Trump Supporters Hate Tweet Fox’s Megyn Kelly

Trump Supporters Hate Tweet Fox’s Megyn Kelly

Trump Supporters Hate Tweet Fox’s Megyn Kelly

In a breathtaking show of childish anger, the Real Donald J. Trump’s angry children brain dead followers supporters have taken to Twitter to express their outrage at Megyn Kelly. The vile and repulsive names Miss Kelly is being called reflect very badly on not only Mr. Trump (not that he cares) and on the owners of the Twitter accounts.

Mr. Trump has decided not to participate in the Republican National Committee (RNC) debate tonight on Fox News Channel because he didn’t like Miss Kelly’s terrible question/comment the last time they were together at an RNC debate.

Lindsey Ellefson of Mediaite wrote an article about this spectacle yesterday titled Make America Hate Again: Many Trump Supporters Tweeted Megyn Kelly the “C” Word Today. Miss Ellefson actually played bean counter and added up the numbers:

34 different Twitter accounts have targeted Kelly with the “c” word in the last 24 hours. 423 have called her a bitch. “Bimbo” clocked in at 404. “Whore” was leveled at the accomplished news anchor 88 times. These numbers are, of course, subject to change.

That is absolutely astonishing. The Twitterverse can be an ugly and mean place, but this is beyond the pale. AND, many of the Tweeters are female.

Here are some examples from my own brief foray into the Trumpets Twitterverse:



Imagine if you will Lester Holt or Scott Pelley angers the Real Donald J. Trump? What would happen? Imagine the outrage if racist names were used or manliness were questioned. There would be outrage in the entire media universe. Mr. Trump would be denounced. Mr. Trump would be shunned. Of course, the media monolith would still cover his every verbal eruption, but the tone and tenor would be one of derision.

Now, I, myself, am off Miss Kelly. Especially after the sugarfest that she had with Michael Moore.


I have always appreciated Mr. Trump as a businessman, a builder, and a marketer. He is a genius. He clearly does not have a Presidential bone in his body. He not only allows but encourages his supporters in this kind of boorish behavior.

If in order to make your point, you have to resort to name calling, especially vile and vulgar name calling, you lose. You are a loser. And, that is YUGE!

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  • Jenny North says:

    That MM interview was gross – but mostly because he kept asking her to go out! G-ross!!! Ewww and once again, totally inappropriate. I don’t think it was meant to be hard hitting. But I think MK’s dealing with the situation is SUPERB. She isn’t playing the vagina card and to me is providing a great example of how all women should stand up to these slights. I was actually neutral toward her and I wouldn’t have asked that question at the debate, but her handling of the situation since then has made my respect for her grow. And, not to play the woman card, but it really shows that it is far more acceptable for over the top vitriol to be directed at women – uh, Republican (or perceived to be) women, to be more accurate.

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