Twitter Allows Chinese Propaganda to Remain

Twitter Allows Chinese Propaganda to Remain

Twitter Allows Chinese Propaganda to Remain

Twitter permanently suspended President Trump from its platform. It also banned the New York Post in October for posting a scandalous story about Joe Biden’s n’er-do-well son Hunter, although it eventually backed down. The NYP can tweet once again. But Chinese propaganda? No problem!

The Chinese Communist Party recently tweeted that all the accounts about forced labor camps are bogus. Everyone is happy in Xinjiang because the government loves the Uighur Muslims!

As for those horror stories — well, according to Hua Chunying, spokesman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “forced labor is the biggest lie of the century.”

“Forced labor” is the biggest lie of the century aimed to restrict and suppress the relevant Chinese authorities and companies and contain China’s development.”

And just who is telling those lies? Why, the United States, of course!

“The #US both creates lies and takes egregious actions based on its lies to violate intl trade rules and principles of market economy, undermine global industrial and value chains, and damage the interests of companies and consumers all over the world including those in the US.”

What’s more, a Twitter spokesman told Fox News on Thursday that China’s outright lies do not violate the platform rules, either.

Never mind that the Associated Press conducted an investigation and found that not only have the CCP thrown Uighurs into prison camps, they’ve forced abortion and sterilization on Uighur women. In 2019, the BBC reported on China’s re-education camps, comparing them to the Nazi ghetto of Theresienstadt which purported to show a “model” Jewish settlement.

Twitter; therisienstadt

Theresienstadt, or Terezìn, in the Czech Republic today. Tjflex2/flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. 

The BBC’s John Sudworth wrote in his report:

“We were being taken into places that appeared to have been carefully spruced up—with satellite images revealing that much of the security infrastructure had recently been removed.”

Even liberal BuzzFeed exposed how Communist China has built an extensive network of camps to imprison Uighur Muslims.

Moreover, a Chinese official angered Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in November after he tweeted a picture accusing the military of atrocities. The shocking image supposedly showed an Aussie soldier butchering an Afghani child. The picture, however, was fake, even though the Chinese artist has no regrets. In fact, he said, he would do it again.

“If I have energy tonight, I can make another artwork as my response.”

But the Prime Minster wasn’t the only official to protest the image. Sen. Marco Rubio also called out Twitter for permitting it.

So what has Twitter done with that image since then?

A quick check shows that not only does the official, Lijian Zhao, still have the image at his Twitter account, he also uses it as a pinned tweet atop his feed.

Hold on, doesn’t the sanctimonious Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, see himself as an arbiter of social media truth? Well, that’s what he wants you to think. After all, Twitter just suspended over 70,000 accounts which they claimed have dabbled in QAnon or other conspiracies.

But the ChiComs are still able to tweet lies about their evident human rights violations. They have continued to lie about COVID, too, and spread the conspiracy theory that the U.S. Army started the pandemic.

Twitter, like American mainstream media outlets, is shamefully in China’s pocket. As for Jack Dorsey, by his refusal to remove outrageous Chinese propaganda denying human rights atrocities, he has become a 21st century Walter Duranty.


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Featured image: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library/flickr/cropped and modified/CC BY 2.0. 

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