#Veritas: O’Keefe Vid Shows Dem Pollster Celinda Lake Encouraging Unions to Lie to Voters [VIDEO]

#Veritas: O’Keefe Vid Shows Dem Pollster Celinda Lake Encouraging Unions to Lie to Voters [VIDEO]

#Veritas: O’Keefe Vid Shows Dem Pollster Celinda Lake Encouraging Unions to Lie to Voters [VIDEO]
Project Veritas' James O'Keefe, narrating his Hillary Clinton undercover video series. (Photo Credit: Screen Shot)
Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe: Helping to drain the swamp. (Photo Credit: Screen Shot)

It’s no secret that James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, no less than five state FBI field offices investigating the Clinton Foundation, and now a re-opened FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server is vexing the planned coronation of Queen Hillary. In case you missed it, yesterday O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released yet another short video. And it’s just as egregious as its predecessors. Watch:

Yep. You heard right: “One of the Democratic Party’s leading political pollsters,” Celinda Lake, encouraging unions to lie to us. One need only take a quick glance at her Twitter feed to get a sense of the debunked nonsense she spreads, kind of like Carlos Danger on a weekend bender:

…in response to this tripe:

Yeah, I’d say lying to voters is right up there.

It seems Hillary Clinton—whom unionists adore—is not alone in the Fibbing Department, nor is she the only corruptocrat willing to do anything to achieve ultimate authority over you and I, including lying to unsuspecting voters about the true positions of Democratic candidates. And we don’t have to look far for other examples of deceitful Democrats: following in the footsteps of the former DNC chairman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the reigning DNC figurehead has also been proven a less-than-honest representative of the party she so faithfully serves. After feigning persecution…


It’s MEGYN!…following Megyn Kelly confronting Brazile about providing Hillary Clinton with a debate question ahead of time—that’s called cheating—we now have evidence that Donna Brazile passed Clinton at least two questions prior to her debate performances (pun intended). As a result, Brazile’s now forfeited her comfy relationship with CNN:

I bet they’re uncomfortable, given the cozy-bedfellows relationship most of the media has with the Clinton Camp. Brazile is now the third Veritas Video Star to be booted from a former job. The swamp is indeed draining, one political hack at a time.

From their willingness to commit voter fraud, to harming their fellow Americans via astroturfed Trump Rally protests, to misleading the electorate, to cheating on debate questions, the Democrat Party, and anyone intimately involved with it—thanks to Project Veritas, WikiLeaks, and reportedly an army of teed-off staffers over at James Comey’s FBI—have shown us what they really are, and the lengths to which they’re willing to go to achieve unrestrained power. And when they tell us they’re corrupt liars with no respect for those for whom they serve, we should take them at their word and vote accordingly.

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