Beware Andrew Cuomo’s Proclaiming “New Normal”

Beware Andrew Cuomo’s Proclaiming “New Normal”

Beware Andrew Cuomo’s Proclaiming “New Normal”

“New Normal”. If that phrase doesn’t raise the hairs on the back of your neck, you aren’t paying attention. NY Gov and Dem Presidential Best Boyfriend du jour, Andrew Cuomo waxed philosophical in his latest press briefing April 15th. It wasn’t pretty.

In trying to bafflegab around the subject of the end of the extra-Constitutional lockdown and the specifics of timetables and definitions, we get this bit.

“So we’re going to a different place, which is a new normal. We talk about the new normal. We’ve been talking about the new normal for years. We are going to have a new normal in public health. By the way, the way we have a new normal in an environment, the new normal in economics, a new normal in civil rights, a new normal and social justice, right? This is the way of the world now”

Say, what? New York City = high density, mass transit, and ignoring property and “lifestyle” crimes in the interests of social justice.

Hey, Cuomo. How has Mayor De Bolshevik’s New York City been working out for ya?

And despite New York deciding to inflate their Wuhan Bat Flu stats with 3,778 probable deaths, indications from the California to New York are the peak of the hospitalizations and deaths have already been reached.

Three weeks ago, Cuomo was having a very public fit about how New York needed 30-50,000 ventilators for what models predicted would be New York’s peak. And yet, here we are when New York’s peak was on April 8 and, even at the peak only 5,246 ventilators were needed.

Hmmm. Trump, informed by his medical experts, was right!

In the meantime, too many elected officials are still sounding the death knell of the economy in particularly irrational ways. From Michigan Governor Witmer indulging her inner Stalin to Los Angeles Mayor Yogapants banning all sports, concerts and other mass gathering until 2021 something more than public health is at work here. It really is not debatable that a dead economy will kill more people than this virus, so why the histrionics from Democrats and their apparatchiks in the Pravda media about how the lockdown should be continued until we are “safe”?

Sure the November election looms large. But let’s face the facts that this shutdown, and our unquestioning cooperation with it despite the increasing irrationality of many of the demands, gives the usual suspects in our Ruling Class a template for any future existential crisis.


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  • Dietrich says:

    Remember Pres. O-what’s-his-name saying a 1% or less annual economic growth rate would be the new normal? Donald Trump entered office and blew that right out of the water. Politicians do not get to tell us what will be the “normal.”

  • SFC D says:

    I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  • James Thompson says:

    When any Dem politician mentions a “new normal” they mean YOUR new normal and not theirs. Their lives won’t change one iota.

  • Scott says:

    As to the idiot on twitter and his comment about school shootings, maybe someone should point out to him that maybe it’s because with half the kids being home-schooled in households that own firearms, it’s proving that arming teachers works???

  • Lloyd says:

    Cuomo is really enjoying his current power status; he would very much like to be a dictator. He is rich…lives in a multi-room mansion and enjoys the luxury of having armed guards protecting him 24/7. No way in hell does he understand the plight of the common man. And, yet….he lectures daily !

  • GWB says:

    We’ve been talking about the new normal for years.
    Yep. And the only newness I’ve seen is a return to the old – the old tyranny of elites telling their subjects what to do and where they can go. And America isn’t supposed ot have “elites” and “subjects”.

    I advocate a return to another kind of old normal: the public punishment of those who think themselves so smart or educated that they can tell us all what to do. And that punishment should span from stocks and pillories all the way to public thoroughfare lighting apparatus.

    so why the histrionics from Democrats and their apparatchiks
    Because TYRANTS. Tyrants gotta command and rule. They can’t just let things go – that’s not what a tyrant is there for!

    our unquestioning cooperation with it
    Speak for yourself. I’ve been complaining publicly since it started. My idea has always been to push hygiene, wear masks in crowded places, quarantine the vulnerable and the sick, shut down travel to and from hotspots (including NYC – right behind China*), and start testing and treating everyone.
    (* Also to quarantine all Chinese nationals and every American who had recently visited China. Yeah, it would have put a crimp in Malig-Nancy’s little “Go to Chinatown!” stunt.)

    It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to make this possible.
    And that right there is why I’m glad she is not never will be President.

  • Penrod says:

    Who are you to criticize Duke Fredo, peasant?

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