Beto’s YMCA Flash Mob Follies [VIDEO]

Beto’s YMCA Flash Mob Follies [VIDEO]

Beto’s YMCA Flash Mob Follies [VIDEO]

You know, maybe Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobsen is right. Maybe this entire Beto thing is actually a cult. Here’s a candidate whose only accomplishment seems to involve skate boarding through parking lots and singing with Willie Nelson. Any legislative accomplishments? No one seem to know. But that hasn’t stopped his fan club from debuting actual Flash Mob campaign ads.

It’s bad enough that reporters have written gushing odes to his JFK schtick and one ABC news reporter would really like him to ask her to prom. It’s bad enough that Beto is solidly on the Impeach Trump! bandwagon and could care less about Due Process and won’t step up to protect the falsely accused. But now Beto-mania has entered the realm of inanity.

Yes folks, that is a campaign ad for Beto O’Rourke, created by his rabid fan base. The Village People called and they really want their song back.

Thanks for that. Now I have the Blue’s Clues theme song running through my head. I don’t know if that’s as bad or worse that that horrifically awkward revision of BETO YMCA I just watched. Yes, I’m sharing this with our readers because well, something this so laughably painful must be seen to be believed.

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Oh but wait guys, there’s MORE!

Yes folks, that is seriously cringe worthy. How in the world were those women able to dance their way through that and not die from sheer embarrassment? Oh wait, it turns out that this group has been all in for Beto for quite some time, and decided to create the video. But still, after viewing that, a fellow Victory Girl came upon with a new campaign slogan for Beto.

“Vote Beto – he’s sending women back to the 50’s!”

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Photo Credit: By Suzanne Cordeiro/REX/Shutterstock

You know, I thought it was bad enough that Obama did the Greek Parthenon thing in 2008 during the DNC convention in Denver. I thought it was bad enough that he never met a selfie he didn’t like, and believed that being interviewed by a green lipstick wearing woman who regularly bathes in milk and cheerios was somehow “normal.” But folks, I think Beto is giving Obama a run for his money in terms of cult of personality.

All of which is to say, if Democratic voters conclude that the crucial missing ingredient in 2016 was inspiration then Beto! has a shot, with silly nonsense like this part of the case for him. Right, true, he’s going to lose to Cruz next month and it likely won’t be close. But if the current margin of seven points holds, it would mean O’Rourke cut Cruz’s margin from 2012 in half. (Or slightly more than half, actually.) And he did it by running as a loud-and-proud liberal in a state where that message is supposed to mean utter destruction. If he’s competitive in Texas, his fans will say, imagine what he’d be in Michigan and Pennsylvania. We shall see

Flash mobs singing odes to Beto using Village People’s YMCA, and Esther’s Follies taking their 50’s dance schtick on the road is where we are now. The silly season is getting sillier and I can only hope that, after a well-deserved round of laughter at those ads, common sense will prevail in Texas.

Feature Photo Credit: By Suzanne Cordeiro/REX/Shutterstock

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  • GWB says:

    his JFK schtick
    Honestly, the left has a craving for a secular savior. Always has. One of the horrible results of throwing out Christianity* is you end up endlessly searching for a savior among men – and they will ALL disappoint you. Oh, and they’ll usually end up turning your devotion into chains, as well.

    where we are now
    Well, actually, it’s where we’ve returned. For a long time – back when politics was still mostly local – this is exactly the sort of thing politicians did. There was a relatively brief period where it seemed we were “above” all that, and reason and policy would hold sway. Not no more.

    (* Funny, too, because when you throw out Christianity, you supposedly throw out the need for a savior. But it turns out humans really, really crave one, anyway. Interesting, that.)

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