Trump Stumps for “Texas Ted” and Here’s Why Cruz Will Win

Trump Stumps for “Texas Ted” and Here’s Why Cruz Will Win

Trump Stumps for “Texas Ted” and Here’s Why Cruz Will Win

You may have heard: there was a massive rally in Texas last night featuring President Donald Trump, who was there to champion the re-election of, and rally the Republican base for, Senator Ted Cruz. The two have obviously buried the 2016 primary hatchet, which is what adults do, **cough Hillary Clinton**. The stadium seated approximately 19,000 attendees, with scores more watching the rally on big screens outside. Because of intense interest, the rally was relocated to the larger-capacity Toyota Center from a smaller venue that held just 8,000. Because everything is bigger in Texas.

Here’s Cruz’s opener:

Meanwhile, the Fake Hispanic managed to pull in just 1,000 or so attendees at his latest rally this past Saturday. Seems the shine is wearing off the turd, as it were. Poor Beto:

Meanwhile, at the Trump/Cruz Rally:

With that said, while the liberal media is in love with Robert O’Rourke—whose supporters can’t name one accomplishment of his—and pretending he’s got a Snowball’s Chance in Texas, I predict an easy win on November 6th for Senator Cruz. And here are some reasons why:


We have Mr. Cruz to thank for helping cement our right to bear arms, as affirmed in the Heller case. Cruz authored the amicus brief presented before the Supreme Court. Contrarily, Beto Boy is on-record saying we don’t need AR-15s in America. As if any self-respecting Second Amendment fan gives a rip about what he thinks. O’Rourke—and he’s proud of it—earned an “F” grade from the NRA. And I suspect most Texans—remember, a mass shooting IN TEXAS was stopped by a good man with an AR-15—will side with the candidate who isn’t trying to disarm them: Ted Cruz.

Illegal Immigration

Texas knows all about illegal immigration and the detrimental effects it has on the country and on Texas. They are keenly aware of the drug and human trafficking that occurs daily as illegal aliens from across the globe sneak over our southern border and into Texas, and then into the interior of our nation. Baby Beto believes open borders are just dandy. Senator Cruz wants a wall. Something tells me the latter will trump.


Robert O’Rourke doesn’t believe in the sanctity of life. Ted Cruz is a staunch pro-lifer. So are most Texans. It’s a no-brainer there.

State’s Rights

If there is a winner for Fiercely Independent State, it’s hands-down Texas. Like most conservatives and libertarian-leaners, they love their freedom, they love their God, they love their guns, and it’s the reason so many are flocking there to escape the failed liberalism that dominates blue states. While Beto would like the borders thrown wide open, to control everyone’s health care, and to take away the tax cuts and Texans’ guns, Ted Cruz is a huge state’s rights/small government guy. And his 10th Amendment stance jives well with that of most of Texas. I think they’ll remember that come Election Day.

Robert O’Rourke’s out-of-touch platform for Texas, in a nutshell. (Photo Credit: A.F. Branco)

Impeaching Trump

Out of one side of his mouth, Beto says he’ll work with Trump, while out of the other he’s telling CNN viewers (all twenty-three of them) that there’s enough to start impeachment proceedings and he’d do just that if elected. Sorry, Beto, you can’t have it both ways, not to mention, impeach Trump FOR WHAT? Having different political leanings? On the other hand, Ted Cruz has worked with President Trump since Day One, helping him enact policies that have benefited Texans. While Beto panders to whatever audience he happens to be before, Ted Cruz, hand-in-hand with President Trump, is getting things done on behalf of all of America. And I predict Texas will reward him for it.

Make no mistake, the Left wants to flip Texas. They want it flooded with those who hold no allegiance to America, as well as with liberal transplants from states like California who think Texas needs “change.” So take nothing for granted, Texas. Get out. Vote. And do it in overwhelming numbers. Because as Lindsey Graham says: the violent Left cannot be handed back power.


Feature Image Credit: Chicago Tribune on Twitter

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  • GWB says:

    the borders thrown wide open, to control everyone’s health care
    Funny how they want the things that protect the people to be uncontrolled, but everything the people need to be controlled.

    impeach Trump FOR WHAT?
    Well, for taking emoluments from foreigners, of course. Because he owns hotels where foreign people pay for their stay.
    And, there’s collusion! Because he has hotels in foreign countries where they give money to those foreign gov’ts! (They call it taxes, but you *know* it’s collusion!)
    And, there’s grabbing cats! You know that’s just not right! Anyone who would abuse animals will eventually become a serial killer, and that’s CERTAINLY a high crime, right?!
    And the tweeting. After all, he’s blocked people from his personal Twitter account, and that’s censorship!
    The charges are legion! Yeeaarrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!!!

    I have to go lie down now. That was exhausting.

  • Kathy says:

    Great comment GWB!

    One item sort of forgotten:
    Cruz gets lots of stuff done even while running for office. O’Rourke got one bill through as a Representative-a building was renamed.

  • Kathy says:

    Oops! I meant to mention the item forgotten was left off the article.

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