Tracy Stone-Manning Has An Eco-Terrorism Problem

Tracy Stone-Manning Has An Eco-Terrorism Problem

Tracy Stone-Manning Has An Eco-Terrorism Problem

Tracy Stone-Manning has an Eco-Terrorism problem. That’s who Joe Biden has tapped to run the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Tracy Stone-Manning was an active member of the eco-terrorist group Earth First!

However, per her written responses to Congress after her nomination, no one would’ve known about her problematic past…until The Daily Caller broke the news a couple of weeks ago. Tracy Stone-Manning’s graduate thesis argued for population control and the discontinuing of livestock grazing on public lands. 

“The origin of our abuses is us. If there were fewer of us, we would have less impact,” Stone-Manning wrote in her thesis. “We must consume less, and more importantly, we must breed fewer consuming humans.”

Well…isn’t she just something? The Daily Caller had obtained her thesis, and was able to read through it, before it suddenly got locked down per her request as Breitbart reported. 

Here’s the thing about Stone-Manning’s population control bit. Her thesis was several ads advocating for population control, showing that it is babies that are the danger to the environment, and that the earth can’t afford more children. Which is very ironic given that China is now allowing THREE children per family.

If her wish for population control isn’t bad enough, I find, as a rancher’s daughter, her discussions about grazing on public lands to be both ludicrous and dangerous. First of all, every rancher I know runs cattle responsibly on the land. Only so many cows per pasture and they are rotated out within a month to six weeks depending upon the size of the pasture. Secondly, grazing helps with controlling weeds and benefits the grasses there. Third, if public lands are left alone, they become weed-filled and turn into massive fire hazards. 

If that isn’t problem enough with Tracy Stone-Manning, her ties to Earth First! should send massive red flags up in the air. 

In her written response to Congress, she testified that she’d never been the target of a federal investigation. Except she was investigated, did testify before a grand jury, and was granted immunity after she was outed. What was all this about?

Threatening letters sent to the US Forest Service about tree spiking and other acts of eco-terrorism. One of which was sent by Tracy Stone-Manning. What is tree spiking? It is the act of embedding a huge steel spike into a tree far enough that loggers won’t be able to see it until it’s too late. All because ecoterrorists were against logging. In 1987, 23 year old George Alexander hit a tree spike. It broke the saw blade, part of which destroyed his face and nearly killed him. 

This is good practice according to the ecoterrorists with Earth First!

“The purpose of tree spiking is not to hurt anybody; it’s to keep trees from being cut,” said Dave Foreman, co-founder of Earth First, the most radical arm of the environmental movement.

This is the very group that Tracy Stone-Manning lived with in the 1980’s. 

One, John Blount (later convicted), in the spring of 1989 asked her to send a letter to the Forest Service. The letter explained that “five hundred pounds of spikes measuring 8 to 10 inches” had been laced through Idaho trees, and warned that anyone seeking to fell them would get “hurt.” Rather than alert authorities, Ms. Stone-Manning rented a typewriter and retyped it, explaining in a later interview that she worried her “fingerprints were all over the original.” She mailed it.

The Missoulian reported that in fall 1989 “prosecutors subpoenaed seven Missoula residents, including Stone-Manning, to appear before a grand jury to provide physical evidence, including handwriting and hair samples.” Yet a former federal law-enforcement agent who investigated the 1989 spiking recently told E&E news she stonewalled the investigation, setting it back years. According to the article, only after Mr. Blount’s common-law wife ratted him out was Ms. Stone-Manning’s role exposed, and then she traded testimony for immunity. “The only reasons that Tracy Stone-Manning became a cooperator, if you want to call it that, is because she was caught,” the former agent told E&E.

THIS is who the Biden Administration is wanting to put in charge of nearly 300 million acres of public land. I can just imagine if a wildfire happened and the Bureau of Land Management needed to respond. I wouldn’t put it past her to just say “let it all burn down.” 

At least there is opposition to her nomination. Including that of a former BLM director during the Obama Administration, and William Perry Pendley, former acting director of the Bureau during the Trump Administration. 

Senator John Barrasso is adamantly opposed to her nomination. 

As they are all making very clear, her past associations with ecoterrorists and her hiding of the fact that she was under criminal investigation for eco-terrorism make her unfit for any federal office, let alone running the Bureau of Land Management. 

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