Trump Shows Leadership, Kamala Fails to Recognize It

Trump Shows Leadership, Kamala Fails to Recognize It

Trump Shows Leadership, Kamala Fails to Recognize It

In Kamala Harris’ Democrat party, a successful politician doesn’t actually risk anything, redress her own party for authoritarianism, or embrace leadership. They instead complain about “failed leadership” by Trump. On AC360 Kamala says, “… I’m frankly tired of sitting around waiting for him to act like a president or be a president. He doesn’t know how to do the job.” Hmmm. Once again, she’s wrong.

Leading Politicians to Answers. Go Anderson!

Nothing is so good as when a reporter gives the politician a softball, phrased as a question. AC lobs an easy one to Kamala,

I hesitate to even lead with asking you about the president threatening to unilaterally adjourn by chambers of Congress because it seems like such an obvious distraction to keep people from focusing on his own failures, but he is the president and this is his threat. What do you make of that?”

Translated by me: “The president is a bully. He’s threatening to use Constitutionally granted powers in order to circumvent the Congress, because they are not doing their job. Obviously it’s a distraction from his complete failure to acknowledge COVID-19, and take charge. I am all wizened and obviously know he can’t hold simultaneous thoughts to action. Tell me member of the do nothing Congress, do you agree? We’re both liberal democrats, you must agree.”

CNN really ought to just save some money and edit Kamala into both sides of the split screen. If the question was any softer, they’d be on a Co-Ed softball team wearing matching “Joe’s Drool & Drink” sponsorship jerseys.

Her Answer is Standard Politician Playbook

She says,

Well, Anderson, you’re quite right. He is doing it on purpose, so this would be the lead question to deflect from the fact that he has failed to be a leader during a pandemic …”

Failed to be a leader? Of course in January, your leader Schumer was busy trying to impeach Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the guy you think “failed to be a leader” was eviscerated for restricting travel from China. From The Washington Post, January 31,

But even before U.S. officials announced such a drastic escalation in travel restrictions on Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry criticized the United States for making “unfriendly comments” during the coronavirus outbreak and said a U.S. warning against travel to China went against recommendations made by the World Health Organization to not restrict travel or trade. “In disregard of WHO recommendation against travel restrictions, the US went the opposite way,” the ministry’s spokesman said in English-language messages on Twitter on Friday. “Where is its empathy?”

Leadership isn’t demanding people agree with you, it’s doing the right thing despite the political risk. I know, your party is deficient of leaders. You don’t recognize it when you see one.

Yes Kamala, Please Talk About “Local” Leadership!

In the interview, Kamala says,

What is happening with local leaders around the need to address the pain that Americans are feeling every day?

Oh yes!! Let’s talk about some of my favorite local leaders! Shall we start with the Democrat Governor of Michigan, and her desire to deem everything “non-essential”? How about the Democrat Governor of NC, and his edict that Constitutionally protected rights of “Peaceful Assembly” to protest government overreach are considered “non-essential“? Maybe we can talk to the Democrat Governor of NJ about why the protections of the Constitution are “above his pay grade“? If we remove these gross examples of overreach and failed leadership, it will certainly “address the pain that Americans are feeling every day”!

Local leadership is not panning out so well for your example. Especially on the Democrats side of the aisle.

Your Audition for Veep… Is Lacking

Kamala Harris wants to be Biden’s VP. Who can blame her for wanting the easy path to the Oval Office? We have better odds of getting straight facts from China than Biden finishing his first term. But a politician who doesn’t recognize leadership, even when it deviates from the norm in substance and style… Well, it isn’t someone I want sitting behind the Resolute Desk. Trump has a leadership style that is brash, reactive, and grandstanding. But he’s direct, forthright, and committed to clearing out the BS from politics. He’s called out Republicans, Democrats, and world leaders. I like the “America” he wants to place “first.” I love that he puts his reputation second to what’s best for the country. He may not be the example from “Leaders Eat Last“, but more “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck“, but he’s a committed leader. He sets goals, and by gosh he drags us there. Most Americans have enjoyed the results, less so the journey.

But Kamala has deflected the opportunity to show leadership in favor of the standard political blame game. She says, “I’m frankly tired of sitting around waiting for him to act like a president or be a president. He doesn’t know how to do the job.”

Well Senator, I’m frankly tired of sitting around waiting for career politicians to live up to their promises. You don’t act like a president, nor will be a president. You don’t know how to do the job.

At least not in a way that shows leadership.

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  • Bill S says:

    Trump’s outburst are not always wise, but they are instructive.

    The Democrats and their media have complained that Trump isn’t doing enough. He should have acted sooner! And so on.

    When he claimed he had the authority to open up the economy and order states to open, he was shouted down. Suddenly we were told the truth, it was Governors who acted too slowly *cough* Cuomo.

    I am not sure it is intentional, but Trump’s offhand Ed odd comments can sure be effective.

  • A. Human says:

    What the heck. Congress is all spread out anyway. Most, if not all of the sub-humans in congress (that’s all of them) are at home wasting our taxpayer money. What are they doing now anyway? Jerks all of them without exception.

  • Andrew X says:

    “I’m frankly tired of sitting around waiting for him to act like a president or be a president. He doesn’t know how to do the job.”

    And I’m frankly tired of the State of California being run into the ground by the totalitarian impulses of the party you are wedded to, Ms. Top Prosecutor for The State…. tired enough that I got the hell out. Me and a few hundred thousand others.

    It does seem that you DO know how to do your job….. on all of us.

  • SFC D says:

    Liberal democrats don’t want any kind leadership. They don’t want to be led, they want a firm, authoritarian, dictatorial entity running a government that will provide for their every need, tell them what to think, point out and crush their enemies, and be their god. Something along the lines of Joseph Stalin.

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