Trump to Deliver Flowers to Hillary at the Presidential Debate [VIDEOS]

Trump to Deliver Flowers to Hillary at the Presidential Debate [VIDEOS]

Trump to Deliver Flowers to Hillary at the Presidential Debate [VIDEOS]

Leave it to Donald Trump, the consummate showman, to jazz up Monday night’s presidential debate.

Billionaire and Hillary supporter Mark Cuban, who’s every bit as flamboyant as Trump, was offered a front row seat at the debate by the Clinton camp. Apparently the Clintons thought that Cuban’s presence might rattle Trump on stage.

They forgot that Trump is the quintessential counterpuncher.

Trump invited former Bill Clinton lover Gennifer Flowers as his guest in the front row. And she’s accepted.

Credit: Starpix; AP.

Let’s review the Flowers saga, shall we? With a little side of Monica, too.

Ooh, kinky!

Of course Bill Clinton, accompanied by his loving and trusting wife Hillary, denied the affair on national television. She was probably ready to plunge a steak knife into his chest at that moment, but . . . optics!

But why should Trump stop with delivering Flowers to Hillary? Maybe the Ultimate Counterpuncher can pack the front row seats with more Blasts from Bill’s Past! Like Paula Jones.

And the band wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Monica Lewinsky. She should wear a blue dress. Let’s bring Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey, too.

Why, it could be the the Bimbo Eruption Redux!

Seriously, there is no individual more deserving of being forced to endure the presence of these misused women than Hillary herself.

Hillary loves to promote herself as a champion for women. But let’s remember who enabled Bill Clinton to carry on as a serial womanizer. And instead of kicking her dog Bill to the curb as most self-respecting wives would have done, Hillary chose to ride his coattails to power. It was the only way this frumpy woman with the charisma of a old potato could possibly attain the heights of power she so craved.

So rather than being loyal to her fair sex, this feminist icon used attorneys and political flacks to wage war against those women whose existence jeopardized the Clinton political ascendency. Now she has the unmitigated chutzpah to tell American women that survivors of sexual assault have the right to be heard and believed.

I hope Gennifer Flowers shows up at Monday’s debate. Her presence may or may not throw Hillary’s debate game off, but it would serve as a reminder of just how craven and hypocritical Hillary Clinton really is. Bring. It. On. Along with some popcorn.

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