of our citizens are still thinking this is a good idea? We have presidential hopefuls selling this type of government control in the name of “liberalism” and utopia people are buying in to it. Meanwhile, we have our liberal city governments making decisions, claiming they’re “working for the citizens” to contain an outbreak when they should have contained the first health epidemic that riddled our cities (drug addiction amongst the homeless) long before COVID-19 even entered the scene. And no, I still have not been “swabbed”. And yes, Trump is still “Hitler”. But hey, at least liberals will be able to wipe their asses because it’s really starting to stink in here.

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  • GWB says:

    It’s bad enough Costco is running out of toilet paper and the media has worked viewers into a frenzy.
    I passed along Johns Hopkins info on the seriousness of COVID-19 compared to the regular flu to someone online the other day. They basically said “We should panic because Trump is such a LIAR!” (Caps in the original.) Then, after running ’round the mulberry bush several times about all of Trump’s crimes and horrors, they said to me, “You started it!”
    Trump has broken these people.

    And why is there a run on TP? Symptoms of COVID-19 don’t include diarrhea. And TP isn’t made in China (the trees for it come from Canada).

    There are days I wish I were Noah……………

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