Trump Announces Peace Deal, Biden Wants Credit

Trump Announces Peace Deal, Biden Wants Credit

Trump Announces Peace Deal, Biden Wants Credit

The news that Israel and the United Arab Emirates have come to a peace accord that involves full diplomatic relations really is a huge win for the Trump administration.

President Trump announced the historic deal on his Twitter account this morning.

While the typical pissy anti-Semites found things to complain about *cough*Rashida Tlaib*cough*CodePink*cough*, this news was met with nearly universal praise.

I say “nearly universal” for two reasons. First, Ben Rhodes has a mad.

I wonder why the author of the crap Iran Deal has his knickers in a bunch over this news. Hmmm, it’s a mystery. Maybe it’s because this is a bad sign for Iran’s power in the region?

Iran and Israel are arch foes. Israel is particularly concerned about suspected Iranian efforts to develop nuclear weapons, which Tehran denies. Iran is also involved in proxy wars from Syria to Yemen, where the UAE has been a leading member of the Saudi-led coalition opposing Iran-aligned forces there.”

With a population of less than 10 million but the Arab world’s second-largest economy thanks to oil, the UAE has exerted growing commercial and military clout in the Gulf and the wider region over the past two decades, much of it aimed at confronting Islamist militants and the influence of Iran.”

Iran has a problem bigger than just this peace deal. The Hezbollah-backed Lebanese government has been forced to step down after the explosion in Beirut that has cost hundreds of lives and caused untold damage. The Lebanese people rose up, furious with their government. Hezbollah, who has long been backed by Iran, is scared that Lebanon might be slipping out of its grasp. The news that Israel and the UAE are establishing diplomatic relations is a blow to Iran’s grip on the Middle East. Nothing seems to be going Iran’s way lately. No wonder Ben Rhodes, Iran’s cheerleader and fan fiction writer, is all testy.

Second, the Biden campaign welcomed the news of the peace deal with some praise. That was nice… until you get to the part of the statement where Team Biden claims that THE OBAMA ADMINSTRATION deserves the credit!

This is one of those moments where if you can’t laugh at the sheer balls of making that claim, you might never stop vomiting. Yes, we all remember the warm and fuzzy relationship that Barack Obama had with Benjamin Netanyahu…. oh wait. Nope, Obama made no secret of loathing Netanyahu. And Biden – rather, his team writing his statements – now thinks that he can swoop in to claim some foreign policy credit for himself and his former boss? Yeah, I got two words for you, Joe, and they’re not Merry Christmas.

So, Trump supposedly “wrecked” diplomatic relations in the Middle East by moving the American embassy to Jerusalem and taking out terrorists one at a time, and yet now there’s a peace deal between Israel and the UAE. So of course the media will let Team Biden take credit unchallenged! After all, when your narrative is ORANGE MAN BAD and then the Orange Man announces good news, the only thing that can be done is find a way to give their Beloved Chosen One, Barack Obama, credit. Unless you are Ben Rhodes, in which case everything sucks for you.

Credit certainly does belong to the Trump administration for this news, because while the world has been consumed with the coronavirus pandemic, this deal has been happening behind the scenes. More peace and diplomatic normalization between Israel and the UAE puts Iran in a corner and stuns Hamas. This peace deal IS a good thing, and don’t let Ben Rhodes or Rashida Tlaib’s whining or Biden’s attempt to steal credit take away from this historic moment.

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Featured image: President Donald Trump, Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead, public domain

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  • Hate_me says:

    Was there. Biden & Obama did nothing but hinder such efforts.

    (Personal opinion based on what I saw. Said anonymously, for good reason. Believe me or doubt me, I’m just some guy on the internet)

  • opus says:

    If Tlaib the skank is outraged better yet. (at least until we send her back to Gaza).

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