Trump Speaks: 2024 Race Starts Now

Trump Speaks: 2024 Race Starts Now

Trump Speaks: 2024 Race Starts Now

Today was the day that former president Donald Trump had teased a “big announcement” at Mar-a-Lago. Would he really announce that he is running for president today, and launch his 2024 campaign less than a week after a poor showing for Republicans in the midterms?


The Donald Trump that has been making an ass of himself on Truth Social over the last week was nowhere to be seen. THIS was the Donald Trump that Republicans responded to – big ideas, articulate, zinging a few really good one-liners (“Joe Biden is the face of left wing failure and Washington corruption” may have been his best line of the night), and UNDER CONTROL. When he keeps his ego in check, and acts like a statesman, voters respond to him.

How does Trump explain away the mess that was the midterms, after saying that he would take the credit but not the blame? He gave himself credit for more wins than losses in his endorsements during the midterms, cheered the fact that the House has been officially flipped for Republicans and that Nancy Pelosi has been “fired,” and encouraged everyone to support Herschel Walker in his runoff election for the Senate in Georgia.

But the speech mostly focused on three things: his successes during his presidency, Joe Biden’s failures during his presidency, and his vision for what the country would look like under another Trump administration. And he just sounded so calm, controlled, and normal. Just listen for yourself. (A complete and clean recording of the speech can be found on C-SPAN.)

Now, notice what he did not talk about. While he did mention COVID-19 a few times, and did refer to it as “the China virus,” the one thing that Donald Trump did not say was “vaccine.” That subject is so politicized that even though Trump began Operation Warp Speed to fund a COVID vaccine, he can no longer talk about it without bringing up the specter of Dr. Anthony Fauci and all the bad memories of “15 Days To Slow The Spread” and “30 Days To Slow The Spread.” So while he can talk about the southern border and inflation and Green New Deal legislation, COVID has now become so radioactive that Trump knows he can’t talk about it, unless it is a general sense.

I do think the speech ran too long. After he officially announced that he was running for president in 2024, he continued on with his vision for the country. And while nothing stuck out as problematic, it became rambling and long. It also had a lot of name dropping, as Trump referenced world leaders that he has either talked to or worked with. And when he mentioned the weaponization of the Department of Justice, he remarked “I’m a victim” and talked about the entire “Russian collusion” set up and the raid on Mar-a-Lago. He then went on to talk about how long it takes to count votes on Election Day, and why does it have to take so long in the United States. Rambling Trump is the Trump that gets himself in trouble, and it’s because he loves the sound of his own voice and the crowd cheering him on.

So, what do people think? Could Donald Trump actually be the second president, after Grover Cleveland, to be elected to a second non-consecutive presidential term? If the statesman Trump who stays on message can prevail, he might have half a chance. If rambling Trump who lets his ego start talking and insulting those who should be his allies, then he’s sunk. And it isn’t truly the base he needs to convince. It’s the independents. And if a different Republican candidate with the same goals as Donald Trump, but has control of his or her ego and message, and is able to appeal to the middle without all the baggage of Donald Trump, challenges him? Donald Trump giving a kickoff speech that stays (mostly) on message is one thing. Donald Trump on social media or on a debate stage is another.

Buckle up, everyone. The race for 2024 has officially begun.

Featured image: President Donald Trump via Trump White House Archived Flickr (official White House photo by by Shealah Craighead), cropped, public domain

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  • Hate_me says:

    I’ve come to believe that the American people now (theoretically, since Obama’s first run) view politics as a spectator sport. They root for Blue or they root for Red. It’s not about how the game is played nor what tactics are used by either team – all that matters is that their team wins.

    In the mind of many voters, it’s a popularity contest and a reward for loyalty rather than any real impact on the world. It’s about perceiving oneself as being a proper supporter of the team rather than a matter of philosophy and principle.

    Trump is different in that he represents a different rulebook, an entirely different game. He represents the introduction of the forward pass.

    He can be ham-fisted about it, and the idea of changing the status quo is rarely met with support by players or fans of that established system.

    I hope I’m wrong (like I was the first time he ran), but I expect him to lose by a landslide.

    Democracy fails because the people are stupid; thus, the Founders built a republic.

    • Kevin says:

      People are stupid because they believe the lies he spews which are debunked in an instant yet they can’t seem to pull their head out of their asses to figure it out. The last two years he’s screamed “election fraud.” Did he mention election fraud last night? Do you wonder why? I do! I bet “election fraud” is going to be wiped from his shit stained lips from this point on. I can’t stomach to listen to the Liar-in-Chief so I didn’t watch but from I understand he referred to “When I left office …” Did he mention people died when he left office. For fucks sake, I know you’re disappointed he’s “misunderstood” but thank fucking God the nation is waking up to this conman. I was a bit surprised to see Melanoma standing beside him. In Maggie Habberman’s book she references Melanoma “re-negotiating” her prenuptial agreement with him after he won election. (See, how fucking hard was that to tell the truth!) I wonder how much she got to stand beside him last night.

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  • Lemuel Vargas says:

    Well, I read somewhere that a Trump – backed candidate won in Cali (of all places) that is why the Repubs are in majority right now in the House (pls. correct if info is wrong)

  • Kevin says:

    Ms. Fisher stated, “If the statesman Trump who stays on message can prevail, he might have half a chance.”

    You’re much too generous and kind to refer to him as a statesman; a skilled, experienced, and respected political leader or figure. He is a buffoon and carnival barker at best; an unstable, treacherous, vindictive narcissist at worst. . If there is one thing we all know and can agree upon about the TFG, chaos and controversy surround him like the dirt and filth that was an ever present cloud surrounding Pig Pen.

    Here is going to be the danger for the conservative movement … he has a possibility of making it through the republican primaries because his cult followers are solidly in his camp; fervent and impassionate supporters who will energetically participate in the primaries and thus push his candidacy further down the road to election day. Where the bloodbath will occur is on election day when independents and moderates will flee from his caustic, divisive and hateful message that he’ll spew for the next 720 days. It happened in 2020 and 2022. Not only did he fail, bigly, but in his desperation to remain relevant, he also took down the republican party down with him.

    TFG has 720 days until November 5, 2024, to stay on message. He’s incapable of staying on message for 720 minutes (30 hours) or 720 hours (30 days), let alone 720 days.

    He needs money and protection from prosecution, he seeks adulation, and he wants revenge and he has one and only one laser-focused pursuit in life … himself.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    I have mixed feelings about Trump running again. I thought he made a surprisingly good president. If he had not had to contend against the hostility of news media and Big Tech, he probably would have been much more popular.

    We are in big trouble. Liberal Democrats virtually own: the news media, the educational establishment, Big Tech and most of the rest of corporate management. In the states where they rule, Liberal Democrats have corrupted the election system. So, we have an uphill battle. We need to encourage people to reflect upon the consequences of Liberal Democrats gaining complete control and the fact they won’t be satisfied with anything less.

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