Uranium One: Media Scrambles To Protect Obama, Hillary And Russia Trump Narrative! [VIDEO]

Uranium One: Media Scrambles To Protect Obama, Hillary And Russia Trump Narrative! [VIDEO]

Uranium One: Media Scrambles To Protect Obama, Hillary And Russia Trump Narrative! [VIDEO]

Just the other day The Hill broke a major story about Russian collusion and bribery. I wrote about it here. Quite a few blogs such as Powerline, National Review, Daily Caller, Daily Wire, Ace of Spades, along with just a very few media outlets such as the NY Post picked it up. However, tellingly, The Hill never posted it on their FB page. Twitter didn’t even deem it worthy to be trending. Gee, I wonder why?

Let’s take a look at who the key players are in this Uranium One Russia bribery story.

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Barack Obama was so anxious to “reset” Russian relations that his Administration made sure this entire investigation was buried under the rug. So much so that key Congressional intelligence officials were never notified.

Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder:

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) curiously — and unanimously — approved the sale of part of Uranium One, a Canadian-based company with uranium interests in the U.S., to Rosatom, a Russian state holding company.


The CFIUS that approved the Rosatom deal had two key members: Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who in a clear conflict of interest materially benefited from the deal, and Attorney General Eric Holder, the man responsible for slow-walking the investigation into Russian nuclear racketeering.

In other words, the Obama Administration from Barack to Hillary to Eric Holder KNEW and sold out America anyway. 

Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Global Initiative benefited as well. During the length of the investigation, 2009-2013, the Clinton cabal raked in $2.35 million from key Russian figures including Uranium One’s chairman, but not a single one of those donations were disclosed during the uranium sales or the investigation. Not a single one. But hey! Nothing to see here, move along, you deplorable right wingers, you.

The top tier leads on this Russian bribery/collusion investigation were Eric Holder, Robert Mueller—who was FBI director at the time and is currently the Special Prosecutor for the current Russia! Trump! Bad! investigation—and James Comey. As others have pointed out, Mueller REALLY needs to recuse himself from the current investigation and this explains a great deal as to why Comey let Hillary off the hook regarding her emails.

Here’s the thing. The players in this very real and very corrupt mess don’t fit the media narrative of RUSSIA! BOTS! TRUMP! STOLEELECTIONFROMHILLARY!

But now we are seeing more reports in the media (sort of) and Uranium One started trending on Twitter. FOUR days after the story broke. Why? This explains it in part.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched a probe into a Russian nuclear bribery case, demanding several federal agencies disclose whether they knew the FBI had uncovered the corruption before the Obama administration in 2010 approved a controversial uranium deal with Moscow.

Furthermore, Grassley also sent a letter to Victoria Toensing requesting that her client testify as to his involvement as an informant and his knowledge of the kickbacks, bribes, and the FBI investigation. This is the same client who was ordered to stay silent on the case by the FBI and the DOJ!

Then there is this from President Trump:

He is correct. The media absolutely did NOT want to report on it at all.

This from Sharyl Attkisson:

It’s well worth your time to read these reports from Circa about the depth of the investigation and the threats against a key informant in the case.

Meanwhile, the media tap dances, the key players in this slime of corruption are merrily wandering around free, and Russia is laughing at Congress and the media for focusing on social media troll bots instead of our national security. 

Having betrayed American national security in the Rosatom deal, the Clintons and their allies are busy accusing President Trump and his associates of their own crimes. They were the ones who took bribes. They were the ones who subverted the Justice Department to protect their Russian ties. They engaged in obstruction of justice to the extent of threatening a witness with criminal charges if he spoke out.

That, folks, is the REAL story of Russian bribery and collusion.

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  • Scott says:

    Yeah, this is my surprised face… that it happened under obummer, that the clintons are involved, that the media won’t cover it, and that the idiot libtards will ignore it, or just yell “but Trump” louder…The left has no morals, no shame, and no brain…

    • Nina says:


      Not surprising that they’d scramble to cover it up. It totally destroys their narrative and their credibility.

      Your last sentence. NAILED IT!

  • Skillyboo says:

    For years we’ve read over and over stories about corruption,bribery, high crimes and other assorted potentially illegal activities. We then think how can the DoJ ignore this only to witness another ho hum nothing to see here move along. So, once again, I am not expecting anything from this.

  • Johnny says:

    Tucker Carlson is way too accommodating.
    When the talking head continues to blather on with talking points and bulldozes over his questions, he should call her on it:

    “i’m going to ask you a question, and if what comes out of your mouth does not address that question, this interview is over and I will find someone else to interview.” Period.

    Again, why do we let these people control the narrative?

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