Tuesday’s Dem Debate: Questions the CNN Mods Should Raise

Tuesday’s Dem Debate: Questions the CNN Mods Should Raise

Tuesday’s Dem Debate: Questions the CNN Mods Should Raise

Tonight’s Dem debate will air on CNN. Yes, that CNN, the CNN that Project Veritas just exposed for intentionally pushing the impeachment narrative:

So we can expect the debate to be everything imaginable and then some.

To prepare, an attorney-slash-CNN contributor has some super-weighty questions she’s convinced is the job of the executive branch. Try not to spew hot coffee all over your screen while you read them here (also: all women think alike, doncha know). Meanwhile, NPR has some decent commentary here, and worth a read. Which spurred me to muse on a few issues I think are of importance in the Dem Debate, some of which might come up, but likely skewed in such a way as to make the twelve candidates who’ll appear in tonight’s debate look…well, not insane.

In no particular order, they are:

After a warning from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party not to hammer their girl, will Mayor Pete Buttigieg criticize Elizabeth Warren, the race’s new co-frontrunner, regarding her anti-PAC fundraising stance?

‘A Presidential nominee is not just responsible for fundraising for his/her campaign. They are the de-facto head of the Democratic Party and for all 50 State Parties. The Democratic Party cannot raise the money they need without the candidate doing every [sic] he/she can,’ he continued.”

Not to mention her on-going feud with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook?

Facebook fired back at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) over the weekend after her presidential campaign circulated a demonstrably false political ad to push its narrative that the social media platform has allowed President Donald Trump to spread misinformation about former Vice President Joe Biden.”

What? Fauxcahontas makes stuff up? Who-da thunk it?

Maybe I’m mistaken, but methinks Mayor Pete (who’s an expert panderer) hasn’t got the cajones to take on Miss High Cheekbones.

Will Biden be asked during the Dem debate to explain his son’s financial windfalls via Ukraine and China? And will there be follow-up questions on why Hunter Biden has resigned his seat on a Chinese-backed private equity company’s board of directors? Now while this seems unlikely, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mods, and his fellow candidates, go after him here. He’s a wounded animal; they know it; and they’re likely concerned about his ability to win next year should he be the nominee. Oh…hello there, impending release of the FISA abuse investigation.

Will Tulsi Gabbard expose the DNC as the Democrat primary-rigging organization that it is? She threatened to boycott this debate, but instead is participating. She’s quite obviously the Donald Trump-like candidate of the DNC: she’s an independent thinker, and not afraid to call out corruption when she sees it. But will she tonight? Here’s hoping she does. And calls out Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy while she’s at it.

Will Bernie Sanders feel the burn about his health? When will Sanders realize that his campaign is over and retire to one of his three homes? And if it comes up, will the questions be as brutal an inquiry as that experienced by the current president (whose health is apparently just fine)? More importantly: Will Lizzie Warren be over on the sidelines, distracting the audience by deadlifting Spartacus?

Will Sanders try to convince the progressives in the audience that Warren is a capitalist and that he’s the only true “Democratic Socialist” of the bunch (that’s Sanders-speak for bread-line loving communist)? Hint: she’s not; she’s just your average big government liberal, with an unimpressive origin story she then fictionalized, who wants to increase your taxes and take control of the entire economy. See the Green New Deal she’s bear-hugging. Decidedly NOT capitalist.

Will the Dem debate mods press Warren on whether her “Medicare For All” proposal will raise taxes on the middle class? The only honest answer: of course it will; there are only so many “rich” to tax before you’ve confiscated all their wealth, and then you’re left with the only available revenue stream—the middle class—where there are far more taxpayers to hose. The fact that Warren has repeatedly dodged this question IS HER ANSWER.

Will there be a collective “raise your hands if ” moment on impeachment? Anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty knows this “inquiry” is bogus and a direct threat to our constitutional republic and the method by which we elect our presidents, and the serious, and rare, method by which we remove them from office. So anyone who dares raise their hand to that question is immediately disqualified for the office of the presidency in my view. We can already cross off most of the candidates who’ll be on the stage tonight. And for some of them, can you say, “Conflict of interest?”

And speaking of impeachment: Will the mods bother to ask the candidates about Mr. Schiff-ty‘s newest stance: that quid pro quo is no longer a necessary element in the Ukraine phone call “scandal” in order to move forward with their unofficial “official” impeachment inquiry? (Ahem: because, after gobs of closed-door testimony, Schiff’s dropping of this aspect is a tacit admission that there was none.) I bet I know the answer.

The news dominating the airwaves, aside from impeachment 24/7, is the Turkey-Syria conflict. Will the mods ask the candidates what they’d have done were they Commander-in-Chief? Their answers would provide insight into what kind of president they’d be: unaccountable warmonger (remember: Obama/Biden and Clinton created this mess, without the approval of Congress), or constitutionalist? I’m betting I know which of them—and there are likely ONLY two—might be the latter.

And finally:

And on that one, they’d be stumped.

So there you have it; questions and issues that likely won’t be asked of the Democratic candidates, at least not in the form that objective journalists interested in the truth and thoroughly vetting candidates should ask them.

After all, THIS is CNN.


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