Trump Uses Twitter To Score Own Goal

Trump Uses Twitter To Score Own Goal

Trump Uses Twitter To Score Own Goal

Could someone please distract President Trump and change his Twitter password when he isn’t looking?

The first rule when your opponent begins to divide and attack themselves: LEAVE THEM ALONE and let them destroy each other. Which is what the Democrats were in the process of doing, during this feud between the “Squad” and the Justice Democrats, against Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats.

Up until this point, the GOP was staying well out of this. Enter Donald Trump’s itchy Twitter finger.

The second rule of when your opponent is divided and fighting: never give them a cause to rally around.

The third rule? Don’t demoralize people who would rather support you than the other side.

The Democrats have been self-destructing, with the progressives denouncing Nancy Pelosi and other members of the party’s leadership as racists. That conflict has dominated the news, and I am sure Trump is right that Nancy Pelosi would be happy to work out travel arrangements to get rid of the Squad. But now she won’t have to. Trump’s attack on the Squad was so foolish that I would assume it to be a case of drunk-tweeting, except that the President doesn’t drink.”

There was a lot of “what the hell are you doing???” going around.

The entire thing is avoidable. All four of the congresswomen who were mentioned have positions which should be rejected by the American public. However, going off half-cocked and telling them to “go back” won’t solve anything. It’s just another example of the ridiculousness of tribalism.”

Trump’s comments on Twitter were cosmically unhelpful. The Democrats were beating each other up and the media didn’t know which side to root for. All Trump had to do was keep quiet. He just isn’t capable of doing that. So now, the left has united against him – which is what they wanted to do all along to begin with!

The only silver lining is that this is not a victory for the Democrats, despite their momentary unity.

This might only be a pause in the infighting, not the end of it. And if it is, for the love of sanity, would someone please log Donald Trump out of Twitter before he scores another own goal?

Featured image: President Donald Trump, July 8, 2019, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour, public domain)

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  • Hate_me says:

    I’m not sure I agree with this assessment. While I’m not a fan of President Trump’s use of Twitter, divisions within the Democratic Party have little impact on an entrenched democrat-republican contest. Despite the negative reactions of those who would prefer he sit back and let his opponents self-destruct, one of them will still come out of the primary backed by the full weight of their party. It seems to me that he’s attempting to draw attention to the fact that he’s not one of these same entrenched, professional politicians that have moved our nation so far away from the principles upon which it was built.

    Will the gambit pay off? I have no idea, but I won’t dismiss it, outright.

  • Clarkson says:

    Whence cometh this idea from so many pundits and bloggers that this was a mistake? Especially when one reads the comments on all these various blog posts and finds that the comments seem to go about 10:1 in favor of Trump’s words from the “normal people” who don’t live their lives with their brains marinating in politics like all y’all seem to do.

    There’s also this comment that I saw on one of the other posts to consider —

    “Trump has firmly pinned Speaker Pelosi on the horns of an excruciating dilemma: Anything she and her allies further do to shut up AOC and her fellow travelers will redound to her detriment because the obvious pushback is that Pelosi is helping Trump. On the other hand, if Pelosi does not push back, then she loses control of the House Democratic caucus to the the so-called progressive faction heading into an election year.

    Throw in ICE deportations, a dash of Chakrabarti sauce, a pound of Omar, sprinkle liberally with Antifa sparkles, and serve cold. Then watch the modern race-baiting Democratic destroy itself.”

  • GWB says:

    four American Congresswomen
    No, Nancy, just two. Stop your lying.

    the only country we swear an oath to is the United States
    Sorry, but in your case (and that of Tlaib), I don’t believe you.

    All four of the congresswomen who were mentioned
    Not surprising HotAir follows the lie, too.

    It’s just another example of the ridiculousness of tribalism.
    Try telling that to the people who are actually instigating the tribalism?

    racist attack from the president

    How about we stop promoting the left’s preferred narratives? Trump was speaking (correctly) about two ungrateful immigrants who want to change America into the sorts of places they left: authoritarian, tribal, primitive, poor.

  • Mike Stephens says:

    This is just a stupid analysis. Follow people with a backbone like Bill Mitchell and Brian Cates and you’ll be better served.

  • Bobby Ahr says:

    I disagree with VG here. Somebody has to say it.

    He is saying what a whole heckuva lot of people are feeling.

    He’s no smooth talker….but, so what.

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