Relations between Obama and Netanyahu hit rock bottom

Relations between Obama and Netanyahu hit rock bottom

Relations between Obama and Netanyahu hit rock bottom

As you have seen and read, Barack Obama’s administration and Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration are not exactly BFF’s. In fact, the term frenemies might be a little too friendly. Obama and his crew in fact are positioning themselves (and the Democratic party) as open enemies of Israel. Lurch aka Kerry is a prime player and is about as friendly to Israel as David Duke. PM Netanyahu has been subjected to the following over the last eight years from ABC here:

  1. Settlements

    Obama, who made resolving the conflict a top administration priority, pushed for a peace pact between Israel and Palestine during a meeting after he took office, urging Netanyahu to freeze or temporarily halt settlement construction in the West Bank and instead work toward a two-state solution.

  2. Iran Nuclear Deal (Kerry did this)

    Iran, a country with an embittered history involving a US hostage crisis, internal religious and cultural conflicts, and an overall distrust by its regional neighbors like Israel, agreed to halt its nuclear program last year under a deal brokered by the US and other major world powers.

  3. Abstaining like the Soviets did (it appears your commie masters taught you well Kerry, you pitiful trifling braying jackass).

    The White House’s decision last week to abstain from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution that demanded Israel stop settlement construction on occupied Palestinian territory infuriated Benjamin Netanyahu, further straining an already tense relationship between the Israeli prime minister and President Obama.

You think? It did not help that Obama’s team tried and failed at interfering in Israeli elections one may think.

I can say exactly how much I loathe John “Lurch” Kerry but this is a family friendly page. Obama also managed to paint his party as enemies of Israel which really did not go over well with Chuck Schumer who responded here

“While Secretary Kerry mentioned Gaza in his speech, he seems to have forgotten the history of the settlements in Gaza, where the Israeli government forced settlers to withdraw from all settlements and the Palestinians responded by sending rockets into Israel,” Schumer said in a statement Wednesday. “This is something that people of all political stripes in Israel vividly remember.”

The Senate Minority Leader was not pleased. And he should not be pleased that Kerry and Barry pulled this crap and frankly screwed over a strong ally and his own party over rather badly (not that I mind the Dems hurting for years). And Kerry may be just getting started. His speech yesterday was nicely dissected by Victory Girl Nina here. There is more from the very left leaning Forward (a socialist paper since day 1 when it was written in Yiddish no less). Here is a scenario that may be the end goal of Teresa Heinz’s gigolo:

The fear in Netanyahu’s circles is that the Paris conference will adopt a detailed peace plan that resembles the Arab Peace Initiative (text here): two states along the 1967 borders with land swaps, both states with capitals in a shared Jerusalem and some sort of limited but still unpalatable Israeli concession on refugees. The worst-case scenario, from the point of view of Netanyahu and his allies, is that the Paris plan would then be rushed through the U.N. Security Council before noon on January 20, when the Trump administration takes office and begins to wield the veto.

And the plan will of course be dhimmi written by France and its gutless European allies who are kissing the feet of radical Islamists who want.them.dead. See Brussels, Berlin and Paris.

If Paris does adopt a plan and it gets to the Security Council before Trump is inaugurated, it’s expected that the Obama administration would abstain to let it be adopted. It would then gain the status of international law, replacing Resolution 242 from November 1967, which called for Israeli withdrawal “from territories” captured in the Six-Day War but didn’t specify which territories or how much of them.

As a contrast to the stupid, John Bolton on YouTube shows how an American (as opposed to the braying jackass heading the State Department) thinks.

The blogger Bethany Mandel made an interesting point and perhaps Trump may get this right (want to see more than a tweet of course but this is better than anything Kerry and Barry have said)

Writing on Facebook after the UN vote, a fellow adamant non-Trump voting friend wrote “Well, Obama. You did it. You made me feel grateful that Trump will be president. What a world.” Why might we feel grateful? Look no further than the President-elect’s tweet on the matter:

Well that kind of makes me happy.  The UN is a parasitical joke.  And this recent tweet is a happy thought as well:

I am hoping this is more than words Mr. Trump.  Netanyahu and Israel are our allies not the scum of Daesh or Iran’s mullah

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