Benjamin Netanyahu to Arrive in the US Today; Obama Administration Will Not See Him

Benjamin Netanyahu to Arrive in the US Today; Obama Administration Will Not See Him

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive in Washington, DC, on Sunday afternoon in preparation for the speech of his lifetime before Congress on Tuesday morning.

On Saturday, hours before his departure for DC, ‘Bibi’ visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where he prayed and gave a speech. He said:

On the eve of my trip to the US, I came here to the Western Wall. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I respect U.S. President Barack Obama.

I believe in the strength of the relationship between Israel and the US and in their strength to overcome differences of opinion, those that have been and those that will yet be.

As Prime Minister of Israel, it is my obligation to see to the security of Israel; therefore, we strongly oppose the agreement being formulated with Iran and the major powers, which could endanger our very existence. In the face of this danger we must unite and also explain the dangers stemming from this agreement, to Israel, to the region and to the world.

Netanyahu prays at the Western Wall before his monumental speech to Congress. Photo Credit: Avi Ohayon/GPO

Netanyahu is scheduled to return to Israel before the Jewish holiday of Purim, which commemorates the ancient Biblical account of how Jews living in Persia were saved by Queen Esther from a plot to annihilate them. The timing of this speech is significant, notes Netanyahu, since “it is the same Persia with a regime that is waving the banner of destroying the state of the Jews. The means by which they intend on implementing this threat is with many atomic bombs.”

President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry have all dug in their heels to snub Netanyahu’s speech during this crucial visit. Obama may even go so far as to avoid Monday’s gathering of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which Netanyahu is set to address.

On top of that, on Saturday Obama stubbornly continued to defend his ongoing nuclear weapons negotiations with Iran by saying he will veto a bipartisan bill that would force him to submit any settlement made with Iran to Congress. This man is so hellbent on pushing his anti-Israel, pro-Iranian political agenda that once again he is willing to possibly flout the Constitution, which specifies that Congressional approval is needed to approve treaties.

It’s not as if Netanyahu has intentionally made life difficult for Obama. In fact, Bibi has accommodated Obama’s whims many, many times, says Jewish writer Caroline Glick. She notes how he has signed shaky deals with Palestinians he knew would be broken. He has released terrorists from prison, has given away Jewish property rights, agreed to a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River, and even provided free electricity to Gaza Palestinians as they merrily launched rockets into Israel. All these have been done to placate Obama.

But now Bibi is standing his ground. He realizes the very existence of his tiny nation, his people, his ancient culture, may be at grave risk. He will stand firm in opposition to National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who has accused him of destroying US-Israel relations, and to John Kerry, who called him a “serial alarmist, liar, and warmonger.” He will carry on even if the Congressional Black Caucus walks out of his speech, as they have threatened to do. He will ignore the boycotts of his speech by leftist Jewish representatives Jan Schakowsky of Chicago and Steve Cohen of Memphis.

Bibi Netanyahu knows his nation is in peril from the machinations of this president, but the speech he is about to give is historic not only for Israel, but for the entire West. As Professor Phyllis Chesler, a fellow at the Middle East forum, wrote in an opinion piece at Israel National News:

Israel has known what it is to live with constant Jihad that cannot be appeased—only militarily defeated, weakened, beaten back. America and Europe are just learning about this but their political leaders are telling them that Jihad and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam, and that what Jihadists need are jobs and an education. . . .

Americans had better pay attention to what Netanyahu has to say. So should Europe. Western civilization as well as the Jews are under increasing siege in many ways, simultaneously.

She reminds us of the growing number of home-grown jihadi terrorists arising in Europe, who either attack European cities or travel to the Mideast to join terrorist groups. She notes that ISIS has threatened to attack Rome, and that Al-Shabaab has threatened American shopping malls. On top of that, the Muslim birthrate in once-great Britain has doubled over a decade. All these are ominous portends for Western civilization.

Seventy years ago the world saw the Jews of Europe nearly eradicated in the Nazi Holocaust. The civilized world then said, “Never Again,” but how quickly those words seem to have been forgotten by the leftist administration of the United States — the nation which was supposed to be the eternal ally of little Israel. Israel is now standing at the threshold of possible annihilation, and those who support her anxiously await the words of her Prime Minister this coming Tuesday.

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  • Jodi G. says:

    Every day I am embarrassed by this administration. And even more so that it was re-elected.

  • Penny says:

    You’ve got that right, Jodi!!! Israel is fighting for its very life, and Obumf**k sides, and supplies, Iran and Daesh. Netanyahu has spoken before to Congress, but our present regime wants to pout and fuss like spoiled children. Even Jordan and Saudi Arabia are aghast at Obumf**k’s antics with Iran….and Daesh. The big 0 won’t use the term ISIS, but uses ISIL, which is another slap at Israel, since the “L” refers to the old term for the nations that now comprise the Middle East & North Africa, the Levant….Israel wasn’t a nation back them. Obumf**k is a serious threat to the world!!

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Obama: “Don’t worry, Bibi, we’ve got your back!” (in Diplo-speak)

    Translated into standard American English =
    “Don’t worry, we’ll give you our backside!” (‘Mooning” over TelAviv)

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