Tulsi Gabbard Issues Blistering Smackdown Of Democrat “Elite Cabal”

Tulsi Gabbard Issues Blistering Smackdown Of Democrat “Elite Cabal”

Tulsi Gabbard Issues Blistering Smackdown Of Democrat “Elite Cabal”

The Democrat “elite cabal” was put on notice by Tulsi Gabbard. She dropped a video announcing she was leaving the Democrat Party and left scorched earth in her wake.



It’s been evident for years that Tulsi marches to her own drummer and has long been disenchanted with the party machine of the Democrats. Many times she’s turned heads with both her commentary, her pushback against the supposed party norms, and smackdowns of other party members. Notable was the fact that it was her responses in a key debate that soon led to Kamala’s hasty exit from the 2020 Presidential Race. Too bad for the country that the Democrat Party decided Kamala ‘word salad’ Harris was a viable candidate for Vice President. 

What’s interesting about Tulsi’s leveling the Democrat Party into the ground is the whining that is going on, and the radio silence on some of the media’s part. As of this writing, the Washington Post has YET to print a story about this. 

Other media is responding as if this isn’t any big deal, which kind of proves her point. They are all in for the current Democrat Party that is laying waste to this Republic. The woke agendas, the throwing money at everything as a fix, demonizing law enforcement, promoting open borders, the weaponizing of the FBI and the DOJ, having the State Department now promoting “gender transition”, and the woke agendas that are decimating our military readiness…all are hallmarks of the current Democrat Party. 

Moderate, even old school Democrats – such as family members of mine – are so disenchanted with the Democrats of today that they are either not voting, voting Independent, or voting Republican. 

She’s correct in pointing out that the Biden Administration is NOT working for America. 

Over the weekend she slammed the Biden administration for not caring “about the American people.”
“Permanent Washington loots us to serve the interests of the arms-manufacturing global oligarchy while we struggle to pay for gas/food/rent and our soldiers go on food stamps,” the former congresswoman tweeted.

Tulsi isn’t the only one, as I pointed out, who is realizing the Democrat Party is no longer the party of the working man as they’ve touted themselves for so long.

NEWT GINGRICH: I think Tulsi is somebody who has always spoken her own mind. She’s always been sort of an independent maverick. And I think when she ran for president, she realized how really isolated she was from the great majority of the Democratic Party, which is now, frankly, a pretty weird party. We saw the same thing happen in a slightly different way in Philadelphia last week, where the former deputy mayor, a Democrat, endorsed Dr. Oz for the U.S. Senate and said that John Fetterman is just so crazy on crime and so pro-criminal, he couldn’t be for him. So I think you’re seeing this drift, and we’ve certainly seen among Latinos a huge drift towards the Republican Party as they’re driven away by the weirder policies of the Democratic Party.

They are the party of government by elites and the party of intimidation and harassment. They are the party of elites who cheered the shutting down of the country in response to a virus that is impactful to the elderly and those with comorbidities. They are the party who would won’t allow disagreements or criticism, constructive or otherwise. 

“We have too many people in positions of power whose foremost responsibility is to protect our freedoms and uphold our God-given rights, and yet they are the ones who are actually trying to take these rights away from us,” Gabbard said in those remarks. “This is the biggest threat to our country. It is not coming from some foreign country — it is coming from power elites here at home and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media and the security state who are working to undermine our freedoms.”

What will Tulsi do next? Who knows.

The key thing to remember here is that she laid bare the many disturbing issues and fallacies that make up today’s woke, virulent Democrat Party. 

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  • American Human says:

    Two things:

    1 – No one cares
    2 – No one will notice

    I’ll be impressed when she supports the conservative cause. Right now she’s a party of one.

    • Cameron says:

      She’s still a gun grabber. Time will tell if she changes her approach.

      • Scott says:

        “We have too many people in positions of power whose foremost responsibility is to protect our freedoms and uphold our God-given rights, and yet they are the ones who are actually trying to take these rights away from us,”..
        And as Cameron pointed out above, when it comes to 2A, she’s one of the people she’s talking about..
        Good on her for burning down the dems, and telling the truth about them, but still don’t trust her as far as I can throw her.

    • Nina Bookout says:

      In response, notice that it wasn’t the fact that she “might” support a conservative cause that got our attention. Nor is it the issue of her problematic stance on the 2nd Amendment.

      It is the fact that she ripped aside the curtain and went scorched earth on the party she was heavily invested in. That is noteworthy.

      Furthermore, I don’t believe she will be a Republican. Color me shocked if she does. What is NOTEWOIRTHY is that she was willing to burn bridges and the Democrats are scrambling to make sure everyone ignores it

  • GWB says:

    That threat to our country? It isn’t the elites.
    It’s the voters who have stopped believing in and supporting our Republic. They’re the ones voting these folks into positions of power and encouraging the growth of the technocracy. They’re the ones who won’t go even an inch out of their way to find the truth on matters or to find out if the “experts” are lying to them or not.

  • Pyrthroes says:

    Over generations, Gramsci’s collusive coup d’oeuvre (“artful subversion over time”) implanted Deep State mores. “Inverse selection” of virtual saboteurs subjected the U.S. and other economies to crippling debt, onerous inflation, ruinous costs-and-taxes.

    Gutting Main Street over decades, crony elites have blighted personal incentive, stifled innovation; squandered resources; condemned polities to dependency, poverty, under collectivist/Statist despotism.

    Whatever Gabbard’s bona fides, her original Rat complicity with this self-destructive, Hate America objective discredits any present claims.

  • Taylor says:

    Don’t be so enamored with Tulsi Gabbard, even though she is right on a lot of things she was a Bernie supporter in 2016 and endorsed the Drooling Idiot who currently resides in the White House . She also is an apologist for Assad in Syria, Putin in Russia, Maduro in Venezuela, and the monstrous regime in Tehran. Her constant refrain of “war mongers” makes her sound like a Junior at Oberlin or Wellesly College. She also is an open borders person.

    • GWB says:

      It does say something, however, when the crazy person in the room sounds like the sane one.
      And that’s how Tulsi always strikes me.

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