Hunter Dumps Cold Water On Dad’s Story

Hunter Dumps Cold Water On Dad’s Story

Hunter Dumps Cold Water On Dad’s Story

Whoever in the Biden campaign thought that letting Hunter Biden give an interview to ABC News should be fired.

From a tactical standpoint, this is a blunder of epic proportions. Not only is Hunter basically admitting that without Daddy’s name and connections, he’s nothing, but this is airing the morning of the next major Democrat primary debate. And Joe Biden is quickly losing ground to Elizabeth Warren. No wonder ol’ Joe’s campaign tried to get ahead of this curve and DEMAND that the other campaigns stay away from poor Hunter.
Yet again proving that Hunter can’t make it through life without Daddy trying to fix something for him.

So Hunter might have been trying to do a solid for Joe, or the campaign thought that getting ahead of the story by putting Hunter out there would be a good idea. Silly Biden campaign, the fix is in for Warren. They made the decision to sacrifice the Biden campaign on the altar of impeachment a while ago. So of course while the interview was conducted over the weekend, of COURSE it is going to air the morning of the debate for maximum impact!

And Hunter, naturally, being a Biden, can’t seem to get his story lined up with Dad’s. Oops.

Like father, like son. Open mouth, insert foot. Admit that Daddy is the only reason that you have gotten away with “failing up” for years.

“I was vice chairman of the board of Amtrak for five years,” [Hunter Biden] continued. “I was the chairman of the board of the U.N. World Food Program. I was a lawyer for Boies Schiller Flexner, one of the most prestigious law firms in — in the world.”

“I think that I had as much knowledge as anybody else that was on the board — if not more.”


It’s possible to watch this interview and read this transcript and come away feeling a measure of pity for Hunter Biden. When you consider the family history and dynamics, it makes sense that Joe would have coddled his younger son after the loss of his mother, and now with the death of his older brother. The problem is that Hunter was raised in an environment where the “swamp” is a feature, not a bug. Everyone he associated with (remember, he started his first investment group with John Kerry’s stepson) was trading off their connections. This is how he was raised – EVERYONE plays in the swamp! No one gets punished for having illegal drugs! Dad will fix it, either by direct or indirect means!

No wonder the Biden campaign doesn’t want this coming up at the debate. Too bad that ABC News deliberately made sure that it would be a hot topic on every other campaign manager’s mind on the day of the debate. One can pity Hunter (who clearly has poor or no coping skills), realize that Joe is toast, and make a note to not hire anyone involved with the Biden campaign – because they clearly have been outmatched.

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Featured image: Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, 2009 presidential inaugural parade in Washington DC, photo by Ben Stanfield, cropped, CC BY-SA 2.0

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    “Silly Biden campaign, the fix is in for Warren.”
    For now. The media loves to play the Build ‘Em Up, Tear Them Down game during the pre-primary silly season.
    They’ll get bored with Lying Liz soon enough, tear her down, and build someone else up.

  • Wfjag says:

    Pity Hunter Biden? Do you mean that after his Daddy finishes doing a public face plant this time around, Hunter might have to try doing a real job? Don’t feel sorry for him. He still has the $1.5 Billion the Chinese gave him to play with, and in Trump’s economy even Hunter won’t be able to squander it.

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