BLM Activist Charged For Being At Capitol Riot

BLM Activist Charged For Being At Capitol Riot

BLM Activist Charged For Being At Capitol Riot

Oh, look at that. It seems a Black Lives Matter activist has been arrested for being at the Capitol Building during the riot.

Now, this is not to say that the vast, overwhelming majority of people were not motivated by other groups like QAnon or whatever other belief made them think that actually breaking into the Capitol was a smart thing to do. But the presence of a known BLM organizer/participant at the riot sure does lend a different perspective, doesn’t it? Meet John Sullivan, who the media likes to call a “Utah activist” and claimed that he was at the riot to “document” what was happening, but there is much, much more to this story.

Sullivan, 26, was charged in federal court with:

– One count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority
– One count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds
– One count of interfering with law enforcement engaged in the lawful performance of their official duties incident to and during the commission of civil disorder
The arrest document states Sullivan can be seen outside the Capitol building using a microphone as he told the crowd “we about to burn this s___ down,” “we got to rip Trump out of office… f_______ pull him out of that shit… we ain’t waiting until the next election… we about to go get that m__________.”

While in the Capitol, Sullivan was wearing a ballistics vest and gas mask.”

Andy Ngo (who Antifa has been trying to attack and cancel and now silence) also dug up an interesting fact about the BLM activist who apparently just can’t turn down a riot, no matter who is throwing it. John Sullivan has quite a media footprint. He starred in an Uber commercial that gave quite a glowing account of his personal life and motivations.

And then things got really interesting. You see, Sullivan not only got inside the Capitol Building during the riot, he did so with a special friend. Jade Sacker is a “documentary filmmaker” who apparently has been following Sullivan around for some reason – to watch him rioting in different locations as his groupie? – so when he walked into the Capitol, she followed him, squeeing all the way about it. And then Anderson Cooper gave them both a platform by having Sullivan and Sacker on his show, not even bothering to ask how they got in. It was just magic, apparently.

Sacker has been called a “CNN reporter” by some on Twitter, but it does not appear (as of yet) that she is actually a CNN employee. She looks more like an opportunist who hitched her wagon to Sullivan’s because she believed he would get her some good footage. Well, he may have also gotten her a federal trespassing charge. There’s no denying that Sacker was an unauthorized entrant during the riot; she was seen on camera, and then sat for the interview with Anderson Cooper alongside Sullivan.

And by his own admission, and via camera footage, Sullivan and Sacker were close enough to see Ashli Babbitt get shot.

There is just no reasonable way that Sacker does not also get charged for being inside the building – unless she can prove press credentials that Sullivan does not have. Which would then be a whole different can of worms. A simple search turns up photo credits for Sacker from sites like NPR and Foreign Policy. Clearly, she has ties in media – but will they keep her from federal charges? And how awkward will it look if the BLM activist is charged, but the blond freelance photojournalist is not? Hey, I didn’t make these rules, I’m just pointing out what will be said.

Sullivan is undoubtedly in more trouble than he ever has been before, and those on the left are anxious to disassociate him from the BLM movement. But that’s not how this works. If Sullivan says he is part of BLM and founded his own associated group, then who are we to tell him he’s not? It doesn’t matter if he just wants to watch the world burn – he got caught this time, and his motivations for being at the Capitol that day are fair game, just as they are for any other person facing charges.

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  • Matthew_w says:

    No. He was arrested because he participated in the riot

  • Aussie Supporter says:

    So i expect he will be given a very senior role in the Biden/Harris administration or at least be offered to be next FBI chief?
    Maybe a Nobel peace prize followed up by Times Person of the Year?

    Or maybe even a Public National Holiday named after him?

    Ohh, you think i am kidding? Just watch.

    Next Fox News talking head? or C.N.N ?

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